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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

To Sum Up...

Alrighty everyone! Two things: I'm going to semi-phone it in tonight as I missed a portion of the evening due to going to a Passion Party. Not to mention, nothing much of note occurred, ha! The second thing is, I've decided to name these semi-regular evening blogs a standing, ongoing title. For obvious reasons, I didn't want to use Ash's title of The Night Owl-she truly was a night owl and would stay up much later than me and give you all very detailed posts. My fingers are still crossed that she comes back next year! :) Since I've been giving more summary type updates, and I'm not very creative in coming up with nightly title posts, "To Sum Up" it is! ;) If you can think of anything else fitting and clever, let me know, I'm not married to the name and would happily change it. :)

Much of tonight's feed watching could be summed up as follows: #AudreyWatch

Audrey has spent the last day/night holed up in the Have Not room. She rarely emerges. These screen caps were taken when she had gotten up, grabbed a bag from the grey room, ate an apple, paced around, took some deep breaths, turtled on the floor, then returned to the dentist chair.

Early on this evening Shelli spent some time telling Clay how one of the times Audrey emerged Vanessa asked if Audrey was ok. Audrey apparently did not look at her, respond to her or even acknowledge either of them. Vanessa replied with "Ok, well you were more than willing to talk with me when i had the POV." Shelli is confused and doesn't understand why Audrey is being this way. Clay mentions that she had said she was going out with integrity, "so much for that." Their talk switches to ice cream and eggnog and I switch cams because I hate eggnog.

Meanwhile, in the backyard Austin, Liz, Jason, James and Meg along with Steve are just general chit chatting, going over comps. Jason says the pumpkin smashing in the BotB is his clown shoe competition.

They eventually move inside for dinner. Jackie and Becky join them. Jason gives a shout out to the Boys and Girls Clubs, and so now I have to do so as well! Side note: I work for my local Boys and Girls Club; they are indeed a non-profit organization that works within communities to provide support, care, activities and direction to the children, youth and families we work with. They're GREAT! :)

I had to leave for a couple hours at this point, but my alternate entertainment wasn't as entertaining so I was back soon enough! haha

When I returned, there was an outside discussion regarding d├ęcor and living and cleaning regimens. Apparently Becky, Jackie ad Shelli all demand their men have headboards and no posters in their living quarters. Clay hates the way his mom does laundry (GASP! She mixes the pet towels with people towels and it grosses him out. But, peeing on the shower floor is ok I guess.)

It was at this point that Audrey watch went on high alert as this was the point she got out of bed to grab her bag, change under covers, take a pillow, eat an apple and then pace, take deep breaths and crouch. I will say it reminded me very much of the time I spent with a friend who was in the throes of a legitimate anxiety attack, and I'll just leave it at that.

She eventually goes back under covers and James and Jackie go into the HN room to talk b/c Jackie wants to nap. They end up discussing the bad sleeping habits the chairs create, how the food/slop break them down and all the wondrous things that come with being a have not .

They do get a booze delivery, which excites most of them. Because Steve/James have been involved in prank wars the last couple of days though, when James initially tells them, they don't believe him. The delightful squealing when they found out he was telling the truth was mildly funny. There's a whole crew in the kitchen after that drinking.

John continues working out while Becky goes for a swim (they're both have nots) and Steve joins them. They have a brief discussion; there's some teasing of Becky by Steve.  They end up having a discussion about past seasons. Becky admits to being basic, she doesn't like when people have dramatic exits, she didn't like BB15 etc, etc. None of this surprises me.

Other random things to note:
  • Meg stated in a conversation with Vanessa that the DR indicated to her that what was going on with Audrey wasn't serious, so Meg is sure she's playing it up. Becky made Audrey pizza last night after I signed off; James made her an omelet and brought her orange juice this morning. People have been randomly checking in on her and are either ignored or brushed off with an "I'm ok."
  • Clelli are in a pretty good spot right now, love em or hate em. No one on the 'other side' (you know, the one Meg is on but doesn't even know exists?) is thinking of targeting them. Jason's all about taking out the twins and has even been talking about it in front of Clelli. Clelli have a sort of sense of entitlement to safety for next week since "We did what the house wanted and got Audrey out." like it wasn't something they wanted to do in the first place.
  • Vanessa, Austin/Liz/Julia will be the likely targets next week if James, Jackie, Jason or Meg win HOH. JohnnyMac is still floating along.
  • Austin still can't tell that Liz really just is not that into him. Reading body language apparently is not his forte, despite being a wrestler. I've tentatively decided I like Julia better than Liz.
And with that, I'm signing off for the night. I have a legitimate dental appointment in the morning with a dentist who once told me I have sexy molars. It wasn't JohnnyMac though, so alas, it had no meaning. ;) Wish me luck!



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  1. I think Audrey is milking her anxiety attack. She's getting special treatment and everyone is trying to be kind to her and she's just being rude. In my opinion, she is hoping everyone throws her a sympathy vote. Only problem is that her credibility is gone.

    Another reason I think she is milking it is that she spoke with Vanessa prior to veto ceremony, but not since. She cannot say that everyone wasn't taking care of her during this!