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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Big Brother Season 19, Episode 10 Recap

Tonight will be fun, but no matter what they show it won’t be as thrilling as it was while watching it on the feeds. To quickly summarize (without “spoilers”), Alex’s nominations didn’t go over well with some people. This wasn’t helped by a surprise Friday night POV (instead of the usual Saturday competition), and afterwards everything exploded into a 5 am house meeting!!! There were 5-6 hours of titillating feeds! How they’ll cut that down to a segment or two I don’t know. Well, I will know by the end of this recap.

So let’s not waste any time! After nominations, Alex says she nominated Alex “to take away a number from the other side”, and Jessica because the entire house wanted “retribution” for Cody. “Plus, I don’t really like Jessica, so sorry.” She dances around in the storage room in celebration of herself.

Jessica hugs everybody and says she was “prepared for this”. Dom, though, “knew something was up”. She believes some on her side knew about it, and is going to find out who. Paul comes into the bedroom to console her (yeah right), and says “you know where to find me”. “Everything is reparable.” In the diary room, though he plays his usual cocky routine. Walking out of the bedroom, he tells Josh to give her some time, but you can hear her giggle under the covers.

Mark then comes in to console her. She says she came into the bedroom so she doesn’t explode on people. She’s convinced that it was Mark and Paul that turned on her because they started “acting strange on me three days ago”. Sad piano music comes on as she complains that her own team betrayed her. We then get pathetic footage of Mark crying in the diary room. Oh please.

Upstairs, Dom is shown speaking in tongues to God to find out exactly who betrayed her. Seriously, she’s speaking in tongues. “All of a sudden, I hear Paul’s name three times.” She exits the bathroom, and “guess who’s waiting? Paul!” They then talk about why she’s nominated, and she says that there is somebody in her group. “I hope that I’m not the person you’re referring to.” He adds that he hopes that she would come to him if she had any issues. She sighs, and asks if he would ever betray her or be dishonest. He says no, and that he can only play an honest game. (Excuse me while I choke a bit.) He also adds in the diary room that he is definitely playing a more sneaky game this season.) He then tells Dom that they may just have to disband their group. She then tells him that God has been advising her, and that He will help her expose the person who betrayed her.

With that, it’s time to pick players for the POV. Alex pulls Kevin’s name, Dom gets Christmas, and Jessica gets Houseguest Choice and chooses Jason. She says they’ve been getting closer since Cody left.

Back upstairs, Kevin asks what Alex wants them to do. Jason says if he wins POV, he wants to pull down Jessica as it’s too risky to keep her on the block. Alex doesn’t like this. Both Kevin and Jason think that Raven would be a good replacement nominee, as “no one in their right mind would vote to evict Raven”. Alex just wants to keep the nominees the same.

After commercials, it’s POV time. The set has a bit of an Indiana Jones vibe, although the pit is full of squirrels. This is the “Temple of Temptation”, and the doctor has not given the OK to Christmas to compete. She tears up in the diary room because she loves to compete. Nobody replaces her, though, which is strange as it lessens the odds for those on the block.

They have to go across a suspended beam over “lava”. Pushing a button gives them a point. The first to get 50 trips (points) wins. If they fall into the lava pit, the score resets to zero. There’s also a temptation that will give a player a cash prize. However, they also forfeit the POV.

There’s not much to say about the actual competition. They all babble the right words about needing to win the POV, and they over-explain how the game works. Kevin has absolutely zero balance, and falls over and over. He finally pushes the button for the cash prize, but it’s only $27. “Do I get it tonight?” Dominique seems to be doing pretty well, as is Alex and Jason. It is quite funny when Dom falls on her vagina, but somehow she manages to save herself. “Jesus, pick up the phone! You know I need help!” Well, he doesn’t help her a few minutes later as she does indeed fall.

It’s really between Jason and Alex at this point, unless one of them falls, of course. In fact, they’re tied at 49 when Jason whips across one last time and wins POV! Now he wants to “use some of that power in my favor!”

As they come back in the house, Paul says that he needs to talk Jason into using the POV. And he has a plan. First, he’s going to get Alex to put up Mark as a pawn. He explains how Mark is the only person that has been openly working with Dom, so it helps ensure she leaves. He seems to succeed, so the second part of his plan is to get Jason to push putting up Mark. Jason and Alex are then shown talking, and then we hear Paul say he has to make it appear to be their plan. So he comes into the room and tells Alex that he will only agree with the plan if she tells Mark ahead of time.

Mark is then brought up, and he whines like a girl when he’s told of the plan. Elena joins them, and Mark continues on about how he doesn’t want to be the pawn. He doesn’t help his case by saying he would never vote to evict Dom. Yes, that’s why you have to go up, bozo!!!

Dom is now shown coming upstairs to talk to Jason “about this snake in the house”. She’s hoping this will develop enough trust for him to use the POV on her. Jason leaves to go chat with her, and she talks about how she’s been betrayed. She says she knows who the snake is, but won’t tell him. In fact, she won’t answer any of his questions as she needs things to unravel. “Pay attention to those who are getting close to you and you will know who exactly the snake is.” Jason heads back up and reports everything she said. “I’m pretty sure she thinks the snake is in this room.”

Later, Alex is then shown coming out of the diary room. Dom pounces out of her bed and brings up the snake analogy to her. “Snakes will do whatever they have to do to bit you...there is somebody here that is a tempter”. Wait a second, she does indeed say that Paul is the snake here. Oooh, I didn’t hear this on Friday night, and she denied and denied that she said that to Alex. She wants a meeting with everybody about this.

Alex heads back upstairs and reports that she now knows who the snake is. Paul says he’ll wake up the entire house to talk about this, but Dom has already beaten him to the punch on this. He still stomps downstairs and says “Dominique, do you want me to start hissing, or do you want me to talk?” She asks what he means, and then agrees to head upstairs for the confrontation.

This back and forth is very fun, but neither of them have very good thoughts. It’s a typical Big Brother circular argument, and she says that America will always see that she is the real one. Paul bristles when she brings up the God portion of the argument. “He’s not here playing this game.”

Before the POV meeting, Mark again comes into the room with his sad puppy dog eyes begging to not be put on the block next to Dominic. He still wants to save her, and they say if he is not put up next to her he has to promise to vote to evict her. He whines, and whines some more, and cries in the diary room. Yes, he promises to do what they say. Jason does want to put up Raven, and tells Alex after Mark leaves that he doesn’t believe Mark will vote as they wish. “So what do you want me to do?”

We will now find out, as it’s time for the POV meeting. Stupid Paul is dressed as a snake, which is a huge improvement over what he originally wanted to do. Jason asks for the nominees to say why they should be saved, and Jessica babbles her usual nonsense. Dom stands up and says she was “framed by my own team. There is a snake in the house, and I made that known. He’s dressed appropriately, and he has minions that are working for him. I will not call those individuals out, because I know that whatever they sow they shall reap.”

Weirdly, Jason then asks if they’d be able to work together if he saved her. She states that obviously she can’t work with a team that would stab her in the back like they did. “If you were to stand in my shoes and witness the behavior of Paul the night prior, and the behavior of Paul and Elena post-nom, you would totally understand where I’m coming from because they are not loyal to me as I was loyal to them.”

She finally sits down...and Jason announces that he is not using the veto. The meeting is adjourned, and after the usual diary room babble the show is over. Oh yeah, and Mark is crying again that he can’t “trust anybody in this game”. Grow a pair, Hulk-boy!! What did you guys think of tonight’s show??? Are you excited for the unclear eviction night we have tomorrow?


  1. I want the hex used tomorrow and then fast forward the week, and that person ( Paul? or Xmas?) face off in the battle back and Cameron( why not) return and another hoh start the weekend off. That will be the better unexpected that no one would expect. Bonus Paul or Xmas will be out!!

  2. What a let down that show was tonight. There was so much good material I tund in thinking it would be a prime Wednesday edition. It ended up fairly boring.

    I don't think they really know what they're doing with or to the show right now. Maybe they should just go ahead and ask God now that it's part of the show.