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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

At The End Of The Day

Well, I'm back. I've been nursing a cold the last couple days, but it's time to stop being a big baby and get back on the BB17 train[wreck]! <<--Something I wish I could tell Jason at this point as well! ha

So to clarify, the POV ceremony was held yesterday and as expected Clay removed himself and Vanessa replaced him with Jason. It was a bit of a blindside for Jason and apparently there were a few dramatics yesterday; Meg and Jason cried, Shelli and Vanessa lied, Becky died...ok, not really to the last one but it rhymed so I had to. ;)

James pulled another prank on Meg. He put a zucchini into a condom along with some lotion and put it into her pillow. Ew.

Becki had a little conversation with Shelli in the have not room about the 'other three' [James, Jackie, Meg] really wanting HOH this week "They're not gonna throw it." and how they were advising her to not join 'the other side' (you know, the one Meg was convinced didn't even exist just a few days ago.) but "Little do they know I gotta first class ticket." Shelli laughed at that little line.

Austin and Liz spent some time going over competitions/information in the hammock. Meanwhile, James and Jason were chatting on the couch. Jason noticed Liz counting on her fingers and comments that the only time you see people counting with their fingers is when they're counting votes, counting people in alliances or counting days.

Jackie and Becky have a little chat in the have not room; Becky thinks they should target Steve on double eviction night, deflecting the target from Clelli (she's definitely with Clay and Shelli in my personal opinion.)

Vanessa emerges from the house and spends a little bit of time on the couch with Jason. She currently makes me nauseous right now though, so I didn't actually listen to their conversation too much. Instead, I focused on Austin teaching Liz some wrestling moves. Not gonna lie, I personally found this both fun and interesting, despite the cheese factor. I was a huge wrestling fan with my dad when I was a little girl so I enjoyed this little spectacle. Jackie eventually joins them, and there's a great gif out there of Austin bouncing between Liz and Jackie 'punching' him. Meg joined Jason on the couch after Vanessa left and they chatted a bit on how amazing it would be if Jason stayed. He hinted he's not done yet, he plans on doing some campaigning, which he hopefully follows through on because he hasn't done much(any really) of it yet and I hate when they roll over and die.

Austin/Liz rasslin' and Meg/Jason dreaming.

They get a booze delivery and Shelli hides two bottles. The others end up finding it and everyone minus the have nots (Shelli, Clay and Steve btw-I had jumped the gun in the last update when I named them as Shelli, Clay, Austin and Liz in my last update. Apparently Steve volunteered.) They all drink in the kitchen and Jason toasts everyone "Thanks everyone, for everything!" which sure sounds like throwing in the towel to me. They're all joking around though and having fun. 

A good mood Jason, not campaigning. At least he's not death sleeping?

Liz and Austin take a moment in the lounge room to 'toast to the demise of Jason, aka The Devil's Rejects'. They make sure to let us know that it's a movie title, not a name they made up, even though they think it's a bit funny. They do that weird arm crossover toast that I've never seen the point of because I believe in just drinking my drink. ;)

Shelli, Clay and Steve stay out in the hammock while the kitchen crew drinks. I missed some of the conversation while listening to the kitchen, but when I did get back to them, they're game talking. Shelli is clarifying  how double eviction works; she got a tiny bit snarky because neither of them understood what she was trying to say. Steve got a little too focused on minor details of what she's asking and she sniped at him. Clay and Shelli move on to talk with Steve about who would make good targets during a double eviction. Clay is very confident that he and Shelli can survive a DE: "If we go up, one of us wins POV, then we vote whoever else out, and whoever put us up, their ass is grass." They put out gentle feelers to Steve wondering how he'd feel about targeting Becky and JohnnyMac during a DE, with the idea of voting out Becky so that he[Steve] could get closer with JohnnyMac. Steve points out that JMac might not want align with him if he voted out Becky, but that thinks it's a possibility.

Steve leaves the hammock area and Shelli and Clay continue chatting for a bit. They have this small moment where they consider that John and Becky could be the strongest couple in the house. The kitchen crew moved over to the hot tub and Clay and Shelli realize that it might look a little anti-social to stay by the hammock so they decide to join the rest of the house by the hot tub. They're trading embarrassing stories about dating/hook ups at this point in time.

I'm gonna end this here tonight as it looks like they're pretty comfortable around the hot tub and I feel as though story time will go on for a while. I'm really hoping that Jason follows through with his intent to campaign at least a little bit tomorrow (Though I feel as though he's already conceded defeat, never a good attitude in BB) or that perhaps Clay and Shelli will continue along their train[wreck] of thoughts regarding Becky and decide that it's best for their game to vote her out. Hey, a girl can hope right? Imagine the fun fireworks on Thursday if Jason stays, Becky gets a blindside vote out, and Julia comes into the game! Keep your fingers crossed and maybe it'll happen! ;)

Tell me your thoughts-Do you think Jason has a chance to stay if he campaigns well? What do you think of Clay/Shelli and their position in the house right now? Do you think Meg will ever pull her head out of her ass and actually play Big Brother?? As always, you can follow me on twitter @Shienara33 if you feel the inclination. :) Have a great night! :)


  1. Actually, closer to 4 AM BBT, Meg DOES play a little BB by approaching Clay in the bathroom after Shelli went to bed. Apparently, it was part of a plan that she & Jackie hatched to try to save Jason. And Jackie is totally on-board to go against her apparent bestie, Becky, to save Jason this week. Pretty sure they planted info with Becky to see if it got back to Clelli, too, so they're not completely clueless. #Team3JM : )

  2. Did I miss something? Is there a double eviction this week? If not, I'm wondering why it's being discussed so early.

    BTW, I like Shay better than Clelli.

    1. No, there won't be a double eviction this week. Puzzles me too as to why the house guests would be talking about it.

      On the other hand, several of them are firmly convinced that there is an "America's player" amongst them voting during evictions as viewers dictate rather than how s/he would have wanted. And there are still others who only "play the game" during competitions, seemed to think the other four days of the week are vacation time, and were shocked to discover that their inattentiveness has weakened their chances of winning.