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Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday - Feed Glitch - Audrey MIA - POV meeting delay

Things have been crazy since last night.  I wanted to throw up a quick post because we are seeing the same questions over and over on twitter.  First if you missed what lead up to today you should read Tara's post from Sunday evening here: Sunday Night House Meeting

Here is a timeline (rough!)..... Note - New update at end of this post - 4:50pm  and 6:30pm BB time.

Audrey came out of the Diary Room shortly after Midnight.  Then there was a weird feed glitch and a brief message that there were technical issues, eventually the feeds righted themselves. If you were watching live it wasn't THAT much time but now on the replay there seems to be about the 1st 25 minutes of the day is missing.  That means that when you start the feeds at 12am you are actually seeing about 12:25am.  This has carried on throughout the day.  Everything on the BB clock on the feeds is off - the live time showing is 25 minutes earlier - but the feeds are indeed live.

So for this post I am going to list the time as BB time (the time to use for flashback) and Pacific time (the actual time it happened).

Around 1:38am BBT (2:03am Pacific) Audrey climbed in bed to talk to Vanessa - she was very upset and crying.  She said she was - or was worried she was going to have a panic attack.  She knows the entire house plans to vote her out I believe.  This lasted for at least an hour I think. James was involved too.

Fast forward to much later on. Audrey eventually ended up in her 'bed' in the Have Not room and was sleeping.

Around 11:02am BBT (11:27am Pacific) Vanessa was called into the DR and we thought the POV ceremony was about to start. She came out a few moments later and said they just needed some voice over stuff.  I think about then is when Audrey entered the DR (the feeds cut in and out of Fish Cam several times and we didn't see her go in).

Its now 3:15 pm Pacific (2:47pm BBT) and we have yet to see Audrey come out of the DR.

We think she is talking to a doctor or a counselor or production. The HGs think she may be walking out.

I'll continue to monitor the feeds to see when/if Audrey returns.  I think she will.

Only two HGs have ever walked out of BBUSA on their own in the past.  That was Neil in Big Brother 9 (Evicted HG Sharon re-entered) and Dick in Big Brother 13 (not replaced).

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4:50pm Pacific UPDATE: At 3:51pm BBT On camera 3 you can see Audrey go back to the Have Not room.  Shortly after the feeds cut and we assume that the Power of Veto meeting is finally starting.

6:30pm Pacific Update: at 5:19pm BBT on the feeds came back from fish and we found the POV meeting had been held.  Audrey didn't attend and was nominated by Shelli after Vanessa saved Jason.  Audrey appears to be sleeping in the Have Not room where she has been since she came out of the Diary Room.  Yes this is against the rules, no Big Brother likely isn't going to punish Audrey, they just want here there to walk out of the house on Thursday.


  1. She has come back. She came out of the DR and went to the HN room (per Jokers). I was trying to watch it earlier. If she survives then that means production has really affected the game. I wiil be done with the show if that happens.

    1. Yup - was in my car when she came out ;) Updated now.

  2. She didn't go to the veto meeting. She is in the HN room and the lights are out. (special treatment) When is this stupid show going to worry less about diversity and more about putting mental cases in the house?

  3. I don't think they are really giving her special treatment. It could be that they are genuinely concerned for her and that's why they are allowing the lights off. Either way, I think Audrey is doing all of this on purpose. She likes the pity. At least, in my opinion.

  4. She's apparently allowed to eat whatever she wants (Pizza and an omelette so far that we know of), is keeping the lights off in the Have Not room all day, and skipped the POV meeting yesterday. If she is being penalized for all of this we don't know (yet). Either way she's leaving Thursday but this will send a message to any future HG that if your fate is sealed you can forget the rules and still get your stipend (a threat they have used in the past to keep HGs following rules)..

    1. She's completely milking whatever happened (medically) if anything truly happened at all. As comatose as she is right now, it would be funny if, come Thursday, she's suddenly better and dolled up for the Chenbot. She's dug herself into a hole with her actions, so it'll be interesting to see her come out of her "coma." The fact that production is babying her makes me think the medical issue is real. But, she's incredibly manipulative, so who knows.

  5. This special treatment is a joke. Is she going to do a interview with Julie when she gets booted? I guess any HG that feels they are on the way out can do whatever they want without any repercussions.

  6. I can't believe how BB is giving Audrey "special treatment." They should have made her go to the POV meeting! She's such a FAKE! She cries whenever she thinks she can get the sympathy. She never participates in anything. I'm glad she's leaving. She does nothing for the show. Although, I do enjoy watching everyone exchange stories (lies) about her. This year's so BORING compared to last year when I couldn't wait to see the next episode. Absolutely loved all the house guests last year. There was a lot of humor going on between Zach and Frankie. Oh well, back to this season. 😝 They let Jace go home to early! He probably would've been fun to watch.

  7. I'm watching BBAD and I just realized that I do not like Jackie. I knew there was something about her that I didn't like and someone I couldn't be friends with. Look at the way Becky & Jackie will not make eye contact, one will look at the other & they'll both look away. Jackie is not even looking at her because she's looking down & gazing. Jackie is really into her looks. She comes off as a person who's really into themselves like stuck up. She thinks she knows things, but really doesn't. She plays with her hair non stop just like Mariah Carey. That's who she reminds me of, not her looks, just her characteristics. Mariah doesn't smoke cigarettes 😊 Just my opinion.