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Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Night Sleeping Little Bunny...

Well, after a pretty exciting feeds day/night yesterday, it figures that tonight would mellow out a bit. I confess I was hoping for a bit more drama but alas, the lone figure who creates the chaos chose to sleep away her pride, paranoia and nomination. Literally!

To recap just a bit, the entire house consulted and conspired with each other and came to the consensus that Audrey was too much of a troublemaker and liar to continue to keep in the game. After a house meeting that included everyone but her, it was agreed that Vanessa would use the veto on Jason and Shelli would nominate Audrey in her place. When I left you last night, Audrey had disappeared in the diary room and had been there for a long time.  She ended up doing much the same thing for most of today. If you read Mike's update from today you'll know that Audrey disappeared into the DR shortly before lunch and was in there for HOURS. House guests were all atwitter with the idea that maybe she had self-evicted and twitter was appropriately atwitter with all kinds of speculation. If you have some time to kill, check out the hashtag #WhenAudreyWentIntoTheDR There's some pretty funny stuff in there. I think twitter ended up being more entertaining than the feeds.

Audrey eventually emerged from the DR, with sunglasses on, hoodie up and a brown paper bag. She immediately went into the Have Not room, turned out the lights and went to sleep. She has remained in there this entire time as far as I can tell. Cameras have been on in and around the house, but I haven't even seen her go to the washroom. Some are suspicious that she's been medicated.

A few interesting tidbits that emerged:
  • The turning off of the lights in the Have Not room so she can sleep. This is actually a big no-no and Big Brother has been pretty diligent on not letting any of the other house guests do this. Becky actually put laundry away in the dark so as not to disturb Audrey.
  • Audrey did NOT attend the POV ceremony today. The feeds went to fish shortly after Audrey emerged. POV ceremony was held, Shelli did as expected but Audrey was nominated in absentia. I'm not sure if they tried to get her to come and she flat out refused, or if she was given permission to sit it out. Either way, I wasn't impressed and neither was most of twitterland. Jocasta missed the picking of the POV players once last year due to extreme illness, but she attended the actual POV ceremony. (It was the one Donny was picked to play for her, won and removed her from the block.) Meg even commented "What, is she going to miss eviction too?" Some feel that she's been heavily medicated to keep her calm and that's why she didn't go, but most feel that she's behaving more like a sore loser.
  • We got a bit of confirmation that the twins are kept off site when not in the house which most of us already suspected. Liz and Julia switched places again today; Liz confided she had been ready and waiting to switch since 1pm, but due to Audrey being in the diary room, they had her watch a movie and her driver/handler waited in the car.
In other house happenings, Julie only had a few minutes to teach Liz the WhackStreet Boys dance, but Liz managed to grasp it fairly well. Jason noticed right away that they had switched and suggested to JohnnyMac they alter the ending of their dance to mess with her. They then also spent a portion of the night teaching the dance to the others in the house. Clay and Meg managed fairly well but watching Becky attempt the body roll was painful.

Jackie had a long conversation with Meg that got my hopes up a teeny tiny bit that perhaps she might grow into a player to be reckoned with, but my bubble was burst by the fact she still doubts the twin twist, and that she wouldn't put Clay or Shelli up if she won HOH. Meg still has no idea there are even 'sides' in the house, despite noting with Jackie that they're the only ones that have been nominated since the game started. Becky brought Audrey some food since she's not leaving that cave at all.

Clay and Shelli spent some time in the hammock nervousing about next week; Shelli NEEDS Clay to win HOH because she doesn't want people to target them. She's become suspicious of Vanessa. Jason is aware that Austin fills the 'new' twin in on house happenings when the switches happen.

Prank wars are a thing right now; Steve played some kind of prank on James and James returned the favour by squeezing honey into a sleeping Steve's mouth. James then, with some assistance from Austin and Clay, built two sleeping people out of pillows and hats in the comic room. I think the intended target was Meg, but they were discovered  before the prank could really come to fruition.

As I cap this off, Clay and Steve are working out in the backyard. Steve is asking Clay if he would tell him if he were in terrible shape. There is a crew inside talking about physical therapy, chiropractic therapy and general chit chat, but the feeds cut to all cams on Clay and Steve, so I'm throwing in the towel for tonight folks. I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's shenanigans since I think we're in for some very mundane feeds for the rest of the week, unless Audrey decides to emerge from the Have Not hole for one last fight.

Tell me your thoughts on the marathon diary room session! Do you think it's ok that Audrey was able to turn off the have not room lights? What about missing the POV ceremony? Thanks for all the new follows on twitter today, feel free to check me out at @Shienara33 Sweet dreams! :)


  1. I thought they gave the hg psych. evals.

    1. They do, but in the end, you can't predict who will handle what and how well. I liken it to kindergarten-most 5 year olds are ready for kindergarten, but that doesn't prevent them from throwing tantrums if they don't get their own way! lol

  2. I've been reading the feeds and I was thinking that it would really be shameful on Audrey's part if she is faking it. The way the H.G. have been waiting on her and checking in to see if she's ok or needs anything. I mean, how nice are they to take the time to help her. That shows good character. I hope she doesn't get some reason to stay, like one house guest gets off the block. ( ?) That would be a nightmare! 😱😳😥😮😫😩😬😭😰