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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wedesday Night Wrap Up

Alrighty folks, tonight is going to be another early night for me. No excuses, I just want to go to bed. I live in MT so it's after midnight already for me! ;)

If you've read the last couple of my evening updates or watched tonight's episode/read Scott's recap then you're all caught up on the basics in terms of who's on the block. JohnnyMac won veto, removed himself and Vanessa named Jeff as a replacement nominee alongside James with the plan to vote out Jeff. 

There was some potential for action tonight, as the house guests got another booze delivery. Three bottles of wine and 12 beer apparently, which is more than the last one. I did get a little hopeful we'd get some drama, and while nothing as exciting as a house meeting happened, we did see some campaigning, some waffling, some heated conversations and a BB date night after all!

Liz got so excited when they discovered the booze delivery that she jumped on Austin. Pretty sure that's the only time she's ever going to jump his bones. As they gathered the other house guests, Jeff and Clay were having a discussion regarding Clay's vote. Jeff is trying really hard, I'll give him credit for that (I hate when they just give up). He's making minor inroads with Clay, but Clay flat out says he wants to discuss things with Shelli first, before making any decisions.
Jeff campaigning. 

I missed most of the actual drinking as I took a break to watch the show, but when I was able to focus fully on the feeds again Clay was in the HOH room, where he brilliantly retells this conversation to Shelli in front of Vanessa.  To his credit, he's trying to share his perspective, but to his detriment he ends up telling them he's only 90% sure of his vote. He feels that some of the things Jeff is saying to him makes sense. Vanessa is all over that like Austin wants to be all over Liz and she just won't let go. Both Shelli and Vanessa launch into a lecture at Clay and Shelli got a little heated. She had a moment where she looked straight at a camera and basically said "That's it, my vote is locked, I'm voting Jeff out!" She was definitely getting fired up though! This little scenario gets busted up by Austin though, who's prepping the room for his 'date' with Liz. He throws in a few of his thoughts into the conversation, but eventually they all leave so the date can begin.

Although I had the quad cam on, I decided against audio on the date cams. If you know anything about body language, you could tell how awkward it was and how so not into it Liz was really feeling-she's leaning away from him, arms crossed underneath a blanket that she asked for. And throughout the meal she rarely made eye contact. I watched 'that' terrible date between those two particular house guests from last year and I didn't want to sit through something similar again! haha

She's just not that into you Austin.

 In the meantime, Clay and Shelli and removed themselves to the lounge room to 'discuss' things. The discussion was mostly Shelli lecturing and condescending down to Clay. Now, Clay isn't exactly the brightest bulb, but he has his moments and this entire conversation reminded me of someone getting in trouble with their mom in high school. At one point, Audrey comes in and Clay quite politely asks her to give them a few minutes and she blatantly ignores him and proceeds to come in to bug him. What I found interesting about this is not once did Shelli agree with him or back him up. (She didn't with Vanessa either). She's clearly in charge of that relationship, no doubt. Once Audrey finally does leave (after multiple requests) Shelli even tells her to leave the door open.

Clay is trying to talk to Shelli about Jeff, but she keeps shutting it down, saying she doesn't understand why he'd even want to contemplate this because Jeff wants her out and he should 100% have her back. Clay points out...or, tries to...that this is how he feels about Audrey. Shelli goes back on the Audrey train and how she thinks their relationship with her deteriorated because they (she and Clay) didn't have Audrey's back when they should have and that Clay needs to rebuild his trust with Audrey.

Eventually Meg joins them, where she tells them that she will just vote with the house, since this vote is so difficult for her anyways. She loves both James and Jeff and believes they both have her back, though she does indicate a slightly higher trust in Jeff. She says she doesn't understand what's going on. Clay and Shelli try to lead her into not trusting Jeff. She says she knows that where there's smoke there's fire, but she doesn't feel that way in her relationship with Jeff. Shelli lets her know that Jeff told them about the After Dark Crew alliance (Meg, Jason, James and Jeff I think) and Meg does a tiny bit of back tracking and praises Jason, saying he's never mentioned either Clay or Shelli as a target. She eventually leaves after extracting a promise they'll tell her what to do so that she's not out there by herself, or you know, heaven forbid, thinking for herself! Meg does mention not wanting to be on the block next week-"Three weeks in a row ain't good."

Holding court.
Right after Meg, in comes Jackie. It really did feel for a little while like Shelli and Clay were holding court over their BB kingdom and giving audiences to the peasants. Jackie blathered on for quite a while about life for her in the BB house after Jeff. She is still planning on voting to evict James though, out of sheer loyalty though she wants to continue working with them. Audrey returned at one point and a whole lot of uncomfortable silences were happening.

There was also a little night cam scene where Jeff was lying in bed next to ____ (I couldn't tell if it was Meg, Becky or someone else.) and Jason was on his other side. Jason informed Jeff that he's going to vote to evict him [Jeff] because he feels a stronger sense of loyalty to James, since they've been working together since Day 1 when they were dual HOH's.

As I'm finishing this, Clay and Jeff were talking in the lounge room and Shelli summoned him to the HOH so that Vanessa could further attempt to indoctrinate him into being 100000000% loyal to her. Shelli went back downstairs to talk with Jeff. I haven't been paying attention, but from the sheer amount I'm hearing Jeff's voice it seems like he's doing all the talking so I doubt it's doing much good. As things stand right now, unless something really crazy happens, Jeff will be going home tomorrow, most likely with a 9-2 vote. (Jeff should have Jackie's vote and JohnnyMac has been telling everyone, including Vanessa, that out of loyalty he'll be voting for Jeff to stay as well.)

As I say goodnight, I'll leave you with this, and ask you..."Is this real?" Follow me on twitter if you dare. @Shienara33 G'nite folks! :)

This is the kiss-ass face Vanessa wants all the house guests to assume while she's HOH. ;)

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  1. Any idea why Liz/Julia hugged Jeff after they were warned not to?