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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 10 Recap

At first glance, I began preparing for tonight's episode under the assumption that it would continue to follow the script of last Saturday's Big Brother Gossip Show. After all, almost everything on Sunday's show was a straight copy of what we covered the previous night. Surely, tonight is bound to do nothing but follow the marathon craziness of Vanessa, along with the unrequited love of Austin towards the twins.

So, despite my misgiving,  let's dive in with the moments right after Meg and Jason's supposedly "shocking" victory in the Battle of the Block. Austin announces he's heading up stairs for a shower after his foam bath, and Jason apologizes for winning but he's "sorry not sorry".

Vanessa heads upstairs, and celebrates with Austin. Now they can put up Jeff, but Vanessa is begining to feel paranoid because "the whole house wants Audrey gone, but that's not what's best for me". She needs an excuse to nominate Jeff.

John is then brought up into the HOH, and asks if James threw the competition. He jokes in the diary room about how every week he has to volunteer to be nominated, volunteer to throw the BOB, and then win the veto to ensure his safety. "This is great."

Back in the bedroom, James talks about how the comp was "made for a girl". Meg laughs, but James adds that he's confident that Audrey will be backdoored. "I'm not really worried right now. I take that back. I'll be worried until Audrey's on the block."

Back upstairs, Clay wanders into the HOH. Vanessa asks if Jeff or James have any clue as to what is going to happen, and Clay asks which one she wants to go home. Vanessa says she's fine with either, and goes over their strenghts. Right now, the safest bet is for James to go home. "We'll get Jeff next week." Austin is not too happy about this idea.

Time for another twin twist, and I honestly can't understand what either of them are saying too each. Liz appears to be telling Julia that she has to act more like her. Julia is not happy, and says she's not going to act like a "dumb blonde". Julia then heads out.

Audrey just happens to head up to the HOH to ask for some lotion, but she's really fishing for information. Vanessa tells her not to worry, and that they hope she's actually picked for the POV. "If you actually won the veto", says Austin, "that's a best case scenario." They warn her that they don't want anybody to know about their relationship.

Once a round of commercials air, we go on to Jeff entering the HOH. He asks if Austin is going to sleep upstairs, who then tells him that they hope JohnnyMack or him get to pick Jeff to play veto. Jef asks what Austin thinks of Vanessa, and he says he trusts her. They talk about their all-bro's alliance, but Jeff thinks Clay's relationship with Shelli is a problem. Don't we all? Maybe she should be the one taken out. There's also Jeff's questions about whether Liz is a twin or not. He's noticed that she's wearing looser clothing so that nobody notices the difference between the two. "Jeff, you're digging your own grave", says Austin in the diary room.

Fake funk is then played, which means it's time to pick POV players. Vanessa picks first, and grabs Shelli's chip. Johnny reaches in, and grabs house guest choice. He picks Austin. Finally, it's James' turn, and it's his worst fear. He gets Audrey's name. Jason says in the diary room that he's "mortified", and we see Audrey giggles a little.

We now move back to the HOH, and Audrey comes in. Vanessa tells her that they shouldn't be seen together, and Shelli then also enters. Vanessa says that they want to throw the POV to her, and that they would "never put you up". With that out of the way, it's now POV time, and it's the comeback of the giant dice competition fromlast year. It's a one on one game called "Gronk and Roll", and they have to roll their die onto the platform with the chosen number at the top of the "dice".

Vanessa is up first, and she challenges Audrey. This is to make sure the rest of the house knows sh'es going after her, but she's going to throw it to her. They have to end up with a 2, and Vanessa overplays her difficulty in moving the die around. Yes, Audrey wins easily.

John is the next to compete, and he challenges Audrey. They need a 3, and Johnny uses his "dental school" background to kick ass and win. Which he does pretty handily.

James then challenges Austin, who wins this round. Oh yeah, we get the token scripted Meg comment about animals in a zoo. Shelli then challenges Austin, and he once again wins.

Thus, we have a Johnny versus Austin competition for the POV win. Austin now thinks that maybe he shouldn't win, as it's not in his best interest, so he decides to "play for Judas". Sure enough, John wins by a close margin! He really is Mr. POV!

As you may guess, it's time for more adverts. The show returns with everybody walking back in the house, and Austin comments on how he stopped for a second to ensure he was on the right path to win. "That one second cost me it." Johnny, meanwhile, is happy that he won but he's tired of doing everybody's work for them. James hugs him, and they both are happy that it means that Audrey is coming up. Johnny thinks this is silly, and he "might want to put on a bit more effort".

Back up in the HOH, Vanessa is pissed. She knows he threw it, but he obviously thinks she's stupid when he says that he didn't throw it. "I'm not lying!" We get a few more "less blood on me" comments, and Vanessa now doubts Austin's commitment to her. She begins crying, and Austin then admits that he didn't want to look like he was a competition beast. She's still not buying this.

Thankfully, it's commercial time again...which means it's filler time. Part of the Gronk experience is some stupidity where the house was called to "party" multiple times during this past Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. Yep, it's stupid no matter how it's edited or how many diary room comments are made. We then get a montage of this idiocy. Let's move on.

Finally, it's back to game time. Jason and Vanessa are talking, and Jeff then comes into the HOH. He wants to know where her "head is at", and Vanessa asks Jason to leave. She says she wants to do the "right thing for herself", but also wants to make the house happy. She's also a "champion for causes", and what Audrey represents, and is worried how it would look if she nominated Audrey. Jeff counters that her "name is attached to all of the drama that has existed in this house since day one". He wants her to put Audrey, as it would get "no blood on her hands". As she's talking about James, he then shows up. It's "mindboggling" to Jeff that she's doing to something "random" instead of the easy thing to do.

Clay already knew about this, and plays dumb (easy for him) when Jeff comes to him to whine. "Audrey brainwashed yet another person in the house", he says. James walks up to them, and Jeff infroms him that it doesn't look good for him. Austin also shows up, and he's asked when the focus shifted "from Audrey to James". He says that he's not sure what's up, but will now go up to find out. As Austin walks away, Jason tells Jeff that Austin's eyes say that he's lying. "Austin's eyes look like an eleven year old boy that just broke the window and doesn't want to tell his mom".

In the lounge room, Jeff tells Clay that Austin needs to go home soon. "He's not good for either of our games, dude." Clay says he won't let anybody know about what they're talking about, but of course runs right to Austin with the "ammo"...and he couldn't be happier.

Austin runs to the HOH to report the Clay/Jeff conversation, and Vanessa tells him to call him up. "Give Vanessa what she needs to put him up", advises Audrey. "It's time for Operation Expose Jeff", adds Vanessa.

Austin heads into the bathroom and asks Jeff if he's been "throwing him under the bus". He says that people have been coming up to him saying that he's been hearing how he needs to go next. Jeff says it's bullshit, and that he also wants Shelli out. "What the hell", says Shelli, who is sitting next to him. "I have no idea what you're talking about", says Jeff.

Vanessa is then brought into the room, and Jeff continues to lie when he denies saying that Shelli and Clay need to be split up. "Don't you dare", says Vanessa. "I'm sorry but you just sealed your fate." Vanessa storms up bitching that Jeff is a liar. Weirdly edited, but whatever.

For the final segment, we get one more Gronk segment. Those who won comps during the week get to compete for a place on Gronk's cruise ship. They run outside, and there are five party cups on a table. One of them has a winning chip. They each chug their drinks, and Meg is the winner. "Hot boys and partying. Who else is better to win this competition?" Well, anybody.

With a weird edit, Johnny now calls everybody into the POV meeting. Obviously, he once again uses the veto on himself (after one more stupid Gronk party tune). Vanessa then says that this person hasn't been on her radar, and because Jeff "lied at her expense in front of a room full of people" he must be nominated.

A few silly diary comments later, we're done. What do you think? Were you happy that Jeff is on the block? How about the awful Gronk parties? What about the game Austin/Judas is playing? Tell us what you think about what just aired!

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