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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Big Brother Gossip #806: I’d Catch A Grenade For Ya

It was supposed to be a quiet week in the Big Brother house. Along with many, many people, I groaned when Paul won HOH. Here we go. It's another week of "Paulsplaining", where he told his minions what they should think about everything in the house. Oh, and outside the house. Paul knows all, you know.

Yet, something exciting happened on Friday night. Cody and Jessica believed they had worked out some sort of understanding with Paul, and it all exploded when he nominated the two of them. All hell broke out. Cody and Jessica had a disagreement in the HOH. He turned it into something much bigger than that when they left his HOH. Josh went off on Mark for the 36,000th time, and after a second gimmick with pots and pans Mark grabbed the pans from his hands.

Two of the three couples in the house broke up, although one of them reunited. Which couples broke up, and which one reunited? You just have to listen to find out. Paul also continued his tough guy persona, and he coudln't be more contradictory over the week.

Tonight's show was so much fun, even if we may be struck down for some of our commentary. We really appreciate all of the support you guys give us every year, and if you want to help out please check out our Patreon site. We are including the various elements of Scott and Colette's Day Drinking spinoff show as part of this year's rewards, so we really hope you think about checking it out. Otherwise, you can find this show on iTunes, Stitcher, and all of the usual podcast sites.

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  1. I've been watching BB from the minute it came on. I thought the show was great up to and including the Evel Dick season. Since then it's been going downhill. Too much outside interference. Too many gimmicks. Now they've gimmicked themselves into a week where there will be no eviction....on eviction night.

    I'm watching out of habit these days and more and more it's looking like a bad habit.