Saturday, August 19, 2017

Big Brother Gossip #809: Rat Trap

Tonight should have been a 30 minute show. With the feeds down for the most important 30 hours of the week it becomes a struggle to put together a full-length show.

Yet enough interesting things happened that we were able to produce a lively look at this past week in the Big Brother house. We covered Alex turning into a complete lunatic and going after Cody for innocuous things such as cereal and Bible reading. We also looked at the continuing demonization of Kevin for having the audacity to talk to people on the "banned list". We also can't help but laugh at Christmas acting like she just walked off the set of "Empire".

Double eviction was also an important part of tonight's show, and we went over the highlights. Or should I say lowlights? It was an episode that went over like a lead balloon for all of us looking for any sort of change of power. We want a revolution, and we want it now!!!

Most importantly, there was a new house guest this week! He's not exactly a welcome guest, but he certainly created a disturbance in the house! (And no, I'm not talking about Derrick's visit.)

Tonight's show was so much fun, even if we may be struck down for some of our commentary. We really appreciate all of the support you guys give us every year, and if you want to help out please check out our Patreon site. We are including the various elements of Scott and Colette's Day Drinking spinoff show as part of this year's rewards, so we really hope you think about checking it out. Otherwise, you can find this show on iTunes, Stitcher, and all of the usual podcast sites.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

How Tonight's Big Brother 19 Double Eviction and Friday will work.

I'm completely cheating here as I am lifting my content from a Big Brother 16 post to explain tonight's Double Eviction.

Here are the basics of how tonight's show should go:

1. Recaps for 10-12 minutes. 

2. Julie will chat with the house guests and we’ll see Matt, Elana and Cody's “save me” speeches. (Extra propz to any of them if they would simply stand up, say “Hi Mom & Dad!”, and sit right back down.) Julie will also mention, to feigned surprise, that it’s a double eviction night.

3. Unanimous eviction vote (yawn) and Julie’s interview with Cody by about 25 minutes after the hour.

4. An HOH comp lasting three to six minutes. (If you Expect the Expected, as we all now do for #BB19, the winner will be anyone but Elana or Mark since they would shake up the house.)

5. Strategizing for a couple of minutes, and then nominations.

6. POV comp.

7. Strategizing again, veto meeting, and potential replacement nomination.

8. “Save me” speeches, the second elimination vote, and Julie’s second interview of the night. And then Julie signs off.

Feeds will then remain off until 9pm Pacific on Friday (12am ET Saturday) and when they return we should have a new HoH and two nominees.  Last year the feeds returned about 4am Pacific so I personally am quite annoyed that we are being kept in the 'dark' for an additional 20 hours since everything that happens on Friday after the HoH will be condensed into snippets on Sunday's show.

As always we will have our LIVE podcast on Saturday so tune in then to hear about everything that happened on Friday and Saturday and anything that went on earlier in the week that CBS didn't cover that we feel is worth mentioning.  You can find out more about the Big Brother Gossip Show at

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Guest Article: Why Doesn't CBS Care About the True Fans of Big Brother

Nick Lobuzzetta is a longtime supporter of the Big Brother Gossip Show. After word came down that the feeds will be down for an extended period after Thursday's double eviction, Nick asked if he could contribute a guest column expressing his anger. Of course, I said yes!

I just found out that the feeds will be down for a whole day after the Double Eviction for the Friday show. Even though CBS said it will be “worth it” this is the final straw for me. I am sick of the real fans of Big Brother, the feedsters, the people who want to see real gameplay, getting screwed every single season. All CBS has to do is listen to our concerns and show every once in awhile that they care about what we want. We are the ones paying to see these feeds. Even if it is a small price a month, I don’t think that means CBS can take us for granted.  

We don’t want vets in the house who the newbies worship like a hero and we don’t want twists to protect their precious stunt casting. Is it too much to ask for a fair game with real players? Find me one person who would rather watch Jeff interview Jillian instead of the fallout of a blindside and an HOH win!

Time and time again the fans say that having a houseguest leave Day 1 is stupid and not worth it. And what does CBS do? Evict someone immediately 2 seasons in a row. They make someone like Cameron go through the entire casting process, sequester him for a few weeks, only to have Paul come back and take his spot. I think I speak for all true fans that if that was us we would be pissed.

Last year we missed a handful of endurance competitions that were blocked for no reason, like the 6 hour endurance competition after the Battle Back. What is the one competition that every single fan wants to see again? The Pressure Cooker where people stand for longer than the usual 1-2 hours. When Big Brother finally gave us something pretty close to that we were not allowed to watch it. It felt like a giant middle finger to the feedsters. 

This year we missed the HOH endurance competition after the Battle Back that lasted 3 hours. And once again we are going to miss something entertaining, the best part of a Double Eviction, the fallout and seeing everyone scramble. It’s very irritating that we aren’t able to watch some of the things that make Big Brother great.

I know I shouldn’t complain, but it is so frustrating to see the biggest fans of the show get the short end of the stick to appease the CBS casuals. We love this show and will continue to watch it no matter what, but it could be so much better if production put any thought into what the superfans want. 

Thank you for taking your time reading this. If you’d like you can follow me on Twitter @NickGLob to talk more Big Brother. Be sure to listen to the Big Brother Gossip Show and if you want to show your support, check out their Patreon page! 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Big Brother #808: Kevin Can Wait

If you've been following the Big Brother feeds, you may be thinking he's actually this week's target. Paul can't stop talking about his faults, and once you state a fault like this to Alex and Jason it's bound to be the focus of the conversation.

Yet Kevin isn't this week's target. Obviously, he can wait, and that's where we get this week's title. Kevin is bound to be Paul's next target. It's not this week, and it may not even be next week. Yet it's clear that eventually Paul is going to issue the orders.

That's not all we cover this week. Raven has her daily medical problems. Christmas has to have various men bow down to her. There's even some final two chats! 

Tonight's show was so much fun, even if we may be struck down for some of our commentary. We really appreciate all of the support you guys give us every year, and if you want to help out please check out our Patreon site. We are including the various elements of Scott and Colette's Day Drinking spinoff show as part of this year's rewards, so we really hope you think about checking it out. Otherwise, you can find this show on iTunes, Stitcher, and all of the usual podcast sites.

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Big Brother Gossip Show #807: Only the Good Die Young

It was supposed to be a short show. Come on, how could a week where Josh wins HOH create enough material for even two hours?

Yet something weird happened. Something that actually gives a glimmer of hope into this season. Josh's goal isn't what we expected. Maybe he's not just Paul's clone. Maybe he actually is thinking ahead in the game.

Tonight's show covers the weird twists and turns of the week. It covers how Christmas appears to have a dozen different personalities, and how what she does at one moment is simply not the same as what she says she's going to do two hours earlier. It's a strange period of time in the Big Brother house, and maybe the minions (or some of them at least) have some game plans of their own.

Tonight's show was so much fun, even if we may be struck down for some of our commentary. We really appreciate all of the support you guys give us every year, and if you want to help out please check out our Patreon site. We are including the various elements of Scott and Colette's Day Drinking spinoff show as part of this year's rewards, so we really hope you think about checking it out. Otherwise, you can find this show on iTunes, Stitcher, and all of the usual podcast sites.

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At the end of the day...

Wow, another long time period between posts. I do confess that the Monday fiasco that occurred between Paul's minions and Jess/Cody left a bad taste in my mouth, so I wasn't too keen on the feeds. Yes, yes, I know that Jess and Cody have said and done some problematic things during the game but reading and watching clips of how pretty much the entire house went after them that day wasn't entertaining in the least. They did handle it well though, so there is that.

If you've been keeping up with the episodes, John's ticker update or on twitter, then you know that Josh is now currently HOH. Other than Paul fans, I think there was a collective feeling of let down when Josh won, because we all felt that it was essentially Paul winning HOH. Buuuuut...

It turns out Josh has a mind of his own. I mean, it's not exactly an articulate mind. Or a mind that makes sense to us. Or a mind that can always express itself coherently, without pots and pans, but he definitely has his own mind. And in that mind, he'd like to target Elena this week. She is his (current) ultimate goal. He thinks she's shady, that she's playing the middle, that she lacks loyalty. But I think I'm getting ahead of myself a bit...

Today was apparently a good day to be at work since the Temptation Competition took forever. I read somewhere on twitter that the feeds were down for over 11 hours or something. It was a timed comp; someone on Reddit leaked that it was the haunted house comp from BBOTT. Which hopefully it was b/c that was fun competition-a great example of how simple competitions are often the best. Anyways, when the feeds came back we discovered Cody had won, and Jessica had lost. So Cody is SAFE for the week, and Jessica is the automatic 3rd nominee. Which is best case scenario for them; guaranteed safety for one and guaranteed play in the POV (no chance at a backdoor). If Jess wins POV and pulls herself down, or Cody is picked to play, wins it and pulls her down then they're both safe for another week.  But we all know how often best case scenario works out on BB.

We shortly find out that Josh plans on nominating Mark and Elena, since he can't nominate Cody and Jess is an automatic nomination. He has a discussion with Paul regarding this; it's very funny because at one point Matt comes in and asks if Paul is going up as a pawn so that they're guaranteed POV players. Paul was essentially aghast at the idea, lol...But then he proceeded to tell Elena that he had offered to go up as a pawn before her but that Josh had other plans. Josh informs both Mark and Elena that he's nominating them. Mark took it fairly well, but Elena was PISSED. I don't really blame her; no one enjoys going up on the block. But it was funny to watch her lecture Josh on why his reasons for nominating her 'as a pawn' didn't make sense since there are other people (she named Paul and Alex specifically) who are better/stronger competitors than her. She also brought up non game related reasons, such as she quit her job, she has nothing to go back to, she has bills she won't be able to pay unless she makes jury blah blah blah. Body language alone told me he found her conversation tiresome. He pinched the bridge of his nose, blinked quite a few times, pulled his body away from her as she was chatting. Please note that Paul is 100% AGAINST sending Elena home. He thinks the idea is ridiculous. And truly, if Paul is against it, I don't see it happening. But it will be interesting to see how Josh reacts to not getting his way, because it'll be Jessica's HOH redux, but only with him at the helm.

When the feeds return, sure enough, Mark and Elena are nominated. Elena is still not pleased. There is a conversation where Josh talks about how she brought up Paul and Alex's name as alternatives to being pawns. Elena went off by herself to the Have Not room to make her bed, yet Mark stayed in the HOH room and hung out with the crew, including Josh, the guy who had just nominated him.

Jess and Cody then got into it with Josh. Well mostly Jess did. It was slightly painful to watch since we all know that Josh is targeting Elena. Something Josh said during the nomination speech set her off. Jessica said she needs Josh to pick a mood and stick with it and be consistent, lol. Let's be real, Jessica and Cody both have terrible social games. For everyone blaming Cody for bringing Jess's game down...if she were really good, she wouldn't let that happen. She has just as awful a social game; she and Cody feed off each other in that way.

Then there is an interesting conversation in HOH that starts with Josh and Alex that Jason joins in later. You can tell that Josh's intention is to let Alex know that he wants to target Elena, but he has to let her get her spiel out. And you can tell that Alex's intention is to insure that the target stays firmly on Jessica. I honestly don't know how true some of what Alex goes on to say is, but she starts out by stating she doesn't want Josh to get distracted by Jess's attempt to manipulate him by talking about the passing of Jess's father, that she thinks that was a dirty game move and made it was too personal. That the thing that bothers her the most about Jessica is how she sticks her finger up everyone's ass and her vagina and that the reason that bothers her is because Alex had a cousin who was raped and tortured and murdered and then the feeds cut. So I'm not sure how Alex tried to connect a horrible crime with someone play fighting and sticking a finger up someone else's butt, but you could sense that's where she was going with it. The feeds would switch back and forth between this conversation and the kitchen; anytime Alex brought up her cousin it would switch. Jason eventually joined them and Josh was finally able to get his agenda out there. He told them that they were his 'ride or dies' and that Jess and Cody will always be a target, but that Elena has ties to too many people. He told them that he sees final 6 being him, Alex, Jason, Paul, Kevin and Christmas. It was an interesting conversation to watch, especially coming from Josh's perspective. Seeing how he's trying to sell targeting Elena is interesting as well.

As of right now, it's really not working in my opinion. Paul still has way too much sway with the other house guests and the high tensions with Jess/Cody have not had enough time to pass for the others to overlook just yet. They do seem to be in agreement in that *if* Jess or Cody were to win POV, then they'd vote out Elena over Mark.

Another interesting tidbit is that Kevin is trying to convince Paul to work with Cody in the future if they do manage to get Jessica out. He thinks that if he extends that olive branch to Jessica (He'll look out for Cody, just like he looked out for her) then she'll tell Cody and Cody will be more amenable to work with them; they'll be able to manipulate him into targeting others such as Matt and Raven, before them. He wants to do this because he sees Cody as a strong competitor with a real chance at HOH. He said to Paul that if HOH just goes back and forth between Paul and Cody, they may as well try and get Cody to work with them instead of against them He also later brings this up to Jason as well. It's a sound idea, in theory, but I don't think Kevin understands how hard it would be to manipulate Cody. Paul says he's willing, but I really don't think he is. He flat out told Kevin at one point "There is no way Cody will work with me."  Paul wants Cody out in a bad way, and he wants to have an active hand in doing so.

Matt is getting a bit higher up on most people's target hit list as well. People are tired of his coasting; they're starting to notice that he does nothing, wins nothing and therefore brings nothing to the alliance besides a vote at the moment. Paul mentioned at one point that during his HOH blog one of the questions he got was "How many bowls of cereal does Matt eat in a day?" or something along those lines. I laughed. Paul's perfect hit list now currently goes Jessica, Cody, Elena, Matt. I won't be sorry to see DoorMatt go, but I'd like Raven to go first.

Most of the hard core game talking ended when the Have Nots ended at midnight. They had their weekly food orgy where they made copious amounts of food and stuffed their faces and I really wanted avocado toast as a result but had to settle for popcorn.  Feeds are currently HG's getting ready for bed and story time with Kevin.

I'm looking forward to POV tomorrow. I'm torn between rooting for Jessica because any time Paul's plans get thwarted I feel joy, or rooting against her because I tend to jinx those I root for, lol. I know I'm definitely looking forward to listening to Mike, Scott and Colette when they recap everything on the Big Brother Gossip Show podcast. Make sure to tune in live if you can! Mike and Scott are up to date on all the cool kid lingo these days and if you're lucky they'll talk about their current BB queen and how shook they were at the happenings throughout the week! ;) You can follow me on twitter at @Shienara33 if you'd feel like it. Or you could just go eat some cereal, whatever tickles your fancy. Happy weekend! :)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Yes Christmas still has her power, the Ring of Replacement, here is how it works.

Christmas won the second temptation weeks ago and has yet to use it.  It is called the "Ring of Replacement" and it allows her to replace one of the 'extra' players.  It can't be a nominee or the HoH.  Since we will have 3 nominees for the next two weeks most likely there will only be two people to pick from.

The one way I can see Christmas' power come into effect to assist in getting Jessica or Cody out (this weeks goal by most) would be as follows: Cody (or Jessica) wins the Temptation Safety, then now safe Cody (or Jessica) is drawn/selected to play for the POV and Christmas isn't.  Christmas could then replace that Cody (or Jessica) and thus reduce the chance that the target for eviction, Jessica (or Cody), would be saved by the POV.

Update: The scenario for Christmas to need to use her power this week it is slim and she seems hesitant. If Cody or Jessica don't win (immunity) and lose (automatic nomination) the Temptation competition then one of them should go home Thursday.  

Christmas can use the Temptation at any time until the house is down to 6 people since then everyone will be playing for the POV.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Meandering Thoughts on POV Meeting Results, Dick Size Rivalry, Temptation Competition, and How To Ruin a Big Brother Twist

So much has happened over the last three days, and CBS just doesn’t have the time to show it all on Wednesday’s episode. This week’s Big Brother Gossip Show took over 90 minutes on a four-hour section of Friday night feeds. All of that footage will have to be reduced down to less than twenty minutes of network content.

I bring this all up again today because I noticed something on last night’s nomination ceremony that I believe set the stage for everything that happened Friday night. Paul really believed he was going to flush out Jessica’s power during his nominations of her and Cody, and he clearly did not know how to respond. He was stupefied. He was stunned into silence.

Paul’s ego cannot handle that sort of situation, especially in a segment that’s designed for TV. He cannot be made to look a fool on television, especially as he crafts this Derrick-esque persona on how he’s supposedly orchestrating each and every thing that happens this season.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Paul was going to spend Friday night creating some sort of drama to counter what happened during the nomination ceremony. He didn’t have to wait long, as Cody and Jessica heading up to the HOH room gave him the match to light his flame.

If you watch that scene again (approximately 7:20 BBT on last Friday’s feeds), it’s not nearly as explosive as the retells made it sound. It was a heated discussion, but it wasn’t a verbal brawl. It was only when Paul told Jessica to quiet down that it began to get ugly, and the real ugliness didn’t happen until Paul had his audience.

The two threw a couple of “fuck you’s” back and forth, but ultimately Cody did exactly what Paul said to do. He left the room! It was only when the door was open that Paul started calling Cody an “emotional pussy” and other inanities so that the entire house could hear him.

With a bigger audience, Paul’s exaggerations became worse in every retell, as did his fake tough guy persona. None of these retells reflected what actually happened, but they did the job. The minions believed each and every word, of course, but it also caused a rift between Cody and Jessica. They sort of broke up for a bit, and on numerous occasions Cody has said she shouldn’t use the Hex as he wants to give up his game for her benefit.

Would she do something that stupid? Here’s where Jessica again proves she’s no brain surgeon. Paul came to her yesterday with a deal - sacrifice Cody (i.e. don’t use the Hex) and they’ll keep her safe for two weeks. Oh, and Paul promised that everybody will make Alex their target because they apparently all really love and support Jessica when Cody’s not around.

Why would Jessica believe for a second that Paul, along with his minions, would follow through on these promises? There’s not a chance that would happen, and she should know that.

There are people that believe it would be better for her game if Cody wasn’t in the house. Maybe this would have been true a few weeks ago. Not anymore. He’s her only real ally, and will always be a bigger target than her, as even Elena and Mark now report to Paul whatever they say.

In fact, last night Jessica and Elena had a great conversation on Jessica’s game plan that should have raised some suspicions in Elena’s mind about Paul. "They keep saying that it will make them happy if I don't use it”, Jess said at one point.”Their mistake is thinking I care." What did Elena do? She immediately ran upstairs and reported their chat.

And let’s be clear that the minions will never actually accept Jessica. That’s ludicrous. Think about Survivor for a moment. What is always said to an outside person thinking about joining the majority alliance? That they will be the first person to be chucked aside by their new friends. That’s what will happen to Jessica. In fact, Paul the over-thinker has already floated the idea of getting rid of her this week instead of Cody.

Will we ever get rid of Paul? Will people finally think about actually winning this game, or is jury really their only goal? Kevin did broach the topic with Jason yesterday, but Kevin is all talk and Jason won’t do anything without Alex’s approval. And who does Alex feel honored to be working with? Paul.

That’s why this new “Temptation Competition” scares me a bit, as it could be yet another protection for Paul. I can see it happening now. Jess or Cody (if he survives this week) is the next HOH, so Paul again gathers his minions to orchestrate his survival:

Paul: Ok, Alex, I need you to lick my scrotum.
Alex: It would be an honor, sir.
Paul: Matt, your job is to rim my ass.
Matt; On it, boss!

Sure, the last-place finisher in this comp is now an automatic third nominee, but Paul will just put on his “we have the votes to save you” cap and they’ll do their duty to save their savior.

To be fair, none of this would have happened if Jessica had better handled this Hex. Expecting Paul to actually work with her was a disastrous mistake, especially as she eventually confided the entire gimmick. She should have remained vague. The grins on their faces as Paul nominated them should have ended the conversation. It would have torn him up this entire week.

Previous to that, Jessica was idiotic in not allowing Cody to compete in that first Temptation Competition. All that accomplished was giving them another thing to fight about when things went awry between them this weekend.

All of this rambling leads up to today’s POV meeting. Paul again had all sorts of plans for what he was going to say, and he made demands on what Jason should say before Paul saved him. Cody refused to participate in this silliness. When asked to do the traditional “please keep me off the block” speech, Cody reportedly had nothing to say. Not shockingly, Paul (along with Josh) responded with the usual rants. “You don’t give a speech”, whined Josh. “You don’t participate, and you don’t have a personality? What the fuck are you doing here?” (Paul apparently also wasn't pleased with something Jessica said in her speech, but at this time of writing it's unclear what she said.)

So will Jess use the Hex? It seems so at this point on Monday afternoon, as she and Cody just talked about how next week is “do-or-die”. They have three comps to save their asses. “I do want us to win HoH. If one of us wins that (safety) and one wins the PoV, we are not going anywhere.” Then again, eviction night is still three days away.

BTW, Mike and I did a little research this weekend. Did you know out of all the seasons that have featured returnees, there’s only one where a vet didn’t end up in the top two? Obviously, the all-stars season (7) featured a top two of veterans but look at these stats:

Season 11 - Jordan won. Jesse, the lone vet, was eliminated by a Coup D’etat.
Season 13 - 6 returnees, with one of them, Rachel, winning.
Season 14 - 4 returnees initially in the game as “coaches”, with Dan losing to Ian..
Season 18 - 4 returnees, with Nicole beating Paul.
Season OTT - 1 returnee, Jason, who lost to Morgan.

Can you now understand why so many people don’t like mixing vets and new players? They have a built-in advantage called experience, which is almost always mixed with production tricks to ensure they last at least a month. This year’s domination by Paul was set up by those idiotic friendship bracelets that pretty much put together a team for him coupled with a first-week viewer’s poll where he was the only recognizable name. Under no circumstances would anybody else have won that first Den of Temptation.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Big Brother Gossip #806: I’d Catch A Grenade For Ya

It was supposed to be a quiet week in the Big Brother house. Along with many, many people, I groaned when Paul won HOH. Here we go. It's another week of "Paulsplaining", where he told his minions what they should think about everything in the house. Oh, and outside the house. Paul knows all, you know.

Yet, something exciting happened on Friday night. Cody and Jessica believed they had worked out some sort of understanding with Paul, and it all exploded when he nominated the two of them. All hell broke out. Cody and Jessica had a disagreement in the HOH. He turned it into something much bigger than that when they left his HOH. Josh went off on Mark for the 36,000th time, and after a second gimmick with pots and pans Mark grabbed the pans from his hands.

Two of the three couples in the house broke up, although one of them reunited. Which couples broke up, and which one reunited? You just have to listen to find out. Paul also continued his tough guy persona, and he coudln't be more contradictory over the week.

Tonight's show was so much fun, even if we may be struck down for some of our commentary. We really appreciate all of the support you guys give us every year, and if you want to help out please check out our Patreon site. We are including the various elements of Scott and Colette's Day Drinking spinoff show as part of this year's rewards, so we really hope you think about checking it out. Otherwise, you can find this show on iTunes, Stitcher, and all of the usual podcast sites.

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At the end of the day...

Hi everyone! I meant to do a little summation of last night's exciting feeds before I went to bed, but in all honesty, I was exhausted. So here we are, in the morning instead. :) This may read a little jumbled because SO MUCH WENT ON!!! But I trust you dear readers to be able to keep up. And if you can't, please, please, please tune into the Big Brother Gossip Show tonight because they will cover every thing in much better and greater detail than I ever could. Plus you get the added bonus of sound clips, which help to put everything into context as well! And consider getting the feeds; they're the real story of every season, not the edited bullshit segments the episodes give us. Nights like last night are the reasons why we love the feeds!! ;)

I came home from work to find all kinds of hell broken loose on the feeds. Apparently the Temptation Competition had already occurred, but that was left waaaay behind because of the drama that took place after nominations. (FYI: Apparently Mark won the Temptation Competition and Jason lost, so Jason is technically the third nominee this week. Not that he'll be going anywhere.)

When I logged onto the feeds, Jessica, Cody and Paul were in the HOH room having words. Jessica and Cody were, of course, upset about the nominations. Jessica was trying to let Paul know that she felt he was stupid for them. Paul was being his typical self, but got a little loud. He also chose to (in my opinion) try and deliberately bait Cody into the fully blown argument that happened. Cody eventually yelled quite a few things at Paul, including the fact that he treats the other houseguests like dogs, that he uses his vet status as a tool to claim he's better at the game and various other things; Paul demanded he leave the HOH room, and then called him a pussy when he did. Paul spent the rest of the evening doing retells over and over in which everything became exaggerated of course, and kept saying Cody behaved like a child and is too emotional. HA!

Which is kind of ironic considering all that was happening in the kitchen. Josh decided to continue his harassment of Mark. He began to bang the pots and pans again, calling him meatball and essentially engaged in some very annoying cat calling. Mark, who had been putting up with it for a while already, finally lost his cool. He approached Josh, ripped the pots and pans away from him (Please note there are FANTASTIC screenshots of this exact moment all over twitter. Go check it out! there are little clips too. Trust me, you'll want to see it!) while Kevin was between them trying to keep them in check. The feeds cut IMMEDIATELY! When they returned one or the other was in the DR. I can't remember and I apologize profusely because I should have been taking notes but I was too busy watching it all unfold! lol

Jessica and Cody, in the meantime, got into it as well, after the HOH scene. Jessica was VERY upset that Cody got in Paul's face so dramatically. She told him she doesn't want to date a hot head that she's going to have to worry about getting into fights all the time. She was both on point but a little over the top too. They eventually parted ways, with Cody removing himself to the Have Not room.

Paul was scurrying around talking to EVERYONE about all the things happening. He spent, along with Alex and a few others, some time encouraging Josh's antics. He thinks Josh is going to get America's Favourite for sure. (Please America, this is my official plea to you to work as hard as you can to ensure he doesn't get it??! PRETTY PLEASE?!) I'm not a big fan of Josh's behaviour; there's no strategy behind it, it's just annoying. I hate that Paul was going around calling Cody a child, yet he not only encourages and congratulates Josh on his behaviour, but also custom orders some of it. I do think there are ways Mark could have handled the situation and Josh that would have deescalated things, but Mark doesn't have 18 years of experience working with children and toddlers like I do. ;)

You could tell that some of the things Cody said to Paul really did get under his skin, especially the dog comment. That one was in all of his retells. Look, Paul is not my favourite this season, I haven't been shy about it, but I will give credit where credit is due. Yes, I do feel he has been given advantages by production, and he's got the added benefit of being in a house full of sheeple who'd rather follow than lead, but there's no denying that Paul does have a strong social game as well. He reminded me a little bit of (just a little bit!!) of Derrick from BB16 last night as he went around having one-one discussions with various people or small groups. He says his piece, plants a couple seeds then moves on. He essentially convinced Elena to break up with Mark. Which she did, in a roundabout way. Look, I ain't sorry to see any showmance die, I hate them. But I boggles my mind that anyone would do so at the behest of someone like Paul; she even used some of his specific wording.

Cody ended up grabbing his things and moving into the Have Not room, which pissed Jessica off even more. They got into another fight when she confronted him. He wouldn't even get out of the bed, lol. Cody has no finesse when it comes to women. She basically told him she wants him to change, and he basically told her that he never would. They ended up the night back in bed and cuddling, but there's definitely still some lovelorn tension there.

Other things to note: Everyone is now on board with Paul's plan to try and convince Jessica to not use her Hex. (Of which she confirmed all details to both Christmas and Elena by the way) Paul wants Cody out in a baaaad way. He's also not 100% in terms of his belief of the details of Jess's hex. If Paul and crew can convince her to not use the hex, honestly, that's excellent game play on their parts, sheer stupidity on hers and I will come to a crossroads where I will either have to give up on the season (except for the podcast) which is not likely, or be dragged kicking and screaming over the line into rooting for Paul. Don't @ me! ;) lol

Josh was told by the DR that he had to tone down his actions. Apparently it's in the rule book that you can't deliberately bait a houseguest into a fight as strategy. Mark made rounds where he apologized to each and every house guest for his actions, including Josh. Who refused to shake his hand when offered and basically told him he would never accept his apology. Whatever man-child. Both Christmas and Elena had private convos with Jess regarding letting Cody go to improve her own game. There was a funny little bitch session between Elena and Jess about Raven. Mark and Cody are ready to throw themselves on the proverbial sword for the sake of their ladies' games.

The housguests were given BB Storm Warnings all night, which we're all assuming is for the POV comp today. (Which also convinced Paul that Jess is lying about her hex. He doesn't think production would go to all this trouble if this would end up being a dud week. LOL) Please note that this competition was played last year. In Paul's original season. That Paul won. Make of that what you will. ;)

And with that, I'm off! You can follow me on twitter at @Shienara33 if you're so inclined. I'm off to enjoy the rest of this gorgeous Saturday, but I'll be checking in from time to time to see the house happenings after such an exciting night. Have a great day! :)

Friday, July 28, 2017

Jessica's Halting Hex Explained.

I keep getting asked how Jessica's power works so I decided to write it out. 140 characters in Twitter just isn't enough.

Jessica has 2 evictions left to use her power.  It can only be used on the live show before the voting takes place.  Julie or Jessica will announce its being used - or perhaps a snake will appear on the TV screen.

At that point the eviction will end. Anyone that is nominated no longer will be.  If it happens this Thursday, which seems very likely, Paul will not be allowed to play in the HoH competition, this has been confirmed via an interview with Producer Allison Grodner that was published today.

Its that simple, don't try to make it too complicated.  There was lots of scenarios that could have happened if Jessica and Cody had played in and won the Temptation Competition, but they didn't play so the odds are nearly 100% that one or both of them will be up for eviction on Thursday so Jessica will have to use it.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Big Brother Season 19, Episode 15 Recap

Photos courtesy of @BBNutters
Is a blindside really a blindside if the opposition knows it’s coming? If so, is it truly a devastating blindside if the evicted person is not in any sort of alliance with said nominating power?

I guess we’ll find out tonight. All week long, people have been salivating at the reaction from Cody and Jessica to the eviction of Ramses over their desired target, Josh. I have my doubts this will happen. First off, Jessica has had a feeling this could happen all week, and it was confirmed by Kevin last night.

Then there’s also the fact that Ramses has no real relationship with the pair. Yes, they’ll feel bad that their pawn ended up leaving the house, along with some anger that the house didn’t do as promised. But it’s just a minor setback, and they’ve never really done anything but roll their eyes to silly Josh’s “meatball” antics. If anything, it could fuel Cody’s fire. It’s definitely not going to throw him off his game.

That’s not to say that I predict he’ll win tonight’s HOH competition, which all indications seem to indicate will actually be shown on tonight’s show for the first time all season. He probably won’t. I just refuse to give Josh any credit for anything other than being a jackass whom everybody laughs behind his back.

Enough about the predictions, let’s get to tonight’s show. Oh wait, there will also be some weirdness involving the curse associated with Jessica’s acceptance of last week’s temptation. What will that be? I have no clue, so that’s the only real question up in the air tonight.

Ok, let’s jump in the time machine and head back to last Monday afternoon after Jessica (stupidly) announced she wouldn’t be using the veto. She says (again) that she isn’t using it so she doesn’t ruffle any feathers, and she hope it “doesn’t come around to bite me in the butt”. She’s happy as she (thinks) she’s sending him packing.

Paul again tells us that he is so brilliant to ensure that Josh doesn’t go home. He’s also worried that Mark and Elena are back with Cody and Jessica. Meanwhile, Josh is insane as always saying it was a “rookie mistake” to not use the veto. Shut up with your “meatball blindside” idiocy.

In the bedroom, Paul tells Josh he gave a brilliant speech, and reminds him that he can’t act happy. He puts on his mopey glasses and blanket and pretends to be sad in front of Elena. She hugs him, and he says in the diary room he deserves an Emmy.

Kevin then asks Jason if saving Josh is still the plan. He says he really doesn’t give a shit if it riles up Cody and Jessica. “Ramses, I like you. See you for Thanksgiving.”

Ugh, now we get a Josh goes nuts in the apple room scene. Feed watchers have had to endure this insanity all weekend long. It’s even worse with sound effects.

Outside, Jessica asks Mark if he’s still on board with their plans. He says he is, and Paul wanders outside as they talk. “It’s nice to see you boys reunited.” Paul then goes on to bitch about how much time Mark and Elena spend with them. He’s not going to let them know about the Josh plan.

Later that night, Mark and Cody talk in the kitchen. They believe that this eviction will allow them to regroup with some people, but Mark also notes how he hasn’t talked to almost anybody else in the house since Cody returned. Cody, though, reminds us that he doesn’t trust Mark at all since he blindsided him two weeks before.

Now Paul is playing pool with Mark, who say she wishes they could fast forward to Thursday. Paul then questions his friendships with everybody since Cody returned, and adds that he was given a clean slate since he returned. Stupidly, he adds how people have been pissing him off in the past few days, and that he also says that he doesn’t like a certain pair that have been playing neutrally. Oh wait, a “certain pair”, says Paul? Who could that be? Yeah, Raven and Matt will hear about this shortly .

That’s exactly what we see next as that waste of a pair come into the bedroom as Paul is folding laundry. Paul pretty much has to spell it out as those two don’t quite seem to have the brains to figure it out. “That just sealed the deal for me”, says a pissed off Raven. She promises to put them up if her or Matt win HOH. Oh yeah, you’re so tough.

Cody is now shown asking Ramses if he’s been talking to people about the votes. Ramses claims that he feels pretty good about things, and Cody says he’ll never be able to trust anybody if Josh somehow survives. He has a dream that Josh will leave to a “flurry of boos” and his body “will be filled with joy”. He also believes it will be a unanimous vote. Oh boy.

After commercials, we see Kevin asking Jessica how things are going, and she says it’s the “best week”. He then asks her if she also won the temptation, and she claims it’s “better than Paul’s”. She claims that her and Cody “can’t go anywhere”. “Damn, America loves you”, says Kevin. He does promise to not tell anybody else, and Jessica says she trusts him.

Kevin is then shown in the bathroom, and he’s been wondering if he should alert Jessica to the votes. When she comes into the bathroom, he tells her (multiple times) to go into the toilet. He then spills the beans about the vote flip. “Be cool. Don’t freak. Don’t say I said anything.” She’s pissed and wishes she had trusted her gut to use the POV.

Jessica heads upstairs to tell Cody, and she’s pissed. She also has figured out that it’s probably Paul behind this idea, and the only votes she trusts are his and Elena’s. Her plan is now bother everybody all night. “I’m going to interrupt every conversation that goes on downstairs.” (That doesn’t happen, though, although we see snippets of conversations of the rest of the house lying to both of them.)

It’s eviction time, and Julie pretends that it’s “up in the air” who is going home. It’s not. Ramses gets the first final statement, and he talks about how he’s had so much fun and he doesn’t want it to end. He reminds them of the upcoming jury and how he an help some people. Josh then stands and thanks God and his family. Yeah, he babbles about how he loves everybody “but two meatballs” and how he has people’s backs. “Julie, it’s been real.”

Voting begins with Cody, who votes to evict Josh. Jason then votes to evict Ramses, as does Alex. Mark votes to evict Josh, as does Elena. Kevin then votes against Ramses, as does Matt, Raven, Christmas, and Paul.

After commercials, Julie announces that the vote is 7-3, and “’re safe”. Ramses is indeed evicted, and Cody shakes his head in disgust. As we wait for the interview, Josh thanks everybody but there’s not the big explosion everybody predicted. Just like I told you!!!!

Julie’s interview is inept as always, but it doesn’t help that the person she’s interviewing has no real answers. She chides him for not working for votes, and for not really having a strategy. See ya later, Ramses. You’re a good kid, but you really didn’t do anything this season. (He also gets goodbye messages from Jess, Josh, Paul, and a sweet one from Kevin.)

For the first time this year, the HOH is actually played during the CBS broadcast, and it’s also the first question-oriented “booth” competition. Julie informs us that the memory wall was full of tattoo-covered drawings of the previously-evicted houseguests that they got to study. We’re then shown what they got to look at, and again we have to hear Raven’s voice.
The competition is called “Inked and Evicted”, and Julie is going to ask true/false questions based on those photos. The first question is about Myrtle Beach being on Jilian’s arm, and Elena is the only one that gets it wrong. Next is a question about the battle back on Cameron’s arm, and this time Mark, Alex, Cody, Kevin, and Josh are now out. Ugh. This week already sucks. The third question is about whether Dom and Jilian have the word money tattooed on them, and they all get this one correct. The fourth question is about flowers and flower prints on Jilian, and they are all again correct. Question five is about the woman on Cameron’s back and whether she has a purple headband. This time Christmas and Jason are out.

We’re left with Matt, Raven, and Paul. Gross. Gross. Gross. Question six is whether Battle Back is on Jilian’s cover. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Paul gets it right, and is the new HOH.

The show’s not over, though, as Julie has to reveal the final curse of the season. You know, the one that came about due to Jessica accepting last week’s Hex. Doesn’t that seem like months ago? Julie gathers them all into the living room, and congratulates Paul. Josh is asked how he feels about remaining in the game, and he babbles about loyalty. Jessica is asked the same question, and she says that she’s happy to have the final temptation that will keep her and Cody safe for a few weeks. “I’m not the only liar in the house.” Julie has no response, and says goodbye to the house.

She then informs us that the consequence is called the “temptation competition”. For the next three weeks, the house guests will be tempted to participate in this challenge. They’ll get to choose if they’ll compete, and if they win they are safe from nomination. The houseguest who comes in last automatically becomes the third nominee. Interesting.

So what did you think about this episode? Or the latest attempt to include yet another competition in the game? Chat, you meatballs!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Big Brother Season 19, Episode 14 Recap

Tonight promises to be a pretty pedestrian episode. The only real action will be this week’s POV, but otherwise I suspect there will be plenty of filler. Expect some more silliness from Josh, along with more attempts by Paul to emulate Derrick and lovey-dovey scenes involving not only Cody and Jessica but the other two supposed couples.

As one may expect, tonight starts with everybody walking away from the nominations of Josh and Ramses. Jessica explains in the diary room that she’s going after “floaters” because her and Cody need to rebuild the alliances they had previously ruined. She definitely wants Josh out, though, as he has specifically mentioned going after them. Ramses feels worried, but thinks it should be fine as he’s nominated next to a bigger target, Josh.

Josh heads into a bathroom to start bawling. He’s hurt by what Jess said about not deserving to be there, and feels that Jess got caught between him and Cody. He’s not going home this week, though. Christmas wheels up to the bathroom door and consoles him. Cue the sad piano music. Wait, Josh is getting a sympathetic edit? Josh??? He says he’s winning the veto, and then he’s going to raise hell.

Jessica is then shown asking Elena if Josh will be going home. She cluelessly says he is, and then Paul enters. “I’m not going to be surprised this week, right, as far as votes go?” He tells her to wait to ask these questions until after POV. In the diary room, she laughs at how Paul likes to give unsolicited advice.

Cody and her then go upstairs to make out, and the pseudo-porn music comes on. Cody says that he loved her speech as it was to the point and stabbed into Josh’s heart. There’s then a quick shot of Josh crying some more as they talk more about this. She also informs him what Paul just said about waiting to ask questions about votes. “Ok, Paul”, says Cody.

Downstairs, Paul is asking others what they think, and says they need to “throw a wrench in their plan” by sending Ramses home. Alex says that Jessica’s nominations were “dumb options, and now your nominations will bite you in the ass”. Paul goes on and on about keeping Josh, and Jason (as always) quickly agrees.

Paul then heads into the bedroom to tell a sad Josh the good news. “We still have the just really need to calm down.” He also promises to pull him down if he wins the POV. Now crybaby Josh is back to cocky Josh!

Time for some filler, as Christmas talks about her time in Nascar to Jason and Cody. I don’t give a shit about this stuff.

We move on to time for the POV draw. Jessica pulls House Guest choice and (not shockingly) chooses Cody. Josh then pulls out Jason’s name, while Ramses gets Christmas. Of course, we don’t know at this time whether she’ll be able to play.

Jess is then shown apologizing to Ramses for putting him up as a pawn. He says he’s fine as long as Josh goes home. Meanwhile, Josh has a big plan for what Jason should do. Basically, he wants Jason to throw it to him so he can run his mouth and “make those meatballs go crazy.”

More filler, as Jason talks about his son. Let’s move on.

Now it is POV time. Kevin is the host, and he’s dressed as a bunch of grapes. The game is the yearly explosion competition, and this time it’s called “BB Juicy Blast”. Basically, if they don’t follow the instructions, they get blown up. Josh promises to win so he can serve “meatball smoothies” to Jess and Cody. Oh lord. (They’re so short of footage this week that it’s taking forever just to get through the first round.) Christmas, who was able to compete this time, is blown up just as her diary room segment was talking about how she was going to beast this comp.

Jason, Ramses, and Josh are all blown up in the second round, leaving Cody and Jessica. Now I understand why they took so much time with round one, and why this comp only caused the feeds to be down for 90 minutes or so. They go through the final round anyway, and he tells her ahead of time to “save her hair”. “Taking a smoothie bomb to the face is the least I could do for Jess.” Yeah, he threw it to her. Jessica is the official POV winner.

Again, Paul has to give Josh some confidence. He tells him that as long as Jess doesn’t use the veto, he’s safe. He also says that Josh needs to act defeated, especially so he doesn’t ultimately put Paul up as a replacement. “You mean I got to go until Thursday”, Josh asks. Yes.

Josh then goes to Jess and says he wants to be civil with her until Thursday. She says she “absolutely respects” that he wants to enjoy his last days. In the diary room, though, Josh is his usual stupid self. Paul is then shown talking to Matt and Raven about how stupid these nominations are, and that Ramses is just a number on Jess’ side. (Intermixed are clips of Josh acting like a loon in the apple room.)

Ramses then enters the room, and Paul lies well enough about how Ramses is nobody’s target that he again feels safe. Ramses then goes to Jess and asks if she’s going to use the POV, and she says she will only change it if she feels he’s in danger. “I’m honestly not trying to put your game in jeopardy.” Jess then asks Raven, and Cinnabon hair girl is just not a good liar.

Jess then pulls off to the hammock in the backyard, and confesses her paranoia about how that side of the house may be able to use Josh to harass them. So should she use it after all?? “I’ve got this feeling in my gut that something’s off.” He says that he’d rather she not use it, and in the worst case scenario use the Hex next week.

The only question we have going into the POV is which Josh are we going to see. The sad, contrite crybaby that Paul has instructed him to be, or the idiotic babbler who repeats “meatball” over and over? When given the opportunity to say why they should be saved, Ramses just goes over a bunch of pleasantries about best options. A sullen-acting Josh says he knows she’s her target and apologizes for offending or disrespecting anybody. “I respect your decision.”

Jess announces she’s not using the POV, and in the diary room segment to end the show we see the other side of Josh. He whips off his sad blanket and starts yelling once again about the upcoming blindside. Gross. Jessica, though, says she’s just trying to piss off the house, while Paul calls it the “worst move least make a solid move”.

Well, that’s it. I must say it was the first boring episode of the week. What sayeth you fine folks?