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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Post 4th Hangover

What a difference a few days make. When I left town last Monday, the feeds were a marathon of intrigue. Hurricane Audrey had all sixteen (or seventeen, counting Jiz) riled up, and Jace was throwing out plots, threats, and other last-second haymakers to try to save himself.
Now that I'm back, and Jace is gone, the feeds are starting to look like last season's borefest. Day appears defeated, and rarely is even seen. Austin's antics with Jace may have been annoying, but at least they were animated. He's a completely different animal now. Jeff just endlessly babbles, and any drinking game that utilizes the word "dude" will lead to instant death by alcohol. If you are one to overanlyze every conversation, you do have plenty of material, though, as every conversation seems to lead to a brand new halfassed alliance that disintegrates as soon as one person walks out of the room.
The focus of the feeds is currently the insufferable relationship between HOH Shelli and her milquetoast boytoy Clay. I'm really scared at how the CBS broadcasts are going to go overboard in their editing of this pair. They do nothing but lie around together, talking about things nobody cares about (although I chuckled at Clay's chatter about what semen smells like). The only game talk is who they're going to put up in place of JohnnyMac, who won the POV. One minute it's still Jiz; the next minute they move on to Meg. Becky's name even comes up ocassionally.
I beg them to put up either Meg or Becky, as they're complete bores. After the disaster of last year, I need loud, outrageous drama. We'll never see that from these two. Day may have little true game, but her paranoia, along with her distrust of Audrey, should always liven up the feeds.
The quick path to boredom is due in my opinion to the so-called "fan favorite" Battle of the Block. It's ruined the game! The two HOH's ALWAYS work together on their nominations, and the vast majority of the time they both put up weak semi-safe people who are told to throw the BOB comp. The real target is NEVER put up in these circumstances, and this robs us of the real drama. Like last year, the person who is intended for eviction isn't even on the block until Sunday or Monday's POV meeting.
The format works so much better when enemies of the HOH feel the heat the minute that person wins the title on Thursday night. They spend the better part of the next 24 hours trying to wheel and deal their way off the block, and if nominated they HAVE to win the POV. Under this format, it rarely matters who wins BOB or POV. The only drama occurs when the intended replacement nominee is picked to play POV and wins it. Even then, there's always a second choice.
As for the Kathy Griffin telephone twist, I'm not surprised there hasn't been any "calls" yet. This seems to be a twist that will play out on Thursday's live show. I predict that after the POV meeting (which will probably be tomorrow), the calls will start coming in. They'll be edited together into a montage on Thursday's live show, and the person who answered the 7th call will then be told of the power just before the vote. Or they'll be told on that call but sworn to secrecy.
No matter how it works, it's a twist that's bound to fail. Remember, the recipient of that seventh call will have the power to nullify three votes. That would be great drama if the vote was close. Let's say that the votes look to be 7-5 or a 6-6 tie (with the HOH then adding the deciding vote). If the twist winner is part of the losing side of five votes, they could then save their person by cutting out three people from the other side.
The odds are that the eviction vote is going to be a landslide against Day, and if that's the case it won't really matter who has that power. Julie can hype it and hype it all night long, but it's another faildozer in a season that initially had great promise but is quickly turning into another long season of overhyped showmances and cutesy "proms" and other planned activities.

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  1. Normally I have been all with you on the hating of the BoB - and I do still hate it. But this week Shelli actually did take the head on approach and nominate the person she wants out (Day). The reason? Day SUCKS at competitions so why risk all the stars aligning to 'backdoor' her (and also you piss off one less person by not nominating them to start). Good game play but with Jace and Day (likely) gone - the BIG characters in the house are almost gone - thus the pending borefest you forsee.