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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 11 Recap

Ok, before we begin I have a couple of announcements to make. Once again, I'm going to be out of town for a few days so there will not be any recaps of next week's shows. I'll be back in time to prepare for Saturday's Big Brother Gossip Show, though!

Also, a couple of hours before the broadcast, one of my favorite bands announced the release of their brand new album! Wilco surprised everybody by putting out "Star Wars" on their website. Do yourself a favor and go nab a copy!

So tonight we see either Jeff or James head out the door. While it doesn't look good for Jeff, he has done enough campaigning that CBS has plenty of footage to make it look like he could survive the week. It's pretty doubtful, but various people have "promised" to give him a vote.

Let's just jump right in with the reaction to Vanessa putting up Jeff instead of Audrey to replace JohnnyMac, who saved himself with the veto. Yes, you can predict what they'll say. Vanessa and Austin are proud of their work. Jeff is pissed, but isn't "going to go down without a fight". Jason over-explains because he's "super-annoyed". Audrey is relieved. Blah blah blah. Shockingly, James says he doesn't care what happens because he "has hot chicks waiting" on the "other side". Oh really?

Jeff sits down outside and complains that he didn't want somebody to "pull a bitch move and back door my ass". Interesting, as he was all-in on the Jace backdoor two weeks ago. Jackie makes a rare appearance, and asks "how did this happen?" I think she asks this about anything that happens in the house. Jeff continues to whine, and Meg says people will be "torn" about choosing between him and James.

We fast forward a bit, and Jeff now goes up to Austin. He tells Austin that it's "better to have me here fighting on your side". He wants not only Austin's vote, but also Liz's vote. Austin pretends to be on his side, and asks him to relay any info that he finds. "Jeff, it's because of me you're going home", Judas says in the diary room.

Moving to the bathroom, Jason asks Clay what he thinks is going to happen. Clay says that he likes both of them, but James is more of a straight shooter that can be trusted. Jason agrees. Meg joins them, and she just doesn't know who she wants to keep. She's more worried about James in the long run, thogh. Jeff, though, wouldn't win in the final two against any of them. "He might keep making himself a bigger and bigger target as the game goes on", she says in the diary room.

Clay is now talking to Jeff in the have-not room, and he apologizes for things he's done against him. Jeff promises to start playing the game differently, and says he will not go after him or Shelli. "I'm not threatened by the fact that you and Shelli are working together", he tells him. In the diary room, Clay claims to "believe in second chances". Nice work, editors!

It's Shelli's turn to talk to Jeff, and it's pretty much the same speech that he gave Clay. Just maybe a bit nicer. Shelli claims that she "could have gotten you very far. You decided to let that go, and I got upset by that." The sad piano music comes on, and Jeff pretends to cry as he again apologizes. Stupid Shelli may or may not be convinced, and they hug. Again, nice job editors!

Holy crap, it's still going on. Now Jeff reports to Jackie about his conversation with Shelli, and tells her how he pretended to cry. " have to know your audience", he admits in the diary room. "I hope all of this hard work pays off, and keeps me in the house." The key is to get Shelli and Clay's votes.

After a set of commercials, we go to the fake love triangle that could "make (Jeff) or break (Jeff). We get another twins twist, and their sharing of information. "I knowwwwww!" Liz doesn't seem to care too much, and we now see her flirting with Austin. They look at her toes, and go out on a fake date. Nice out of order footage here, folks.

The footage moves on to Austin petting her back in bed, and Steve interrupts them. "I love Steve", says Liz. "I love you, too", Steve replies. Austin is not happy "Easy over there, tiger." In the diary room, Liz says she has noticed that Austin's feelings have grown. "My mom always said girls and guys can't be friends", she says in the diary room. "Especially girls like me." Wait, what?Austin admits that "sometimes my heart takes over", and he says "she's the only person I see".

It's now early in the day, and Jeff is flirting with Liz. He still is "pretty confident" that she's a twin, but wants to have a private conversation with her to get that information confirmed. "That might be that swing vote I need." Liz says that Julia told her to stay away from Jeff, but she believes she can handle herself. They crawl into bed, and he starts He says that he knows more about her than she thinks, and Liz just giggles as he continues on to push the twin angle. She continues to deny it. "It sound scrazy." And then he pulls the covers over them...right when Austin walks in. "What is going on?" Uh oh.

Liz says he "looks like the Hulk times one hundred, and Jeff looks like he's going to do number two in his pants". Austin walks out and complains to Audrey how he's "attacking Liz right now". But he's also pissed at Liz for getting under the covers with her, and heads upstairs to whine to Audrey. "Why were they under the covers?", she asks. "I don't know."

He moves on to Clay, who says he "can't get emotional". Liz then walks in, and Clay leaves the room. In the diary room, he says that he "might sacrifice my game to satisfy the emptiness in my heart". Oh Lord. He asks her why they were under the covers, and Liz says it's so the others in the room wouldn't hear them. She says he asked about the twins rumor, and says she didn't reveal anything. Sh believes she can control him even though Austin thinks he's a "king manipulator". In fact, she feels he can "be used to my advantage in this game". Again, nice editing, folks!

With that silliness over, we can head to commercials and vote out one of these fools. James gives the first final appeal, but doesn't say much except that he loves them all. Jeff says he "did not see this coming", and also says he loves everybody. "Vote just for you, and you only." After some shout out, he's finished.

Voting then commences with Jackie, who (obviously) votes to evict James. Austin is up next, and clearly he votes to evict Jeff. Johnny then votes to evict James, and Meg votes against Jeff. With the vote tied, it's time for commercials. Notice how they set up the voting order to make us believe the evictee has a chance?

When we return, it's time for Clay's vote, and he chooses against Jeff, as does Shelli. Steve, though, votes against James (what?). Wait, so does Liz! Jason breaks the tie by voting to evict Jeff, as does Becky. Audrey is last, but her vote doesn't matter. Her vote, tough, is against Jeff. The final numbers are 7-4. This could be interesting later!

Julie announces the results to the house, and he hugs everybody before leaving the house. There's no real need to recap his interview with Julie, as he's never had anything interesting to say...especially to a terrible interviewer such as the Chenbot. The only good part is Julie mentioning that Jackie is acting like "it's a pit stop on the Amazing Race". The goodbye messages are even boring! Well, there was one good line. "No one comes between me and my twins." Guess who said that? Wait, the twins said they voted him out, but Liz voted for him! Am I confused here? (Note: Amanda Zuckerman reminded me on twitter that they record goodbye messages for both, but that still doesn't fully explain what happened here.)

With Jeff now out of the picture, it's time for the HOH competition. It's a quiz competition called "Bustin' Moves", based on a 90's theme. Two break dancers come out, and they have to answer true or false questions based on their dance. Oh god, this is stupid. James, Jason, Clay, and Steve are out on the first question. Meg and Austin are out on the next question. Everybody but Liz and Shelli are wrong with the next query, so they're the new HOH's! (Technically, that means there are three HOH's.)

There's one more segment before it ends, and Julie congratulates the two winners. Liz is excited to get a letter from home, as is Shelli. James gets a question, and Jason is asked which "Gronk Party" was his favorite. James is asked what he is missing from home, and he says it's his guitar. Even the audience gets a question, and it's to Audrey. "Who is the messiest person in the house?" It's James, according to her. Clay gets a football question, and I really want the show to end. Yes, the comp ended prematurely, so they're finding any way to get to the top of the hour.

Wait, there was no "BB Takeover"! Thankfully, I guess. We're done here, so please tell us what you thought of tonight's episode. Are you happy that Jeff is gone? Or that Liz and Shelli are HOH? Tell us what you think!


  1. Great Recap Scott!!. i think that these CBS Big Brother shows are turning into something you would find on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon its alot of stupid angles like the non showmances or "lets edit together some stuff to make up our own story" They really are losing touch isn't Big Brother a Game show not a soap opera. I really miss when they focused more whats going on in the game than the will they or won't they hook up angle. well thats just my 2 cents keep up the great work

  2. I thought that Clay was keeping his football career under wraps. Did Julie blow his cover, or did he decide to tell the other house guests after all?

    1. No, he's talked about it in the house.

    2. He initially said he was going to keep it under wraps on the first TV episode. By G the time the feeds were on, a handful of people knew, but not everyone. By now, it is common knowledge.

    3. He initially said he was going to keep it under wraps on the first TV episode. By G the time the feeds were on, a handful of people knew, but not everyone. By now, it is common knowledge.

    4. He initially said he was going to keep it under wraps on the first TV episode. By G the time the feeds were on, a handful of people knew, but not everyone. By now, it is common knowledge.

  3. Jeff was creepy
    but at least he was somewhat entertaining.