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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Morning - Day 24 - Nominations & BoB

Happy Saturday morning everyone.  I wanted to jump in with a brief "just the facts ma'am" sort of update as Tara is justifiably otherwise occupied and Colette, Scott and I are busy preparing for tonight's Big Brother Gossip Show.

When we last left you, Liz was back in the house and we had newly crowned Vanessa and Austin were starting to talk nominations.

The fast facts are as follows: Vanessa nominated James and John - Austin nominated Jason and Meg.  There was then a BoB (Battle of the Block) competition that involved drinking (perhaps not in the actual competition but many of the HGs were drinking) thanks to the guest 'takeover' by Ron G (not spelling it) this week.  James claims he threw the competition and we know John was told to as a part of yet another 'backdoor' plan.  Thus Austin is out as HoH and Meg and Jason live to float another week.

After the BoB competition there was much scrambling and I THINK Vanessa wants to get out Jeff (Douche Canoe as called by fellow BBG writer Tara) - however some feel she will be happy getting rid of James, who seems to think he is very safe and that the ultimate target is Audrey. Audrey is 3rd choice as I see it - after Jeff and James, and I'm not even positive about that.

Alliance wise, things are starting to jell, Austin, Vanessa, Liz/Julia are working together - Shelli and Clay are also working with Austin, Vanessa and Liz/Julia (all mentioned now know both Liz & Julia as two people).  They are the 'core' of a couple alliances (Steve might be considered a bit on the edge of it) and then the 'other' side could be looked at as James, Meg, Jeff, Jackie and maybe Jason who lost his biggest ally on Thursday. Now its still a rough draft of groups because people are still crossing back and forth.  Becky and John, for example, are talking with people on both 'sides' and Jeff is convinced he's in tighter with some people than he is.  I think Audry. the only person in the house that doesn't even KNOW people suspect a Twin Twist with Liz, thinks she is closer to Clay and Shelli than she is.

I am sure today things will firm up some more alliance-wise, as an example Clay was working to pull Becky closer to him and Shelli early this morning,  but with 14 (15 with Julia) still in the house there are a lot of bodies to keep tabs on.

We now await the POV competition which will take place sometime today.  It usually seems to happen during out weekly podcast - so tune in here at 10pm EST.

And there you have it!  I have said it several times, I think this is the best start to Big Brother in many seasons. The lack of a former house guest, a celebrity (sorry Jeff & Jackie) or a sibling of an America hating, cupcake licking pop start, has been great! Especially since almost all of these house guests are trying to play the game.

Sign up for the FREE live feeds via any links on this page and catch up on everything you have missed so far.  Have a great weekend and talk to you tonight on the Big Brother Gossip Show!


  1. it's Rob not Ron........... Gronkowski

    1. As a Colts fan.... I think I'll leave the error :)

    2. As a Colts fan.... I think I'll leave the error :)

  2. Da was right. They're all afraid to dump Audrey because of the transgender issue. Might as well give her the money now.

    1. Is this THE Peter Dragon I know from R&F days gone by? If so - hi!

    2. Funny how I see more old O&A/R&F people in Big Brother-related forums than any radio show spots.