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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 9 Recap

All I can say for an intro is that you should listen to last night's Big Brother Gossip Show. Outside of the BOB competition and nominations, everything that will be shown tonight was covered on last night's broadcast...except for, of course, whatever filler fluff they toss in.
Commercials have promised that the reveal of the twins twist will be shown, but I have a feeling that producers will be a bit less than truthful in how they cover it. I hope not, but I have years of frustration over their deceitful tricks to back me up on this belief.
So let's get started with the aftermath of Austin and Vanessa's HOH victories at the end of Thursday's show. They all come wandering back into the house questioning Gronk's announcement of parties all week. Austin rushes into the have-not room, and in the diary room says "with great power comes...Judas!" Audrey is the obvious target, "but Judas has some other plans". Audrey, meanwhile, is worried because "there's some bad blood" between her and Vanessa.
Vanessa and Liz (or is it Julia?) hug in the bedroom, and she talks in the diary room about how great it is to be HOH with Austin. There's more to be excited about, though, because "in the last 24 hours I've uncovered some amazingly powerful information". We flash back to the previous night, where Julia revealed to Vanessa that the twins twist was indeed true. Ha, we played that exact clip last night! Vanessa is excited about this. "I'm freaking out", she say in the diary room. Julia adds in the diary room that she completely trusts Vanessa, and the two begin plotting how they can keep up the twist.
Julia says "a huge weight" has come off her chest by revealing this info, and Vanessa runs up to tell Clay and Shelli. Yeah, this is old, old news. The three talk about the differences between the pair, and how helping them succeed adds a number to their side. Julia then comes upstairs, and everybody giggles. Shelli, though, isn't really thinking about game. She's more excited to have another "sorority sister". Ugh.
Vanessa them moves (the next morning) to tell Austin, who has no clue despite the fact that he's been her (or their) best friend the entire game. He also doesn't know why it even matters. "I'm an idiot", he admits in the diary room. "Bro", replies Vanessa. "Get in the game."
It's now Austin's turn to head up to Clay and Shelli's HOH room, and honestly they've exhausted the subject. GO LISTEN TO LAST NIGHT'S BIG BROTHER GOSSIP SHOW FOR BETTER COVERAGE!!!
We finally head back to the present time, and Julia is excited to have her friends as HOH. Vanessa is excited to show off pictures of her girlfriend. Even Meg and Jason are excited, as Audrey is the obvious target for the week. Or are they? "No more pawning", says Meg. Jason is more worried, as he's "never spoken a moment of game with either of them". Jeff, meanwhile, forgot that there are two HOH's. He thought it was just Vanessa. Big dummy.
Clay is now in the bathroom with Julia, and asks when she's switching out with her sister. "Tonight." She says that she's going to tell Liz to contact her new pals. "At least I feel safe." Austin then walks in, and after Clay leaves she gives him a big hug. Austin tries to say that he sort of knew (liar) because there seemed to be two different personalities. He also thinks that this makes him safer, as she's now a target.
James and Jeff are now shown talking, and James says there is probably going to be pawns put up if Audrey is the target. "Maybe they can actually execute this plan and get rid of her", complains Jeff in the diary room. James knows that the odds are that at least one of them will be initially put up.
Moving back to the bathroom, Vanessa and Austin are talking about what a good spot they'r enow in. She wants to get rid of either James, Jason, or Jeff. They both agree that Audrey must stick around for awhile now. The plan is for Vanessa to remain in power after BOB, and Austin is going to pretend to stay buddy/buddy with Jeff. (Again, listen to last night's Big Brother Gossip Show as these exact clips were played.)
After commercials is the dreaded "who wants to see my HOH room" segment. Fast forward time!
We then get the twins switching out, and Julia infroms Liz of the people who know the big secret. They almost screw up exchaning shirts as they talk about how Julia is heavier than Liz (or is it the other way around). She's told to stay away from Jason, James, and Meg.
Liz heads up to the HOH and hugs Vanessa and Austin. Of course, Austin can now tell the difference. Liz says she's on "cloud ten", and attacks the gummy bears as Clay walks in! Again, we covered this last night, even Vanessa telling her to "lay off the gummy bears"! Shelli also comes up for her over-excited hug. Oh yeah, they come up with a dumb alliance name, the Sixth Sense.
Filler time, as Steve and Clay kick around a beach ball. This is old footage, actually, as we see the two of them climb into the hammock...and fall off.
Back to the game, as James is talking to Johnny, Jeff, and Jacky about how some of them will have to go on the block. They talk about the twins rumor, and Johnny says he noticed that one of them had a crown. Jeff's response? "So you're saying that maybe there's only one Liz?" What a dummy. They decide to go investigate, and they head up to the HOH. "We're interested in the truth", says Johnny. They hang around, with Johnny doing fake photos of Liz. She doesn't bite. This is good filler, even if they didn't get the verification they were looking for.
Jeff then pulls Austin aside to talk about the twins rumors, and Austin plays dumb. Jeff somehow thinks that this news could save him and put Liz/Julia on the block. I love this edit that is making Jeff look as idiotic as he really is! Of course, this means that one of them is in love with Jeff!
Back to the HOH room, and Vanessa asks what they should do. He wants to backdoor James or Jeff, but Vanessa wants to put one of them up with a person who would throw it. On the other side would be two pawns, and Meg would be one of them. JohnnyMac will be the guy to throw it for Vanessa, but they'll have to come up with a deal for him to do that. Sure enough, as we covered, he's brought up for a deal to last until jury if he throws the BOB. Johnny agrees but doesn't want to.
After some more commercials, it's nomination time, and we'll cut to the chase. Vanessa puts up James and JohnnyMac, while Austin nominates Meg and Jason. There's the usual diary room comments about these moves, but it's nothing worth repeating (except Johnny complaining tha tthe "first spot" belongs to him). At least this time they skipped a lot of the prep stuff from the HOH before the ceremony.
Meg is clearly pissed, and slams into Clay as she stomps around the bedroom. Jason tries to calm her down, and the two head out to talk to Austin. Steve wants to give them a hug as they walk by, but they ignore him. Austin's plan is still to make the house believe that Audrey is their plan, but Jason isn't buying it. Neither is Meg. "I don't trust anybody in here that has a damned penis", says Jason.
James and Johnny also give each other pep talks, but James doesn't know that Johnny has to "completely screw this up".
And it's time for the BOB competition, and it's a foam party complete with bimbos. Liz compares it to a "regular Tuesday in Miami". Unfortunately, Shelli has to read the instructions, and it's cringeworthy to hear her read the words "off the chain". So they have to match patterns with ten of the bimbos, and bring them one by one out of this maze. After the usual "we have to win" comments (except for John, of course), the competition starts. Once again, Johnny doesn't even really have to throw it, as James has no clue what he's doing. Thanks to Johnny, though, they're in an early lead, but ultimately Meg and Jason win...and Austin is dethroned as HOH. Yes, despite Meg saying that they don't have competitions designed with her and Jason in mind, this one indeed was perfect for them.
So that's it! What did you think? Did anything surprise you? Or were you prepped by listening to last night's Big Brother Gossip Show? Tell us your thoughts on tonight's episode!


  1. On Morty's Big Brother page they have a video of Jeff masturbating, coming in his hand and then wiping his jizness on Liz's back as she sleeps next to him. It's gross and I'm surprised there isn't more comment about it.

    That's pretty nasty!

  2. Austin falling down after getting foamed was sad. He was clearly hamming it up for the camera or the HG's