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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 21 Recap

I don’t really have anything to say here. Either Bridgette or Da’Vonne are heading out the door, and if is indeed Day (as expected) I suspect she has that round trip ticket gimmick that will send her back through the door.

So we’ll start with the aftermath of the POV meeting that saw Day replace Paulie on the block. It’s a nomination and target that only she has failed to register ahead of time. Day still doesn’t think “this makes sense to me. I don’t get it. I thought we had a friendship in this house.” Nicole says she hasn’t wanted anybody out as much as she wants Day out, but she’s scared that she’ll have that round trip ticket.

In the kitchen, Paulie whispers to Bridgette that she believes the only two votes she’ll get to evict are from Michelle and Zakiyah. “After that, you should be able to relax.” Bridgette says she feels “a little taste of revenge and justice”. She admits that it’s not hard for her to just smile all the time. Day then walks in, and out of the room.

In fact, Day heads up to the HOH to “figure out what’s up”. She claims that Bridgette is “starting in” on her. You know, because she was caught talking to Paulie. She believes that she should have been the last option for a “pawn”. “When did we get so afraid of Natalie? When did we get so afraid of Nicole?” Valid points, if you ask me. Paul babbles about “doing things in an order”, which makes absolutely no sense. He still claims that Bridgette is the target. That is what he really wants, but he’s fine with Day going. “My job her is to ensure that my target goes home.” Day knows he’s feeding her a bunch of “bullshit”, so she’s just going to go find herself five votes.

Ooops, filler time. Nicole and Corey. Fast forward. Even if the dummy has fallen on her head.

Enough with that silliness. We’re in that bathroom, and Natalie has left the room to Day, Michelle, and Zakiyah. Michelle wants to know how Natalie is voting, and Day says she’s sure it’s against her. Day also knows “100%” that James will be a vote for her, and Michelle is “pretty confident” she’ll survive the week. Natalie walks back in, and Day asks what she’s going to do. She says she wants Day to stay. Could Day pull this off afterall?

There’s a similar conversation occurring in the lounge area. Nicole asks if James is ok with Day being evicted. James says he is, but he doesn’t want her to be without a vote. He’s reminded that Michelle and Zakiyah will be two votes for her, and Paul doesn’t want to break a tie. Yeah, don’t make James make a decision on his own that may anger some people. He adds that Natalie will do whatever he wants.

Talk moves to the double eviction, which they believe is tonight. James says his targets for that would be Bridgette and Victor. Day then walks in (as she’s prone to do), and they stupidly still talk about the double eviction. When Day asks who everybody is going against, he says “V and B”. Uh oh. The only “B” is Bridgette. James, you dummy. Yeah, Day finally has figured things out, especially since Nicole can’t hide her “dumbass look” when somebody is lying.

Now Day walks into the bedroom, and James immediately pretends to go to sleep. Day says that “people are starting to freak out, and I think when people freak out their true colors start showing”. James is starting to sweat as she chats, and she hopes that people have their back on Thursday. She runs down the numbers, and calls James the “swing vote”. “If I’ve ever needed you to have my back, this Thursday is the day.” James responds that he needs to talk to Paul. Again, James can’t make an individual stand because it may upset people. Day’s not having this. “If you had this conversation and he said ‘vote her out’ you would vote for her? Really, James?” I agree. Day is pissed, and she says it would “really hurt her feelings” if he voted to evict her.

The happy couple head into the storage room, as James doesn’t know what to do. “Day is on a ship, and it’s sinking. A game move would be to let day go out the door. A personal move would be to try to save her and be a hero.” James, you’re never a hero, but he thinks he can save her. (This entire segment is bullshit.)

Fast forward time, as we meet Paul’s family.

It’s now eviction time. Before we get to that, Julie announces that the house has made jury. Bridgette then gives the first speech, and she says she’s only on the block because she buddied up with Frank. This means she’s loyal, though. Day then praises God and her family, and then says she hopes she really is the pawn that she was promised.

Voting begins with Paulie, who votes to evict Day. Zakiyah votes to evict Bridgette. Obviously, Nicole goes against Day, and it’s also no surprise that Michelle votes to evict Bridgette. Victor, though, is against Day, as is Corey, James, and Natalie. Da’Vonne is voted out 6-2!

Julie announces the results, and Day only hugs a couple of people on her way out. She does whisper to Victor that they’re going to target him in a double eviction. Interesting! Day then sits with Julie and says she knew she was going. “There’s too much deception going on in this house.” She does admit that she “snitched” to Victor. The envelope is handed to Julie...but we have to wait until the commercial break.

When the show returns, Julie opens the envelope...and it’s not the round trip ticket. “You’re all lucky”, she says to the house. Day is now the first member of the jury. Julie then asks about the deception. She says she knew she lied to her when it wasn’t Nicole that was put up as the pawn. Turning on two of the original group of eight is then discussed, and she doesn’t think it was wrong to turn on Frank and Tiffany. Julie follows up in asking if Day’s singular focus was a problem. It was. She also thinks Nicole is going to go far, but James should watch out. Some of the tears were phony, she adds.

The goodbye messages are played, starting with Nicole. “You’re a threat to my game. You’re very good, and I had no doubt you’re coming after me soon.” Zakiyah says she doesn’t know what went wrong. James is “really sorry” but is happy he got to play with her once again. Stupid Paul claims to be “just as confused as you are...I guess we both got screwed over.” What a dummy. Day is in tears because she loves “that girl” Zakiyah. Her final thought? “This game is hard, y’all.”

The show then ends with the beginning of another endurance competition. Will we actually get to watch it on the feeds this time? Probably not. This is a true endurance comp, by the way. They’re lifted up in the air on a rope, and the twirled around. They can squat, but not sit. The last person standing is the new HOH, and the first three to drop are have-nots.

The competition starts, and that’s about it for tonight. There’s another stupid reminder for the America’s Care Package twist, and there’s a final look at the competition. Oh wait, next week is the double eviction episode!!!! Yay! Are you shocked Day didn’t have the return ticket? Did you like Paul’s family? What else caught your eye or ear? Let me know!!!


  1. Somewhat surprised that Day did not have the round trip ticket and not happy that Paulie or Paul may have it. Missed most of Paul's family tho I did catch his mom talking about waking him up every morning. YUCK
    But it was great to finally watch the comp on the live feeds.