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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Big Brother Season 19, Episode 3 Recap

Sunday episodes tend to be a bit blah for people who watch feeds. We know everything that happens, outside of a comp. It’s also a big dumping ground for filler material, some of which may not even originate in the time frame of the episode.

Tonight is different. There won’t be any filler (or little of it). There will be plenty of footage that hasn’t been seen on the feeds. We’ll also see how Paul’s power works, and (finally) understand the curse associated with it.

Much of this unseen footage will be devoted to the events that led to Megan leaving the house. We’ve heard bits and pieces over the last three days of feeds, which were all put together on last night’s Big Brother Gossip Show. But there’s a chance that some of what was being said wasn’t 100% the truth, and even Megan’s statement on Friday featured some “holes” in her story. This will be quite interesting, although I have a feeling that it’s all going to be compiled into a short segment that wraps it all up in a shiny red bow.

Let’s get this going. Thursday’s episode ended with Cody’s nominations of Megan (“I just don’t like you that much”) and Jillian, so of course we have to get the reaction to that. Paul says he can’t believe these “noobs” are so stupid. He thought he’d be on the block “literally every week this entire season”. Yep, that’s what we were hoping for, too. “What part of almost won last season wasn’t clear to you?”

Cody says Megan is his target because he just doesn’t like her, although he acknowledges “there are probably more dangerous targets but this seems like a pretty good week to get her out of here”. Jillian is in tears, complaining how everybody is telling her not to worry. Megan hugs Josh, who sort of apologizes, and she’s also in tears because Cody’s speech was personal. She feels like everyone’s attacking her, and it’s making her paranoid. “I never felt this anxious in my life. I just don’t know if I can handle it. I don’t think I can.”

Jiliian complains to Josh, who tells her not to let people see she’s so upset. “I cry every single day in here”, he says. Yeah, we know. “I can’t even function in this house...but don’t let people see you cry”. He advises her to remember there’s great people in the house, and to just calm down. They hug it out.

Mark and Elena babble about working out. Yeah, it’s boring. They’re boring. They’re also non-stop touching each other. I hate showmances. We also see that Cody and Jessica are together, despite Cody saying “showmances are dumb”. But Jessica is the “hottest chick in Big Brother history”. I can’t argue with that. She’s shown wearing an American flag towel, and he can’t stop talking about how sexy she looks in it. “Wrapping yourself in freedom.” Oh, and the creepy couple award goes to old man Matt and Cinnabon head Raven. Gross. It’s even grosser when we’re told their couple names. Stop it. Stop it. I hate that.

Serious music now kicks in as Josh starts babbling about how he’s “mentally going nuts in this house”. He says he’s not paranoid, but Christmas says he definitely is. “Don’t let this become an emotional cancer”, she advises. He says he misses his parents, and Mark reminds him that his parents aren’t alive. Josh at least gets to still spend time with his.

Slop is now introduced to the house, and the whole have-not experience. They ooh and ahhh about it, and give the required diary room lines before Cody has to pick five have-nots for the week. He asks for volunteers, and Josh says he’ll do it. So does Ramses, Megan, and Jillian. After a short pause, Paul also agrees. Cody then announces that for the first time, the Have-Nots will also be tempted this summer. They are to head to the bedroom for more details.

They see the awful beds for the first time, and Josh is pissed as the beds are “spiked”. Paul reads the instructions that says one can escape the spikes if they give in to temptation. There are two “spikes” of different colors. One has a key to escape from being a have-not. The first to hit the diary room to claim the key gets one. The other key is a weeklong extension of being a have-not.

Action moves outside, and Cody is stuck talking to Alex. Raven tells Jessica that she should save him, as he looks bored. Jessica replies, “Pao Pao’s over there, so I’d rather not.” (Note that the story we’ve heard is that the word “panda” was used as a slur. Pao Pao is a reference to Paolo from season 16.)

Megan then reports to Jillian and Alex that she heard Jessica actually use the word “panda” in her response. Paul is sitting a few feet away, and overhears what’s being said. In the diary room, Megan says she told Alex the story because she thought it was “a little messed-up”. “I can’t believe they called you Panda. Isn’t that a little racist?” Alex tells the diary room that she usually brushes off stuff like this, but she started thinking about her heritage.

The dramatic music kicks in as Jessica and Cody climb into the hammock. Paul wanders over and tells Jessica that “apparently you are racist”. Jessica is pissed. “I cannot believe (Megan) is calling me racist. I guarantee you it’s because I said she looks like Pao Pao.” (BTW, there is a resemblance.) “I literally want to snap her in half.”

Back inside, Jessica chats with Alex in the storage room to set things straight. She asks what Megan said, and then informs her that Raven told her to go flirt with Cody. She didn’t because Cody was talking to her. Jessica thinks it’s bullshit how Megan manipulated what she said. “She’s trying to make someone else a target, so she’s trying to get you and I to argue.” Alex believes what Jessica is saying, as she would not lie about this on national TV. Alex storms out of the room to confront Megan. “She could have ruined Jessica’s life”, Alex says in the diary room. “She could have ruined my life, and she just gets away with it? No.”

Alex confronts Megan, saying what she did was not cool. Megan denies any wrongdoing. “You lied to me about a racist comment.” Megan repeats the panda line, and Jessica says she’s never used the word panda in her life. “Do you understand how dumb you look?” Megan says she indeed heard her say that, and Jessica asks the room if anybody has heard her say that. Megan is adamant in the diary room that she definitely heard it. Alex walks away, telling Megan “we’re done”. Kevin tries to impart some positive vibes, saying “it’s over with. Let’s have a good night.” Jessica laughs, “moving on”.

Alex then talks about it to Jillian, and Megan walks in. Alex doesn’t want to be “anywhere near this bitch”, and the two walk out of the room. Megan continues to talk in the diary room how everything has gone wrong for her, and how nobody believes her or trusts her. She adds that she’s been trying to calm herself down but to no avail. We see her then head to the diary room, along with her breaking down in tears. “I just can’t do this.”

After commercials, a bunch of people are sitting at the kitchen table when they notice Megan has been in the diary room for over an hour. Jessica says she didn’t want Megan to cry. Yeah, right. Kevin says he’s starting to get worried about her, and that when his daughters are gone they text him and send some “mojos”. Others continue to talk about her as it has gone past the three hour mark, and Jillian and Ramses search through the house.

Finally, Cody comes out of the diary room with a statement to read the entire house. “Due to an urgent personal matter, Megan will no longer be participating in Big Brother this summer.” Everybody is shocked. “Since Megan was nominated for eviction, I as head of household will have to name a new nominee tomorrow.” Jillian is now seen crying, but not because of her friend Megan. No, it’s because she could have beaten Megan. Cody, however, loves this idea of having even more power.

Outside, people ask Cody what he’s going to do. Raven suggests that he tell Pao Pao that she’s the pawn this week so she throws the veto. Cody doesn’t think she’s that dumb to buy that. In fact, he’s not really sure what to do. He actually likes Alex, despite the fact the rest fo them want her out. Back inside, Jillian is still bitching about how she now has to go “against somebody else. That’s messed up.” Shut up.

With a bunch again sitting outside, Paul comes out and announces that he’s taking the “have-not temptation”. He’s asked for the key, and, of course, it fits in the box he picks. He has escaped being a have-not for the week. Of course, there’s lots of jumping around and “your boy” being thrown around.

Again, a bunch of people are shown sitting around when the living room screen changes to “Den of Temptation”. Cody reads that a “new passageway” takes them to the next big twist. Each week, America will vote a HG into the den. If accepted, it will unleash a consequence. Everybody is to enter the den, where they will be told in secret if they have won.

After a long, long process we get the answer we’ve known all along. Yes, Paul won it. And this should have been obvious to any of these so-called superfans in the house. Of course a returnee is going to beat a bunch of noobs in the first poll of the season. It’s idiotic. Paul should have had suspicion on him from the very beginning.

Let’s just skip through the bullshit, and Paul’s victory. He finds out that he’s safe for three weeks, but one of his HM’s will not be safe for three weeks if he is nominated. Yes, there’s more “your boy” idiocy before he, of course, accepts. When he opens the card, Paul finds out he has to pick one of 15 bottles which represent each HM.

The screen comes on again, and it’s announced that the temptation has been accepted. The consequence will come in “due time”. They will be called back to the den later. Later means after the next set of commercials. Well, and after some filler between Jason and Kevin, who are bonding because they’re married guys.

Wait, there’s more as Cody does some situps with Alex. He tells her that he has more respect for her than anybody in the house. I wonder what Jessica would think about that. Alex, though, says she can’t play nice with the silly girls on his side of the house.

Wait, what? It’s nomination time? We don’t get to see the consequence? Wow. Cody quickly announces that his replacement nomination is...Alex! “I was trying to find any way our interest would align at all, and I couldn’t find any common ground there. I like and respect you, which is why I want to do this right now. So we can compete against each other in the POV, and I wasn’t going to back door you.”

Interesting. Very interesting. If Alex had kissed Cody’s ass just a little bit, she would not have been nominated. Hmmm, this explains a lot of the live feed activity. We cover their weird relationship more on last night’s Big Brother Gossip Show. You really should check it out.

So that’s it? I want to know what you think about the Megan situation. Or Paul’s Den of Temptation bullshit win. What about that Alex nom? Fill this page up with comments, dammit!!!


  1. It's not what this said, it's how she said it. It was used as an insult, and the fact she smiled slyly, she knew that. Now a few others are saying it in the same tone. In my opinion,"pao pao" is code for racist remark, so they can get away with it.

    1. Sorry, I don't agree with that. Calling Alex Pao Pao is no different than if somebody called Jessica Natalie (which people online have done all season). There are similarities in looks and body shape that go beyond race. And as one of those who claims to be a superfan, Megan should know who Paolo is.

    2. Jessica has been calling Alex Pao Pao and Dominique Da'vonne. What do they have in common other than their races? That's basically saying that they're interchangeable. Any Asian person can be Pao Pao and any black person is a Da'vonne.

  2. Scott, would’ve guessed that Megan would beat out Jillian and Alex and Josh for the must victim noises on Sundays episode.