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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 31 Recap

Before we begin tonight’s broadcast, I owe you folks a bit of an apology for not recapping the last couple of episodes. I needed a break, especially after spending all of Saturday putting together a megamix of Natalie. I never need to hear the phrase “my HOH” ever again, and both episodes this week included plenty of that insanity. Plus, somehow CBS is copying my Big Brother Gossip Show outlines these days, so you can just get an audio recap by downloading last week’s show.

One other note before the show starts. The feeds were extremely boring this week. Nothing happened. I mean absolutely nothing. Then a couple of hours before this broadcast begin, there was finally some excitement. Last night, Victor and Paul hatched a scheme to hopefully save Victor, and as the feeds went down it looked like there very well may be a true blindside. If it does happen, it’s the most ingenious game move in years. And if it is successful, I’m officially going to root for either of those two to win this season. Who would have ever believed I’d say that even just a couple of weeks ago? This all happened so close to showtime that little of it likely to be shown. If it is, give the editors some kudos.

We’ll find out soon enough, as we begin the proceedings with the reactions to Paul predictably using the POV on himself. Victor says he’s trying to feel optimistic, and he knows that he has to work on James. The scene then moves outside where James asks Corey how he’s going to remain in the house. “The same as last week.” Yep, just lay around with Nicole. James says it’s “tough” to actually have to make a game decision. Paul looks out the window and sees the four of them talking. “I don’t like the way (they’re) talking.” He wants to know why “they’re kumbayah-ing in the backyard”.

Victor then walks outside to put his clothes in the dryer in order to break up the conversation. When he walks back in, he tells Paul that the conversation definitely changed when he came out. “If it’s my time to go, it’s my time to go but I’m going to fight.”

Victor and Paul know they have to figure something out. Victor is going to make a last pitch. Paul suddenly decides to become buddy-buddy with Nicole and Corey to create enough distrust and paranoia to make James change his mind. It’s a brilliant Hail Mary.

Part one of the plan is for Paul to spend as much time with the pair, and make sure that Michelle, Natalie and James notice. It seems to be perfectly working. Victor then heads up to the HOH, and they all say it’s “really weird” that Paul is hanging out with them. Victor claims that Paul has been ignoring him the last couple of days. He’s “pissed” that Paul is playing both sides. Michelle and Natalie are eating it all up, and tell Victor that Paul has said nothing to them about saving him. Victor points out that the three of them will be the new targets if Paul is aligned with them. James now thinks he could be a good weapon to get out Paul. “I can forgive but not forget. I can use that line one more time.”

Oh my, now we get some jury house footage. The three jury members are preparing dinner, and having a great time (to Day’s surprise). They wonder who is running the house, and Bridgette says she hopes she helped change the house’s mind about Paulie.

The car then pulls up. Zakiiyah wants to give him “a piece of my mind”, and Day wants some popcorn. Paulie walks in to cheers from the three girls. Bridgette says him coming in to the jury has made her day. “Hey, I make a lot of people’s day”, he responds. Ugh. Zakiyah claims she doesn’t want to be around Paulie, but she’s glad he was evicted. Paulie doesn’t help himself by claiming this was a “season of catty and petty women”. Double ugh.

They then watch the video from the week, and Paulie explains how he didn’t think he needed to win that HOH because “we had won everything”. Day is truly loving every second. “Class class class”, says Paulie. The girls are continuing to laugh while Paulie complains about “sore losers”. Triple ugh. Day says she’s excited because the remaining people are those she wants to see win. Bridgette adds that she has lost all respect of Paulie, and he calls her close-minded. Quadruple ugh. Bridgette says she’s not against all men. She’s against him. Paulie again babbles about catty women.

The eviction is shown, and the three girls click their coffee mugs. Bridgette continues to go in on Paulie as a cocky asshole. He claims they don’t respect the game if they don’t respect who played it the best. What’s the word for five ughs? Zakiyah then adds if he was playing her. Paulie says they should just “let bygones be bygones”, and complains that she “played the victim”. She even calls him a bitch! YES!!! They then go back and forth a bit more. “Do not play me”, she yells. “Resort to name calling”, he says. “You’re a classy girl.” Bwahahaha!

It’s now time for the eviction. Victor gets the first final “brief statement”. Paulie got a long statement last week. He talks about his loyalty to his friends. Corey mumbles, but I can never hear anything he says.

Voting then begins with Nicole, who obviously wants to save Corey. Paul is next, and he votes to evict Corey. What will James do to break the tie???? He votes to evict...Victor??? Oh for fuck’s sake. So much for today’s potential blindside fun.

There’s a ton of loud hugs before Victor leaves the house for the second time. Julie begins the interview by asking about their last-second plan. He thinks he was booted because he’s a stronger competitor than Corey. She then asks about how the plan changed last week to get out Paulie. He says he was “honoring the guys as much as I could”. When he heard that Paulie had another alliance, he just had to go after him.

He also thinks he did a better job aligning himself this time around. He was the brawn, and Paul was the brain. He hopes that Paul wins the HOH and America’s Care Package, and also hopes that James is the next person evicted. The goodbye messages then start with Michelle saying she wanted Paul evicted instead of him. James says he’s “really sorry”, and it was a “game move”. Paul says he was excited to have him back, and he’ll miss having him around. Natalie also says that her target was Paul. Julie then informs him that he gets one more chance to go back in the house. He is shocked.

We still have over 20 minutes left in the show, which means we will actually see the beginning of a HOH competition for what seems like the first time this season. It starts with us going back to the jury house, and Paulie babbling and babbling. Unfortunately, now they’ve all made up. “I have been out of the way of Paulie, and Paulie has been out of the way of me”, says Zakiyah. Paulie says that he hasn’t had a chance to talk to Zakiyah, but he has to “respect” her opinion. Wait, Paulie is going to respect a woman???

The doorbell then rings, and Day brings in a package from Big Brother. Day reads the card, which says a jury member will be returning to the house. Bridgette then asks who will be the final jury member, and they hope that it’s not Victor. Paulie says it doesn’t matter. You have to beat the best anyway. Oh please. “I want to succeed more than I want to breath, and I think that statement there sums up exactly how I feel about the opportunity to get back in the Big Brother house.” Day rolls her eyes as he continues to talk about heading right back into the HOH. “When it’s game time, your boy turns up.” Die, please. Die.

Everybody is then shown on stage, and Victor is then brought out to join them. Julie explains once again that one of them has a chance to win again, and then the house is told to gather in the living room. She then explains that besides an endurance competition there’s another returning jury member. Stupid James was convinced this could not happen. Ha! Plus, if the winning jury members outlasts everybody they’re the new HOH. The jury is then let back into the house to screams and hugs.

After the adverts, it’s time for the endurance HOH to begin! As expected, it’s that “standing on the wall” competition that they tend to do every year at this time. This year it’s called “Welcome to Loch Ness”. After instructions, the comp begins before one last commercial break. On that last glimpse, the conditions become a bit more intense as the “monster” begins spraying them to go along with the wall moving back and forth.

So what did you think? Are you as mad as I am that the blindside didn’t happen? Are you tired of Paulie? Who do you want to see go back into the house and/or win HOH? Tell me!


  1. I am tired of all of the HG except Paul and Victor. The tool Paulie will probably be the last juror standing. If he comes back, I am pretty much done with this season with the feeds. I can catch up by listening to the Big Brother Gossip podcasts and following on Twitter.

  2. Good on Z. for not falling back into Paulie's arms. I wonder if he'll realize how so much of the public felt about him? Probably not. He'll just see the positive tweets and go on his merry way.

  3. Kudos to James from a fellow Texan. He realizes Corey is dumb as a toad and unlikely to be as threatening as Victor in the final intellectual contests. Strength-wise we will almost certainly see Paulie outlast the other jurors, but I doubt outlast Paul for HOH. Next week will not be the biggest eviction of the year because of the almost certain final eviction of Paulie if he does not win HOH also. The following week will be the most critical with either James or Paul hitting the jury box. Then it's a race of the girls to evict the last guy and my money is on Natalie and Nichole for final 2 and Natalie getting the nod from the jury. Once again a season had chances for both genders to pull off a steamroller race to the final two, but romances interceded. Ah, Love trumps money ike most years.

  4. Seems a bit unfair that every evicted HG has had a chance to get back into the game except Frank. Victor got and won 2 chances. I do love that Paulie is absolutely miserable in the jury house. He is such a douche. Game play is one thing but being a complete douche and claiming that is game play is awful.

  5. Now that Victor is back in the house for the third stinking time, Grodner should go ahead and officially change the name of the show to, "What's The Frigging Point?"

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