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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Big Brother Gossip #610: Nat's Dark Magic

The sacrifices we make for the sake of this show. This past Friday morning, Colette Lala woke up at an ungodly early hour. The feeds were lively, however, so instead of trying to fall asleep she kept her Roku on. Within the next hour, this sweet, lovely Big Brother Gossip co-host was transformed into a wicked harlot who routinely sacrifices virgins in her living room.

What caused this transformation? Natalie's evil dark magic that she unleashed after her unexpected HOH victory. During the course of an hour, this high-kicking, squealing twit's constant refrain about her competition win was enough to put a spell on anybody. In fact, it turned Scott into an even crankier douchebag after sitting through the clips that Colette requested be turned into a megamix for the show.

So we're alerting you to be careful when you get to that segment of the show. If you can make it through those four minutes, you're sure to be entertained by Nicole's slithering snake antics, Paul's confrontations, and everything else that this goofy cast did the last few days.

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