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Thursday, July 13, 2017

At the end of the day...

Hey everyone! Typing from my phone again because apparently the universe hates me as much as my laptop does. I should really just suck it up and buy an iPad.

Anyways, quick little update on tonight's endurance HOH comp. As you should know from either watching the episode or reading Scott's earlier recap, it was indeed the wall competition. The house guests were positioned on a ledge, in front of a moving/leaning wall and sprayed with cold water and some kind of green snot.

Josh was down within minutes, surprising no one.  I think Mark was next. I forget the exact order of the rest of them, but it ended up getting down to Jason, Elena and Alex as the final three still hanging in. I confess to wanting a Jessica win, but I would've been happy with Jason. Alas, he made a deal and dropped, that bastard. ;) To be honest, I was impressed with how well he did; traditionally taller/heavier males don't do as well in this comp, as evidenced by all the early out men, lol.

In the end, Alex and Elena made a deal, Elena dropped and Alex is your new HOH. This result does have a hint of potential, but Alex has indicated a willingness to work with Paul and has already stated that she plans on honouring her deal with Elena so we may be in for a boring week despite the fact that Paul is no longer HOH.

People are questioning that third vote for Ramses; Paul knows Kevin was one of them but most of the others don't suspect...yet. See how much fun hinky votes can be?! lol

Alex will have Paul in her ear, but shes also has both Kevin and Jason encouraging her to forget about targeting Jessica. Names being tossed around right now are Dominique, Matt, Raven and Christmas. Truly, I'd be happy with any combination of those as potential nominees.

I'm not sure how this will play out; Jason is a fire cracker ready to go balls out, but Alex is not as on board with going quite that big. My fingers are crossed though, so how about you do your part and cross yours too! ;)

That's it for me for tonight. You can follow me on twitter if you'd like @Shienara33 where I regale you with my thoughts on BB and various other mundane topics. I'm out camping for the rest of the weekend starting right after work tomorrow, but I'll be back on Sunday to catch up with feed happenings, the Big Brother Gossip Show podcast and of course, the Sunday night episode.

Let's all hope for a fun filled week of actual drama, tension, game moves and blindsides of any kind! Happy weekend everyone! :)

*Edited to add screenshots taken from my phone BECAUSE I FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO THAT ALL ON MY OWN!* They're out of order in terms of timeline but whatever, I did it and that's what counts right now, lol. Ok, g'nite for reals now!


  1. Alex will make the safe noms selecting Josh and Jessica.

    The real question is given confirmed that there is a Battle Back, what possible comp would be fair between Cameron and Cody?

  2. It won't be a fair comp because Grodner is going to put Cody back in the house. Grodner has destroyed BB. It is now nothing like it was originally.