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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Monday Night Booze Delivery

Yowza. I'm still recovering from the shenanigans that occurred during another game of Truth or Dare that came about because the house guests got a booze delivery tonight, but more on that later.

In case you missed it, Monday afternoon the POV meeting was held and John used it as expected to save himself.  Vanessa then put Jeff up in his place so either Jeff or James will be leaving the Big Brother house on Thursday, as of now it will likely be Jeff.

My feed watching started at the point that Jason, Meg, Jackie and James were on the couches in the back yard. They spent some time discussing Vanessa and her decisions; Jason commented that if he wins HOH he's going to do what's best for his game too, just like Vanessa did. He said 'as long as you can sleep at night knowing you did what was best for your own game.' Jason also talked a bit about the twins again; he totally nailed why 'they're' hiding the twin twist from them even though they're all (minus Audrey and a STILL skeptical Jackie) aware of it-they they believe she's a number for them in their alliance. Jackie once again indicates her skepticism and Jason points out to her certain things that can't be faked (tooth, birthmarks etc.) because Jackie is so bright and observant. Jason stated that this is why they need to win HOH, as they need to start taking out some of the other side's numbers. Meg reiterated that they NEED to win and Jason said he was going to keep them up all night Wednesday drilling them in case the HOH comp is questions. James brought up that they might have JohnnyMac on their side, but Jason was a bit more skeptical. He cited a conversation he had with John, just the two of them about Vanessa's HOH, and then a statement Jason said they both made ended up coming out almost verbatim and that's made him suspicious that John may be with the 'other side'. They also discussed Austin and how he's good at branching out and making connections with them, regular and game. Jeff had a hammock chat with Liz at this point as well, in which he told her he would be asking for that favour she promised him before. I've no clue what he's referring to, so if you'd like to enlighten me in the comment section I would greatly appreciate that! :)

That was followed by a work out session with Austin and JohnnyMac in which it seemed to me that Austin was showing off like a 6th grade school boy for Liz. He did a handstand, some flips, then a running jump over John. Liz actually commented more on John's ability to keep cool and not even flinch when Austin did that than on anything Austin did. Ha!

Steve also did a bit of a work out with Austin. He showed off his abs at one point and it was noted that he's getting a little bit of definition. Talk turned for a few minutes about how 'they' ask certain HG to take off their shirts during pre-interviews (Mr. All Talk from last season, Clay) but they didn't ask Steve or Jason. Meg chimed in at this point that they asked her to take off her jacket, mentioned it was because she was wearing a crop top.

Things started looking up since it's discovered they got a booze delivery of 8 beer and 2 bottles of wine. Vanessa is taking full credit for this since she claims she 'bartered' with the DR for 'extra' booze in exchange for playing drinking games with it. They ended up with 2 more beer than usual. Look, I consider 8 beer and 2 bottles of wine a good night for's nothing when it has to be shared amongst 14 house guests. Meh. Even Liz commented later on that she hates drinking in the BB house "It's sooo annooyyyyiiinnnnggg-uh. They treat us like kids." But, BB has been like this with booze since pretty much forever (Thanks Justin) and I doubt it'll change any time soon.

The house guests then spend the next 3487 years trying to figure out a drinking game to play. My patience was wearing very thin with them; at one point I was yelling at my computer screen for them to just drink already! lol While they were trying to come up with a game and waiting for the beers to chill, Austin and Liz had a check-in meeting in the lounge room where she updated him on her hammock chat with Jeff. He basically told her to stay away from Jeff.

Once everyone gathered back in the kitchen, here was an attempt to play a version of Flip Cup. There were also more discussions and arguments on what/how to play drinking games. Vanessa suggested a chugging contest for a glass of port and I think Shelli won. At this point, I just wanted them to get drunk, as quickly as possible so they would shut up! 

My feeds froze for a bit here, and when I got them re-loaded I was treated to the sight of Austin with whip cream on his chest. Yup, the house guests decided on another rousing round of Truth or Dare. I was all a flutter with excitement! <--That's sarcasm by the way, in case you couldn't tell. ;)

I'm not kidding, this round of Truth or Dare devolved quickly into a cringe-worthy debacle of germ infested grossness. Clay had to lick barbeque sauce from Jeff's armpit. FROM. JEFF'S. ARMPIT. I'm going to let that one sit with you for a while....ok, have you visualized that? There are a few great twitter accounts that managed screen caps of this event if you're brave enough to search them out (I'm in the process of learning that kind of stuff or I would have treated you myself! haha) and want to actually see for yourself. And he did it. I may have dry heaved a little bit at the sight. Becky was dared to lick mayo off of Steve's big toe, which she also did. Jason was dared to stuff as many cotton balls into his mouth as he could; I counted 33 but some counted up to 35. Meg was then dared to do the same task...with the same damn cotton balls. These house guests are disgusting and gross. By choice! Eek. Jason wins as most entertaining house guest for tonight though, he was throwing out great one liners, and his reactions to some of the tasks were gif worthy. He was basically channeling all my thoughts on the truth or dare game. Finally and thankfully the dirty deeds were all done and the house guests scattered, most to the back yard.

Vanessa chatted in the back yard about how she's going to pitch a date night to the DR in exchange for more alcohol tomorrow night. No, just no. No thank you. I want some drunk house guests as badly as the next feedster but not that badly.

Liz and Austin have a convo in the HOH bedroom. Austin told her there are bigger targets than her in the game but if worst case scenario happens and she's on the block he'll save her with the veto. He clarified something re Audrey/Clay/Day for her, something from earlier in the game that Julia mixed up in an info exchange. Liz stated that she wouldn't ever want to be put up next to him, she wouldn't campaign against him. They go on to discuss their Jace 'mistake' in the first week and how they were blindsided that the house didn't like him. Austin told Liz he feels Vanessa has isolated them from the rest of the house a bit at this point, so they have to branch out. Austin said he is trying to get away from Audrey.

I tapped out around this point and as I write this Vanessa is having a conversation with Steve regarding alliances with Clay/Shelli and a few other things. She's so vague and confusing that at one point Steve is under the impression that she outed their alliance and she had to clarify that she didn't. She wants all kinds of information from Steve but doesn't really reciprocate and she's advising him to make a one week deal with Shelli. Steve, bless his heart, talks about how he thinks both Julia and Liz are flirting with him, but Liz more. He says it needs to stop because he just can't showmance. Vanessa gently tells him that she thinks Liz is just a flirty person. I honestly can't listen to Vanessa any more. She's been talking sooo much to sooo many people that my head hurts trying to keep up with her.

So I'll leave you all with visions of sugar plums and Clay licking Jeff's armpit dancing in your heads. Sweet dreams! Bahahahahaha


  1. Thanks for your updates! You do a great job filling me in on what I slept thru or reminding me of what I just watched.... Much appreciation.