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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

So, I changed my mind. I was sitting in the dentist's chair this morning, getting my teeth cleaned and thinking about what could possibly be going on in the BB house today.  I wondered if Audrey would get out of bed; I wondered when the house guests would be put on indoor lockdown and I wondered if anything in the house dynamic would be different at the end of the day.  And soooo...the name of this little here evening update blog will be At The End Of The Day!! I'm fairly certain this became one of Mike's favourite phrases from last year since the infamous BeastMode used it so often I think Mike spent some time counting the number of times he said it in a single conversation and lost count at 3487 times! haha

This is going to be another shorter update, I'm tired and cranky and in need of a good night's sleep! It's going to all be based on memory since I didn't bother taking notes and also watched the show. :) I got home from work and when I fired up the feeds I was shocked to see Audrey WAS awake! Not only awake, but conversing with Shelli in the hammock room. She was emotional, but seemed coherent. It was a very Audrey like conversation, where she talked in circles, asked for exact wordings, deflected on her own words if they weren't repeated back to her with 100% accuracy. She told Shelli that she mostly just wanted to know if Shelli were ever really her friend. She told Shelli after eviction tomorrow that she wouldn't be doing press day (I'm not sure what that entails, honestly I usually ignore evicted house guests-once they're out of the game they're out of sight/out of mind for me) and that she feels like this (her eviction) will be portrayed as the biggest betrayal of the season. This seemed to freak Shelli out and she demanded to know if Audrey was going to be playing if off that way. One of them got called out for trying to use production as strategy, which you're not supposed to do. Audrey also mentioned speaking to the psychologist during her hours in the DR, as well as the meds she had been given.

After their conversation finished, Shelli returned to HOH. Apparently Audrey was on her way back to the HN room and passed JohnnyMac and Austin in the kitchen; John made a comment and Audrey turned on a dime and swooped towards him and then swooped right back out. Austin joked that John stood his ground but he totally wanted to run away because she scared him. In the HN room Audrey kind of corners James and point blank asks him why he threw her under the bus; James is awkwardly trying to converse with her when Meg comes in and rescues him by claiming to need him. He then heads up to the HOH room with Shelli and along with Clay, Becky and Jackie deconstruct what happened with Audrey.

Left: Jason, Meg, JohnnyMac and Austin discuss Audrey's cape and swoop. Right: Shelli/Clay discuss Audrey's conversation with Becky, Jackie and James.
In the meantime, a twin switch occurs and out goes Liz and in comes Julia. Julia goes to the comic room and awaits Austin to fill her in, but Austin is called into the diary room. Jason, Meg and James notice immediately that the switch happened and it irritates Julia. She hates the allll-uh. They're soooo annnoooyyyiiinnnnggg-uh. ;) Austin does eventually make it to her and starts filling her in. She's disgusted with the special treatment Audrey was able to get "She's a have not and can eat?! That's disgusting-uh!"

Austin also fills her in on his "JudasVote" plan-the plan he specifically told Liz that she should NOT tell Julia about during the switch. His plan is to basically frame Steve for a hinky vote and make everyone in the house believe that Steve is America's Player rather than Audrey. They also discuss Austin's plan/hope to bring Jason in to their side. After Austin leaves her, Steve comes in and updates her on a couple other things. He tells her his idea to just tell all the house guests about the twin twist, just come clean since everyone knows anyways, it's just that some know and they 'know know'. He tells her to think about it, that he's not sure it's a good idea, it's just an idea and that she should discuss it with Liz/Austin too. He also tells her that Liz is in a showmance with Austin and Julia seems genuinely surprised that Liz would go there. He tells her there was 'hard core spooning' action happening and that Liz slept in the same bed as Austin the night before. Julia mentions Austin's girl friend and how she told Liz not to go there; she mentions that Liz likes someone else and that she won't be sleeping in the same bed as Austin. Steve tells her that will raise eyebrows and Julia says "Oh fuuuuck-uh!"

Other things of note:
  • Now that Audrey is up and about and showing signs of life, the other house guests are starting to talk about the changes that applied to only Audrey. Jason stated "Ok you can give her that little bit of time to cheat but if you're up and about and plotting and gaming,  then she needs to be eatin' slop, the lights need to be on and she needs to be in the chair. John asks what the penalty actually is for breaking rules and then we get fishies.
  • The houseguests get bored and make up a game of bowling using cereal boxes and fruit. There's lots of laughing.
  • Vanessa goes into the HN room and talks with Audrey. Audrey apologizes for ignoring her; she doesn't remember it, she can barely remember the name of the meds they gave her.
  • Audrey did a little solo musical in the HN room where she sang a version of Shelli's little musical song "Is This Real?" She uses her blanket like a cape and swoops and dances and it's simultaneously amusing and yet a little Audrey losing it? Are her meds wearing off? Did DR give her some uppers to counteract the downers she took?!
  • The house guests are all gathered in the living room and Audrey comes out of the HN room wearing a blond wig carrying a cue card and calls out to her 'twin' Liz. This is quite amusing to be honest, I thought Clay was going to pee his pants a little. Julia as Liz gets up and plays along for a few minutes. Audrey returns to the HN room and is called into the DR shortly after.
  • As I'm typing this Austin puts his Operation Jason plan into motion and chats with Jason in the bathroom and admits to the twins being two people. He tells him both their names, that he wants Liz to stay and go to jury with him and trying to bond with him on a superfan level.
I'm going to bed now, it's been a long day. With Audrey being up and around I feel like there is still some life in the feeds tonight though and potential for drama, so if there is anything super important that happens while I'm sleeping I'll try to catch up in the morning and update here. In the meantime, in terms of tomorrow's live eviction, I'd look to Audrey being voted out by a vote of 9-1 with Austin throwing in a paranoia vote to stir up the house if he follows through with that plan. Thanks for reading everyone, have a great night! :) Follow me on twitter if you'd like @Shienara33 as I like to tweet while I watch the feeds. I'll leave you with these pleasant images, because it's all about Audrey you know! ;)

Audrey eavesdropping.

Audrey revamping the "Is This Real" musical number.

Audrey, playing a twin, calling her sister "Liz" up.


  1. great update as always crazy day night of madness