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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Night House Meeting

Well, I'm back! :) My apologies for being MIA the last several nights, it's just how things worked out this week. But, I picked a great night to be able to focus on the feeds since it ended up being a pretty great night for them.

First a quick recap: Liz and Shelli won the HOH competition. Liz nominated James and Jackie, Shelli nominated Jason and JohnnyMac. Liz was dethroned as HOH since James and Jackie won Battle of the Block, and Jason and JohnnyMac remain nominated with Shelli as the sole HOH. POV competition was held on Saturday and Vanessa won the veto.

I missed a lot during the day as I was luxuriating in a delicious hangover from the music festival I attended. Copious amounts of beer was consumed and it was very late by the time I got to bed. I did manage to catch up on some stuff via those awesome feedsters who live tweet and transcribe everything. (Thanks you guys!) There had been some discussion up to this point about back dooring Audrey, but nothing set in stone.

One of the things I missed was long backyard discussion between Clay, Austin and Audrey. From what I read, it was pretty good so if you have the feeds you might want to flashback and watch it. There were some tears on Audrey's part and basic calling out on Clay's end. Clay then went to HOH room and reported everything to Shelli. Shelli and Vanessa had been contemplating a plan to back door Audrey, but just as with Jeff last week, they wanted to establish a 'reason' and Clay pretty much handed it to them. Audrey ended up in HOH as well and had a long discussion with Shelli. Again, I did not personally watch these conversations, I am just mentioning them because they set the tone and play a part in later happenings.

Audrey, because of these events, started feeling the heat and she approached James and attempted to share information with him. To her credit, a lot of what she shared was the truth: She told him about the 6 person alliance, she told him about Vanessa setting Jeff up last week, she informed him that he was the initial target. James took this information straight to Meg, who continues to boggle my mind with her brilliance and insight. [sarcasm] She kind of talks James down and reminds him to be suspicious of the information considering that it's coming from Audrey. Clay ends up walking in on the conversation and you can almost see his wheels turning. He works hard in the convo to continue to throw suspicion on Audrey.

This information eventually spreads amongst all the house guests and the rest of the evening is spent with Shelli, Clay and Vanessa doing damage control (since a lot of the information Audrey shared was the actual truth) along with turning everything into a #BlameAudrey sort of event. No one really believes anything Audrey says and is chalking it up to her attempts at manipulation. Meg even stated "I don't care if there's a 6 person alliance, I still want her gone!" Which basically sums up Meg's game play.

There's a small group conversation at the hot tub between Steve, Becky, James and Clay about everything. Becky adopted a 'Told ya so" attitude since she hasn't trusted Audrey since Audrey spread rumours about her pre-feeds.

After this conversation, Clay went to go wake up Shelli, who had been napping. He let her in on everything of course and there was a funny moment where Shelli says "How long have I been sleeping?"

There is a short Jackie/Audrey convo in the have not room. Audrey comments she thinks Vanessa will save Jason with the veto since JohnnyMac is like Jesus. (Jason has commented a couple times now that no one will vote against Johnnymac because it would be like campaigning against Jesus). Jackie kind of blows off the conversation stating that everything changes in an hour in the house.

I took a break from the feeds at this point for dinner, CSI and the west coast broadcast of the episode. When I returned to the feeds there was an almost full blown house meeting going on! Not my favourite kind of house meeting were alliances get outed, people argue and lies get exposed, but the kind where all the house guests commiserate against a single house guest and blame all problems on that person. They're all talking about Audrey, comparing notes and matching things up. Clay, Shelli and Vanessa are clearly working it so that their alliance is down played. (How the J-Crew+Meg don't realize this yet is beyond me).
Shelli reigning over the HOH house meeting.

The result of this house meeting is a HOUSE UNITED!! It has been decided that Vanessa will definitely use the veto and Audrey will go up as the replacement nominee and the entire house will vote her out. It was tossed out there by Vanessa to not be cruel and shun Audrey, but to be civil and friendly. Becky points out that while they shouldn't ostracize Audrey she doesn't think they should go out of their way to be too friendly either "That's how she gets to you. She plays with your heart strings." Becky is very strongly anti-Audrey. I get the feeling that no matter what sort of shenanigans production might get up to, Becky would never vote to keep her.

The house meeting eventually breaks up when they all decide they're just not going to let Audrey talk game to anyone at all and people scatter. Clay and Shelli remain in the HOH where they congratulate themselves on a well played house meeting. Vanessa and Becky go to the downstairs bathroom where Becky does Vanessa's hair, and Jason, JohnnyMac and Liz go to the backyard. The pager goes off and the three do their little WhackStreet Boys routine, of which this is the first I'm seeing of it. I'm not really sure how this constitutes a 'punishment' but then I've never understood how BotB is a 'fan favourite' either! haha All the house guests except for Clay/Shelli and Audrey come out to watch.

WhackStreet Boys is whack!

Vanessa, Austin and Clay have a short check in the comic bedroom, followed by a Vanessa, Austin, Steve check in. Steve asks Vanessa if he can wake her up later for a more in depth discussion and she gives him the ok.

At this point, the house guests decide to plan and play a game of charades. Audrey hasn't been seen or heard from in a while-since towards the beginning of the house meeting. The others believe she's been in the diary room. Charades is still going on as I type, so I'm out for the night. I'll leave you with this screen cap of the house guests playing charades. They look as thrilled to be playing as I am to be watching. ;) Feel free to follow me on twitter @Shienara33 as I may be a sporadic blogger but I'm a totally dedicated tweeter! Thanks all, have a great night. :)


  1. Love the speculation we see every season that Audrey has quit the show. I don't buy it. I need empirical evidence. lol

    1. Empirical evidence is the only kind that matters this season on BB apparently! ;) lol

  2. What music festival did you go to? I was at a music festival Friday-Monday. Had a blast but did wonder a couple times what was going on in the feeds. Thanks so much for the recap!

    1. It was less of a music festival as it was a drunk fest that included bands! lol Every year in July a small town located just over half an hour from me hosts a massive bocce and soccer tournament wknd. They host a large arena concert with beer gardens on the Saturday night, usually with a couple local bands and one slightly bigger name band. And by bigger, I mean bigger for Canada! lol Last year was Big Sugar and this year was One Bad Son. It's a ton of fun; I go every year. :) Which festival did you go to?

    2. To the Faster Horses Festival over in Brooklyn, Michigan. Would have been a lot more fun in my 20s but a little horrifying now that I'm in my 30s, lol! 40,000 binge drinking makes for some very interesting people watching . Had a ball though!

  3. These houseguests are the dumbest lot.

    1. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, but I do believe this is something people say every year, about every cast! ;) lol