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Monday, August 22, 2016

James and Nicole discuss giving each other money.

Here is a quick recap of some chatter that James and Nicole got called out for early Monday morning.  This isn't the first time this has happened on Big Brother and I'm sure it will happen again, but frankly we now know that if James or Nicole is in the final two, they likely have 3 votes for sure (from Corey, Natalie and whichever isn't in the final) since they talked of sharing their winnings.

You can see all these things for yourself using the flashback feature of the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Sunday 1:08pm Nicole and James both say they'd give each other gifts or $$ or plane tickets if they won... referred to it at one point as a 'care package' - the sum of $10,000 was also mentioned.

Monday 1:42am James tells Natalie that "Nicole said..... I'm not using this as strategy but me and Nicole agreed that if we both win everyone in our four group's (meaning James Nicole Natalie and Corey) gonna be gettin a little care package...."  Nat asks what he said he starts to repeat and it cuts to fish.

Monday 3:49am Nicole comes to HoH from DR and tells James in front of Natalie, Michelle, Victor and Paul that she has to say she won't buy him anything.  She leaves - the others start to discuss and again it cuts to fish.  When feeds return James is in the DR.

Monday 3:55am James comes back from DR and says he can't buy anyone anything - says Nicole was talking about buying stuff for everyone - which is not accurate because she said she'd get stuff for James, Corey and Natalie - not 'everyone.'

Again, right or wrong, some version of this happens almost every year so its not new.  I just find it interesting, and to me it 'taints' the game.  No real penalty seems to have been put on Nicole and Jame and Nicole even acted like a scolded child forced to make a halfhearted apology.

In other news the POV was used today and Paul is now safe and Corey is nominated in his place.  I'd bet on Victor getting voted out on Thursday but Victor fans should remember that if evicted he will have a shot to return in a competition vs the other Jury members.  Last season it was an endurance competition that saw Johnny Mac win his way back into the house and Vanessa win the HoH part of the competition.


  1. Mike and I have tweeted that production should have done is what would have been done in BBUK that production would have told everyone what was said. And Mike correctly added, it would be read from a transcript of exactly what was said by James and Nicole, not the half assed statements from James and Nicole.

    1. I like the transcript thing. What a good idea and it would cause all kinds of good drama in the house.