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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 24 Recap

I have to start with a bit of an apology for the lack of update last night. What happened was that our Day Drinking With Scott and Colette taping ran longer than normal, and needed a little bit more editing than usual. Oh, and I drank a little too much. Enough, at least, that I ended up taking an hour-long nap that coincided with the first half of last night’s broadcast.

This morning, I finally watched. Truthfully, there’s no real reason to create a late version. Way too much of the episode centered around the POV, which was the one I’ll call “Make a Mess”. They had to hide cards, and then tear the house up to find them. Just like last season, James cared more about messing up the house than actually winning the veto. The comp was a complete bore to watch, and won by Paulie.

With that happening, too much of the rest of the show centered around whether Paulie would save his “boo” with said POV. Earlier in the show he said he would, but ultimately did not. That’s really the entire episode.

If you haven’t been following the feeds the last day or so, you’re probably not aware that there’s been a bit of an uprising. If the work of certain people holds true to eviction time (and beyond), the season could actually turn a bit interesting. Cross your fingers!

It’s also a double eviction night, so everything will be happening super-fast. Because of that, there’s not the available broadcast time necessary to tell the entire story. We’ll talk more about it on Saturday’s Big Brother Gossip Show!

Enough of this palaver, let’s get going with Natalie and Bridgette talking outside about how they would like to save Michelle. Bridgette remarks that Paulie “runs the house”. She wants to shake it up by taking down a showmance. Michelle joins them, and she agrees that Paulie has too much power. Michelle only needs three votes to survive if James properly uses his power.

In the bathroom, Paul and Paulie talk about how they’ve concluded that Michelle does have to go, but they need to figure out who they’ll go after next week. Paul thinks it should be a big target, but Paulie wants Natalie out. Paul says that puts him at risk. He points out that neither Day or Michelle have been after him, but he’s been behind the plan to oust both of them. At some point, a move must be made that does help him. Paulie is not happy about this, and shrugs when Paul mentions Zakiyah and Nicole for next week. Paulie pisses off Paul, and he now understands “P and P” really only mean “P”. Paulie demands that Natalie go next.

In the bedroom, Natalie and Michelle babble their big pitch to James. When asked if he would help her, he’s as wishy-washy as normal, and Michelle says she does have the numbers for the plan to work. Bridgette then walks in, and they continue to work on James. “I think it’s time to stir the pot, shake things up, and play Big Brother”, he says. “America, I hope you’re ready.” (Um, that’s why I hate James. He thinks he’s playing for “America”.)

Paul is now in the bedroom with everybody, but he has no idea what is going down. They now tell him about how everybody has been doing Paulie’s work for him, and Natalie high fives Bridgette when says he will use his power. Bridgette relates a story where she asked Paulie who he trusted the most, and instead of his “PP” pal he responded with Corey. Great move, Bridgette, as that “only confirms the suspicions I’ve been having. Guess what? Friendships out the window.”

This is a pretty simplistic version of what went down, but it tells the story pretty well. Julie tells us that there’s been drama up until the time the show began today, and she then announces to the house that it’s double eviction night. It’s now time for the live eviction. Zakiyah gives the first statement, and she says she really enjoyed her time in the house. “Do what you do.” Michelle then stands and says she’s going to “educate” the house on the fact that they were all basically just giving Paulie $500,000 until 24 hours ago. Natalie didn’t deserve what he said to her, and she makes a comment on how Paulie is laughing at her right now. I think Paulie says “you’re a gem” as she sits down.

James is then asked whose votes he is going to eliminate, and he announces that Paul and Corey will not be voting tonight. Paulie is the first to vote, and he (obviously) votes to evict Michelle. Natalie is next, and she (also obviously) votes to evict Zakiyah. A sad Nicole then votes to evict Michelle, and James votes against Zakiyah. Bridgette is the swing vote, and she also (very happily) votes to evict Zakiyah. It’s 3-2, and Zakiyah is now heading to jury (unless she has a round trip ticket).

Julie announces the vote, and she hugs and whispers to Paulie. She hugs a few others before heading out the door!!! Julie then opens the envelope, and it’s not a winner! Julie then asks about Paulie assuring her that she was safe, and she responds that she’s “sad”. She is laying it all on him, as Julie says. She then asks if she had actually played the game instead of hanging on Paulie, but she has “no regrets”. Wow, that was a waste of time. She’s about as good of an interviewee as she was a player.

It’s HOH comp time, and it has to be a quickie since this is double eviction night. It’s a question-centered comp called “Statcathalon”. Julie reads statistics from this season, and they have to pick whether the right answer is more or less that what she read. Everybody but Paulie and Bridgette are correct on the first question, which was about the length of time Glenn was in the house. It’s funny how excited Natalie and Michelle are with the news that Paulie is already out. On the second question everybody but Corey gets wrong, so he’s the new HOH. Shit.

After commercials, we get some “strategy”, which is really nothing other than Nicole saying she has to pee. The “Execs” all head to the hallway to talk, and James is suddenly all “do what you gotta do”. Paulie says “I don’t want to do anything that seems forceful”, which is obviously a reference to what has previously happened. (It’s interesting how no girls are involved in this conversation.) Corey must then give his nominations, and nobody is surprised that they are Bridgette and Michelle.

So it’s now all up to the veto competition to save the day. The best outcome would be for Natalie to win it, because it would force Corey to put up one of his pals to replace either Bridgette or Michelle. Otherwise, Natalie will be the replacement. The comp is a variation of the “clown shoe” competition, made famous when silly Jeff tossed out the needed clown shoe so many years ago. Unfortunately, Natalie isn’t playing in this competition. It’s everybody but her, Paulie, and last week’s HOH, Victor.

The comp has them finding clocks in a ball pit. The first to place three clocks up and grab their veto is the winner. It’s pretty close for awhile, but Corey jumps ahead and wins. Dammit. They keep trying to get us to listen in to “last minute strategy”, but these dopes do little of that. Corey is then asked what he’s going to do with his POV, and after a worthless series of pleas he doesn’t use the veto. And then off to another set of commercials.

Finally, we can move on. There are more final pleas, and Michelle again complains about Paulie, and says “Nicole is a snake. Jozea was right. She tried to make a deal with me before the double eviction. I’m the fourth person that’s told you this - Da’Vonne, Tiffany, Frank and now me. Don’t trust her.” POW!!!!

Voting begins with Natalie, who votes to evict Michelle. Paulie, though, votes against Bridgette. Sad Nicole also “surprisingly” votes against Bridgette, as does Victor, James, and Paul. Bridgette is evicted 5-1. Michelle is stunned that she’s survived, and Nicole then starts whining to a crying Michelle. She tells Bridgette she “loves her as a person”, and is so glad she finally got to know her.

The envelope is then opened, and Michelle is still tearfully yelling as she heads to the living room. It’s not the winning envelope, so Bridgette is heading to the jury house. Julie then asks how Michelle survived, and Bridgette “honestly doesn’t really know”. She thought she had good people having her back, so she’s so confused. Julie then asks if she was evicted for helping expose Paulie, and she says “probably”. She doesn’t regret doing it, though.

After another plea to vote for America’s Care Package, we’re done with a disappointing episode. Julie does announce there’s an “all-new Friday night episode”, but gives no details. What did you think? Did you like or hate Michelle’s final plea speech? Are you sad that it’s another show of “bro’s” keeping the control of the house? Talk about it, my friends!


  1. I don't like these guys! A bunch of misoginystic toads. They are disgusting!

  2. I hope Zingbot nails Paulie with a " I like your 3 person alliance. Cody Derek and you."