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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Big Brother Gossip Show #608: Cry Me a River

Let's be honest. This is simply not a great season. Somehow, though, this could be the best season yet for the Big Brother Gossip Show. I don't know why this can be the case, but we (Scott, Mike, and Colette Lala) are firing on all cylinders. We're finding plenty of things to laugh about, and we certainly have even more stuff to piss us off.

Tonight's show is a perfect example. We're all sort of falling for Natalie as she is stepping up her game a bit, but we're rolling our eyes at the rest of the females left on the cast. Nicole cares more about penis then winning the game, and Zakiyah and Michelle are just complete bores who refuse to put two plus two together.

Not that the boys are any better. James is just a wishy-washy goofball who refuses to make any kind of decision. Corey is...well, Corey. He's seen but rarely heard, and certainly never interesting. And then you have the other three bro's (Paul, Paulie, and Victor) who make this gentleman embarassed to be a male. They're oh so misogynistic, and it's on full view this week after Victor's HOH win.

We talk about all of these things tonight, plus a short discussion about whether Victor had an ulterior plan to backdoor Paulie because of his earlier eviction. There's also a few items from our Big Brother Gossip Mailbag. To top it off, Colette raps!!!

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  1. The competitions are obviously more physical so they favor the "men." In a few shows all the females will be gone and Julie will be left with five misogynistic losers and zero viewers.

    Gone are the days of Doctor Will and Evel Dick. This mish mash of simple minded losers is the work of Allison Grodner.

  2. What's interesting to me is that both Dr. Will and Dick benefited from being in the pre-social media era. Especially Dick, obviously. So much of what they did that year would cause the easily offended to go nuts with phony outrage.