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Monday, July 6, 2015

Is Jiz Spent?

It seems to be just a matter of time before the twins twist is over. Besides numerous slip ups over the past few days, a few people are beginning to connect the dots. As I'm writing this post, Day and Jason are commenting on a few of her attributes. "The one last night is the nice one", said Jason. "This isn't." Her facial structure also varies from day to day.

Day believes this is why she is only close to one person, as it's easier to remember the conversatons, and she brings up the pillow incident I talked about on the Big Brother Gossip Show. "I'm going to check out her booty", said Jason. "The one earlier today had some thick thighs."

Both of them are a bit unsure what to do with the info. Day wants them to keep it quiet for now, and hopes that by asking in the diary room ("journal room", as she calls it) may be a lifesaver for her.

I knew the twins would have trouble making it through the necessary five eviction. No offense, but I just don't think they're smart enough to pull this off, and the various verbal missteps (including one earlier today) are perfect examples.

Update: Liz/Julia just walked over to where Jason and Day were sitting. They asked to see her sunglasses, so they could do further studies on her face.

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