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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday Night Stood Up Date Night

Alrighty folks, my advance apologies for calling it a night super early tonight. I made the mistake of going to an early morning boot camp work out and now my body is punishing me for such foolishness by demanding I take some Aleve and go to bed. Tonight's write up will be short and sweet; hopefully more will happen in the house tomorrow (and I'll be sufficiently recovered) to warrant a later night and more thorough post. :)

In terms of over all game, things are still looking pretty much locked for a Jeff ousting on Thursday. He did a little bit of campaigning today/tonight, which apparently offended some people because heaven forbid you campaign for votes when you're on the block. Austin took huge exception to a specific moment of campaigning, since it involved Jeff laying in bed with Liz trying to convince her to vote for him. I missed it, but Twitter was a buzz with the supposed tension from Austin after he 'caught' them talking.

Other than that, up to this point it's been a pretty boring night overall. Lots of time was spent by some of the girls getting ready for the 'date night' that Vanessa offered to the DR in exchange for alcohol. I think they're getting stood up by the DR though since no alcohol has appeared yet. Even the DR doesn't want anything to do with it! haha

Some silly fun was had in the grey chain room by some of the house guests. They completely amused themselves for quite some time with playing with bad accents. Afterwards, Shelli and Audrey decided to clean the room, and turned it into a musical. This was also silly, but kind of fun to watch. They made up songs, danced and made the beds. It didn't involve body part licking or weird accents and it was, as a result, comparatively decent viewing. It was interesting watching Audrey ham it up like a normal person instead of being the pot stirrer she usually is. (Although I like the pot stirring and hope she gets back to it soon!)

Jeff and Jackie had a little chat session in the bathroom while the others played their accent game. Jackie, yes, Jackie, spent some time trying to give Jeff some game advice. She informed him that James is getting antsy because he's heard that Jeff has been campaigning and James had thought they had agreed not to. Apparently Austin spent some time with James as well and weirded him out a bit with info he shared. Austin is sketching both of them out. Jeff notes that Austin was seriously pissed about Jeff canoodling with Liz. Jackie doesn't trust Austin at all. Jeff got a little bit worked up with everything Jackie was telling him, so then she had to calm him down as well. (I was hoping it would result in a blow up. Alas, it is my destiny to be disappointed.) At one point she flat out tells him 'You can't be like that, I'm still here.' to which Jeff retorted 'So am I!'

I am attempting to learn how to link within a blog, with helpful instructions from IndyMike so that I can link you folks properly when I mention things like Scott's episode recaps. Let me know if that link works okay for you. :)

I'm also learning how to post images:

The above is a screen cap from the feeds AFTER the 'Is This Real' bedroom cleaning musical. YAY for learning new things! My BBViewer still isn't functioning well though, so this was taken from the CBS site which doesn't give me as crisp of an image. Hopefully good enough for you all though! :)

So, that's it for tonight. Maybe tomorrow we'll get lucky and Jeff will intensify his campaigning which will raise tension in the house and perhaps we'll be graced with something super exciting like a house meeting. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Is Austin becoming this year's Caleb, with all the stalking and jealousy? In your opinion, who is worse?