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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Big Brother Season 19, Episode 8 Recap

Tonight our week-long national nightmare finally ends. Paul’s reign of terror as HOH finally ends, and hopefully that means the live feeds will actually consist of something more than his motormouth.

That may be too much to ask for but a guy can dream, right? Outside of this happy event, tonight’s show promises no surprises. We know who is getting evicted, and the controversy over a “hinky” vote or two is only a big deal to the couple of people involved in the decision.

But we were promised more fireworks after the hijinks showcased on last night’s POV meeting. Let’s not waste anytime, and jump right into Cody being put on the block to replace Josh. OH wait, Julie finally announces what we’ve all predicted - a battle back of the early evictees next week.

Ok, back to the POV meeting. Josh continues on what we saw him start last night, babbling to Cody about meatballs for his last supper. Yes, meatballs is now an insult. Cody calls him a coward, and Josh reacts. “A man child? A victim? Gosh, what else?” Josh comes back in and says he’s “going to hop your ass right out of here. Who looks like the biggest loser right now? Who’s going to look like the victim? You fool.” Cody pretends to not notice, and leans over and kisses Jessica.  Josh then focuses on Jessica before she finally says “shut the fuck up...literally go change your diaper and shut the fuck up”. She adds that he’s a pawn on both sides of the house. I’m laughing at how everybody is just watching with giant grins.

Paul tries to get Josh to relax, and Josh continues on in the diary room. Ramses feels good that he’s not going to go home sitting next to Josh.

Jessic and Cody head into the bathroom, and Paul thanks him for keeping his cool. “Respect.” Cody thinks he’s the only other “alpha” in the house, and he doesn’t blame him for taking a shot.

The dramatic music comes on again, and Christmas walks inside on her crutches. She grabs everybody together to announce that she’s going to have major surgery. Big Brother gave her the decision whether to stay or not after her Wednesday (yesterday) surgery. She has decided to stay...of course as the “queen of perseverance”. Ugh. Now somebody explain how she gets to not be in the house during tonight’s vote. Cody agrees, as he doesn’t feel sympathetic.

Cody stomps outside, and Dom says his actions are “distasteful”. She thought he was respectable at first, and now she’s “completely blown away” at what he’s doing. Christmas hobbles her way past Jessica, and sarcastically thanks her for sticking around. They have a little chat, as Jessica wants to show she’s not an enemy. Jessica says she had no knowledge that she was going to be nominated last week. She admits to campaigning against her, but says that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like her. She believes that Christmas is a “better person than playing the mean girl role”.

After asking if it’s her turn to talk, Christmas lectures Jessica that she felt personally attacked. Jessica responds, but Christmas does the patented “it’s my turn to talk” reply. She’s mad that neither of them came to check on her when she came back after her broken foot. Jessica is again reprimanded for trying to respond, and they mutually agree to “just live in the same house”. Sorry, but I just don’t like Christmas. (And note, I’m not saying Jessica is a bastion of integrity either.) Chen then announces that Christmas had surgery yesterday, but isn’t cleared to return to the house. Her vote will be from the hospital room.

Now we’re promised a segment showing Cody trying to still stir up the house. Well, not really as we have to waste time with Dominique’s birthday. Zzzzzzzzzz. Cody and Jessica look on, but Jessica then heads into the bedroom in tears because she can’t have a piece of cake. Cody joins her and hugs her. He says that all they can do now is try to salvage her game. It’s his risks that ruined her game, and he says he regrets it.

We then see Cody bouncing over to Christmas, and he apologizes for being a jerk to her.  He’s going to drop some names and stir the pot to help Jessica’s game. She wants to know why they have such disdain for her, and he says that two people came to him (Mark and Dominique) and told him to put her up. “Jess wasn’t involved.” Afterwards, he claims that Dom came up and said she’s going to keep Christmas around. Christmas says she thought it was because of her relationship with Paul, and Cody agrees that was part of it. Cody adds that the strongest women in the house are her, Alex, and Jess, and he’d love to see them work together. She’s not sure why he’s telling her this, and he says it’s because he knows he’s out the door. “I might as well shake things up.” She does say that both Mark and Do do keep their distance from her.

Moving on, we get a glimpse of Dom’s stupid talk show. Seriously, it’s the worst thing ever. This week she’s interviewing the nominees, but it becomes interesting once Cody is interviewed. Cody says he didn’t like Paul “right off the bat”, and then she takes questions from the house. Josh tries to act tough, and Cody’s response is “is that supposed to be like a dig?” He finally tells Josh that he “doesn’t exist in my book”. He then says he won’t take anymore questions from Josh. Dom then asks about the initial alliance when Cody was the leader, and Cody says he just wanted to beat Paul.

Paul then raises his hand and asks if that decision was Cody’s and only Cody’s. “There was at least one or two people always involved.” “Meaning what?” aks Mark. “One or two people always knew about the decision I was going to make”, Cody responds. “That’s all I’m saying.” Mark pushes for more information, and then asks if that statement is supposed to help Jessica.

The talk show over, Paul tells Mark to just relax. He says that he takes things personally, and that Cody promised to go out as a man. Paul says that Cody wants people to assume that Mark was one of these people, but it doesn’t change anything. Paul is also mad at Dom calling them an organic group. “I’m safe, and y’all are not.” He’s worried about those others who could potentially win HOH. “That was not ok.”

Time for the live vote, and Julie announces to the house that Christmas’ surgery went well. They’re also told that she’ll be casting her vote from the hospital. Final speeches begin with Alex, and she says that this has been one of the greatest experiences of her life. Ramses says he’s loving the time he’s spending with them all, and wants more time.

It’s then Cody’s turn. He says he loves and misses his child. “Don’t be a beta. Jessica, thanks for staying side by side with me. I’m extremely humbled. I’m going to be bummed. I’m going to miss you a lot.” That’s it??? Ugh. I was hoping for fireworks.

Voting begins with Jessica, who votes to evict Ramses, as does Kevin. Christmas then votes via phone, and she also votes to evict Ramses. Wait, what??? Even Julie looked a bit shocked with that move. We go to commercials with this unusual vote count.

Good things must come to an end, though, as the regular voting begins once we return to the show. Raven’s awful voice votes to evict Cody, as does Dominique, Mark, Jason, Josh, Elena and Matt. Cody’s out by a 7-3 vote.

Julie then announces the results and Cody immediately takes off the toad costume. He kisses Jessica, and carries her to the door. He asks her to be his girlfriend, and is then out the door. Elena hugs Jessica in the house as they wait for the pic to go grey, and Paul bitches that Cody didn’t say goodbye to them. Oh shut up.

Cody is asked right away about the whisper, and Cody says that he definitely wants a relationship with Jessica. Julie then asks about how he ran the house, and then decided to blindside Paul. Why didn’t he tell anybody? He says he knew they’d try to talk them out of it, and wanted to make a big move. She counters that he seems strong enough to not be talked out of anything, but he also didn’t want Paul forewarned. “But you didn’t even tell Jessica.” He says he knew she’d be pissed off, but she’s already called him the worst player in Big Brother history. Julie then asks about going after Christmas, who was “one of your own”. He says she was in the outskirts of their group, and whenever she was around “you could just feel it in the groove. Everybody would lose their calm, and she was also close to Paul.” He then had to go after her. He also says he was a third of the way into the house as far as nominations, and he had no time to think of what to do.

She then asks about why Cody didn’t campaign until the last 24 hours or so. “I wasn’t going ot completely throw in the towel.” He says they treat Paul like they are his groupies. “The guy holds court in there.” The HOH competition proved that, and he knew his loyalty was gone with these people. Julie asks if he has any social game, and Cody says those people have no loyalty. If he could do it over again, he would think more with his mind than his heart, and he hates the Den of Temptation This gives Julie the opportunity to hint about the battle back. “What if we said we’d give you a second chance?” “You’re lying”, he responds. Yes, next week he will be battling against Cameron, Jillian, and next week’s evictee to battle back in the game. Cody’s game face immediately returns to his face, although he jokes that he didn’t think he’d get any cheers as he came on stage.

It’s now time to begin this week’s HOH competition, and it’s endurance!!! It’s the ol’ standing on the wall competition called “Space Cadets”. The last person standing on the arm of the space station wins, and it starts now…

After wrapping up some news, including the fact that the Den of Temptation ends next week and that the house will be able to stop the Battle Back returnee, we get one last look at the house.

What are your thoughts? Let me know everything and anything.


  1. Evictions seem much less meaningful when they turn around and put these losers back in the house.

    1. Completely agree! We've had a returning HG in so many seasons now, they almost bank on it. Like they discussed so much this week. Bah.