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Monday, July 17, 2017

At the end of the day...

Well aloha and happy Monday to you! I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did. Although I'm paying for it now...copious amounts of booze, camp food and lazing about around my favourite lake has left me feeling like I'm going to give birth to a rum baby any moment. I am trying to fix that by eating plenty of healthy-for-me stuff and upping my water intake.

Speaking of booze...I noted on twitter tonight that it feels like our lovely BB19 house guests haven't gotten any booze deliveries! I only got the feeds a week ago, but I follow it quite closely and it feels like I haven't seen any of my fave commentators tweet the infamous #BOOZEDELIVERY hashtag at all. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong in the comments...but really. Think about how delicious some of these boring nights could be if BB would just give them some booze!

Although...considering some of what went down in the house today, BB probably thinks it's very well justified in withholding the alcohol. But more on that in a bit...

First, a bit of a catch up...which I also had to do since I went camping on Friday. I tell ya, things move/shift/change quickly sometimes in the BB house. So, as you should know if you read Scott's Sunday episode recap, or John's ticker update, or watched the feeds, Alex nominated Dominique and Jessica. I don't really know too much of the fall out over that as I was away, but in trying to catch up when I got home on Sunday, it was apparent the Dominique has become the main target for eviction this week. POV was played and Jason won it. He vacillated almost all of Sunday on whether to use it or not (Alex was considering putting Mark up in place of Jessica) and I think he gave most of us a headache as he made his deliberations regarding that. In the end though, he did NOT use the veto and as of right now, Jessica and Dominique remain nominated.

Paul and Dominique have some ongoing issues between them, and both yesterday and today Paul stated he was going to dress up as a 'snake' at POV ceremony time in order to make her uncomfortable. A black snake, with a 'mud mask'. He was considering, AND ENCOURAGED by some house guests to do this. I'm not going to go into any kind of rant of whether Paul is racist or not...I'll let the twitter Judgy McJudgersons decide that, since they're going to anyways...But I will say I think it's a terrible idea, I can't believe no one has pointed out to him how that can come across, and I think it's a symptom of how Paul's ego has gotten completely out of control in that he has to make EVERYTHING about him. I'm sick of Paul. Go home Paul. PLEASE!

In the same vein, Dominique has been falling into the trap of behaving like a maligned outcast. She's spending far too much time alone, talking to cameras and/or God rather than focusing on getting off people's radar. I'm not sure she could do it to be honest, especially with Paul being quite intent on making her public enemy number one, but it should at least be attempted, don't you think?

Anyways, Dumbass Paul actually followed through with his stupid 'snake' costume idea, only at least he refrained from doing the full face 'mud' mask, and only painted football stripes under his eyes and a diamond on his forehead. (Which is supposed to represent a diamond back snake. Obviously. *insert eye roll*) During a conversation by the hot tub tonight, Christmas was again encouraging him to do the full face mud mask for eviction night, but Paul said (as of now) that he was only going to do the diamond face. I'm sick of Christmas. Go home Christmas. PLEASE!

Raven's new hair style made it's debut tonight as well. Ok, nope. Sorry, can't do it. I'm sick of Raven. Go home Raven. PLEASE!

The big drama in the house today though was a fight over a pool game between Mark and Josh. And quite possibly the reason why BB won't let them have alcohol, lol. Seriously, I can't wait for Josh to be nominated, it'll be such a fun week. I think. I had to flashback to catch it, but this afternoon Mark and Josh played a game of pool and had some kind of bet riding on it, from what I can gather. Josh lost because he apparently double tapped the 8 ball (yes, it was just this minor!!) but believed he won. When he insisted to Mark that yes, he believed he had won, Mark threw a cup of what was supposedly pickle juice and hot sauce right in Josh's face!

Josh kept it together enough to go into the house to wash his face, while Elena and Mark laughed about it. Apparently she had suggested it to him, and Mark claimed that's why he did it (suuuure Mark, blame the girl) but Elena was having none of it. Josh then came out and squirted Mark with ketchup and mayo. The whole thing escalated after that into what was essentially a house meeting with Josh going off on Mark, and on Jessica, who somehow found herself involved. (I'm still a bit fuzzy on how that happened.) If you flash back to around 3:29 live feed time, you should be able to catch most of the madness.

Things have settled down a bit since then; Mark apologized to Josh halfheartedly. Josh is already feeling badly for how he went off and may come across, especially to his family. Current status of feeds are random chit chat between Josh, Alex and Jason in HOH, and Jessica, Paul, Mark, Kevin and Elena in the kitchen. Jessica has done a pretty good job of ingratiating herself back into most people's good graces. For now anyways, she's being viewed as a waste of an HOH by Jason and Josh.

Anyways, I'm gonna sign off for now, I'm still slightly brain dead from so much weekend fun. Feel free to follow me on twitter Shienara Or let me know in the comments about anything else I may have missed, because it feels like a lot! ;)


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  2. I agree that Paul is kind of a dooshbag but he did stand up to Dom about the god crap. More people than you think get turned off by the god crap. It doesn't belong in the BB house and it was cool that Paul shut it down. God botherers....suggestion....keep it to yourself. You can pray non stop without making a sound. Do it in your stupid head and leave other people out of it.

    1. The God thing with Dom totally drives me crazy, for sure. I wasn't sure what had transpired between them. I wonder if Dom realizes that she doesn't come across as devout, only crazy. 🤷🏽‍♀️