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Monday, July 13, 2015

Sunday Evening Shenanigans

Aloha! I'm back after a fun filled weekend away. I didn't really get the chances I thought I would to check in on the feeds and I gather I missed a lot. Turns out I needn't have worried about what I missed since Vanessa decided she was going to recap everything with everyone, over and over and over again.

Vanessa had a check in with JohnnyMac over all things Jeff related. Apparently there was a staged (on her part) fight/argument between her and Jeff Saturday night. Vanessa is flat out refusing to put up Audrey but wanted a 'legitimate' reason to put up Jeff. Not sure why she thinks she needs a reason beyond the 'it's a game' excuse, but ok. The conversation was long, boring and painful. John looked like he was going to keel over. The conversation ended when BB called for one of their 'parties'.

After the kitchen party where everyone danced for a few minutes, Vanessa had Becky in the HOH room to go over pretty much the same thing. She basically wants everyone to understand why she is choosing to back door Jeff rather than target Audrey.

Austin and Julia are in one bedroom and have a convo in which Austin lectures her a bit on what to update Liz on in the next switch. He tells her not to flirt with Jeff. She's sorry for slipping up to Steve-apparently she mentioned the twin thing to Steve and they had to do damage control or something. This was one of the things I missed. Austin reminds her to remember the order of the Gronk parties since they're sure it'll have something to do with HOH on Thursday.
I took a break at this point to watch the episode, which Scott recapped earlier.

There was a Jeff and John work out session, and Vanessa and Becky's HOH marathon conversation continued. Becky was giving advice on lying low after the POV ceremony to Vanessa and used Shelli HOH as an example-that Shelli went ahead and did what she wanted (target Day) rather than what the house was expecting (backdoor Audrey) and then laid low so that she wouldn't bring attention to herself.

There was a little bit of girl talk in the kitchen. Becky, Vanessa, Jackie and Shelli were all eating dinner. Becky mentioned that Austin suggested she sleep upstairs for her back but finds it convenient that he said so knowing her current bed mate is Jackie.

Clay and Shelli had a chat session by the hot tub. Shelli was wearing these really weird looking granny stockings/socks that I couldn't stop staring at because they were so ugly. JohnnyMac joined them and intimated that while knowing what the plan is he'd like to throw Jeff a pity vote and wondered what they thought of that. Shelli told him to do what he wants but then Jeff joined them and began a pity party. He went on and on about his [Jeff] earlier conversation with Vanessa (that I missed) and how he just doesn't understand what's happening. He feels like the fight was totally staged and things don't make sense. He's irked with Audrey because she made a comment to him about it being a bit poetic that he's most likely going up. He was frustrated that Vanessa just completely shut him down during their conversation and wouldn't let him make a pitch to her. Austin joined them and Jeff clearly still believes that Austin is his ally-he tells Austin that he's his last weapon/hope to get through to Vanessa.

Meg and Audrey had a conversation in the grey bedroom in which Meg apologizes for something that occurred between them. They agree they were both in the right but came at the situation differently. Audrey tells Meg she's not after her and the two hug it out.

BB finally has them do the Truth or Dare fan vote task and let me tell you, it was riveting! So many exciting things happened and some really insightful moments on individual game were revealed. No, I'm kidding. There were a couple of lap dances, a 3 second Liz/John kiss, juggling, some cool whip on a belly and Clay in sparkle shorts. Steve turned down a dare to eat two raw eggs because he was concerned about salmonella. In the end, there were only dares and no truths.

As I'm typing this, Vanessa is in HOH chatting with Julia (I think. I had a hard time keeping up with who's who since I was away so much) and Clay, Shelli and Audrey are having a discussion by the hammock.  My bed is now calling my name so I'm calling it a wrap. Feel free to follow me on twitter @Shienara33 if you feel like it. Have a good night! :)

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