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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Big Brother Gossip #609: F U Paulie

This is a seriously jam-packed episode tonight. There was just so much to talk about. Besides the usual post-eviction episode happenings, including HOH and POV results, we had to discuss some of the craziness CBS didn't show after the house changed from voting out Michelle to Zakiyah.

The fallout from that semi-blindside was simply amazing, and we now have new stars this season. Who would have ever guessed that Victor and Paul would be in the best position to make it to the end? Did anybody believe that Michelle would become funny and semi-likable? Or that Natalie would actually turn out to be a legitimate threat in the game?

At just under three hours, we talked about all of this and more. We also answered some listener questions, and relayed the latest info about the upcoming special fall season.

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