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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Big Brother Season 19, Episode 14 Recap

Tonight promises to be a pretty pedestrian episode. The only real action will be this week’s POV, but otherwise I suspect there will be plenty of filler. Expect some more silliness from Josh, along with more attempts by Paul to emulate Derrick and lovey-dovey scenes involving not only Cody and Jessica but the other two supposed couples.

As one may expect, tonight starts with everybody walking away from the nominations of Josh and Ramses. Jessica explains in the diary room that she’s going after “floaters” because her and Cody need to rebuild the alliances they had previously ruined. She definitely wants Josh out, though, as he has specifically mentioned going after them. Ramses feels worried, but thinks it should be fine as he’s nominated next to a bigger target, Josh.

Josh heads into a bathroom to start bawling. He’s hurt by what Jess said about not deserving to be there, and feels that Jess got caught between him and Cody. He’s not going home this week, though. Christmas wheels up to the bathroom door and consoles him. Cue the sad piano music. Wait, Josh is getting a sympathetic edit? Josh??? He says he’s winning the veto, and then he’s going to raise hell.

Jessica is then shown asking Elena if Josh will be going home. She cluelessly says he is, and then Paul enters. “I’m not going to be surprised this week, right, as far as votes go?” He tells her to wait to ask these questions until after POV. In the diary room, she laughs at how Paul likes to give unsolicited advice.

Cody and her then go upstairs to make out, and the pseudo-porn music comes on. Cody says that he loved her speech as it was to the point and stabbed into Josh’s heart. There’s then a quick shot of Josh crying some more as they talk more about this. She also informs him what Paul just said about waiting to ask questions about votes. “Ok, Paul”, says Cody.

Downstairs, Paul is asking others what they think, and says they need to “throw a wrench in their plan” by sending Ramses home. Alex says that Jessica’s nominations were “dumb options, and now your nominations will bite you in the ass”. Paul goes on and on about keeping Josh, and Jason (as always) quickly agrees.

Paul then heads into the bedroom to tell a sad Josh the good news. “We still have the just really need to calm down.” He also promises to pull him down if he wins the POV. Now crybaby Josh is back to cocky Josh!

Time for some filler, as Christmas talks about her time in Nascar to Jason and Cody. I don’t give a shit about this stuff.

We move on to time for the POV draw. Jessica pulls House Guest choice and (not shockingly) chooses Cody. Josh then pulls out Jason’s name, while Ramses gets Christmas. Of course, we don’t know at this time whether she’ll be able to play.

Jess is then shown apologizing to Ramses for putting him up as a pawn. He says he’s fine as long as Josh goes home. Meanwhile, Josh has a big plan for what Jason should do. Basically, he wants Jason to throw it to him so he can run his mouth and “make those meatballs go crazy.”

More filler, as Jason talks about his son. Let’s move on.

Now it is POV time. Kevin is the host, and he’s dressed as a bunch of grapes. The game is the yearly explosion competition, and this time it’s called “BB Juicy Blast”. Basically, if they don’t follow the instructions, they get blown up. Josh promises to win so he can serve “meatball smoothies” to Jess and Cody. Oh lord. (They’re so short of footage this week that it’s taking forever just to get through the first round.) Christmas, who was able to compete this time, is blown up just as her diary room segment was talking about how she was going to beast this comp.

Jason, Ramses, and Josh are all blown up in the second round, leaving Cody and Jessica. Now I understand why they took so much time with round one, and why this comp only caused the feeds to be down for 90 minutes or so. They go through the final round anyway, and he tells her ahead of time to “save her hair”. “Taking a smoothie bomb to the face is the least I could do for Jess.” Yeah, he threw it to her. Jessica is the official POV winner.

Again, Paul has to give Josh some confidence. He tells him that as long as Jess doesn’t use the veto, he’s safe. He also says that Josh needs to act defeated, especially so he doesn’t ultimately put Paul up as a replacement. “You mean I got to go until Thursday”, Josh asks. Yes.

Josh then goes to Jess and says he wants to be civil with her until Thursday. She says she “absolutely respects” that he wants to enjoy his last days. In the diary room, though, Josh is his usual stupid self. Paul is then shown talking to Matt and Raven about how stupid these nominations are, and that Ramses is just a number on Jess’ side. (Intermixed are clips of Josh acting like a loon in the apple room.)

Ramses then enters the room, and Paul lies well enough about how Ramses is nobody’s target that he again feels safe. Ramses then goes to Jess and asks if she’s going to use the POV, and she says she will only change it if she feels he’s in danger. “I’m honestly not trying to put your game in jeopardy.” Jess then asks Raven, and Cinnabon hair girl is just not a good liar.

Jess then pulls off to the hammock in the backyard, and confesses her paranoia about how that side of the house may be able to use Josh to harass them. So should she use it after all?? “I’ve got this feeling in my gut that something’s off.” He says that he’d rather she not use it, and in the worst case scenario use the Hex next week.

The only question we have going into the POV is which Josh are we going to see. The sad, contrite crybaby that Paul has instructed him to be, or the idiotic babbler who repeats “meatball” over and over? When given the opportunity to say why they should be saved, Ramses just goes over a bunch of pleasantries about best options. A sullen-acting Josh says he knows she’s her target and apologizes for offending or disrespecting anybody. “I respect your decision.”

Jess announces she’s not using the POV, and in the diary room segment to end the show we see the other side of Josh. He whips off his sad blanket and starts yelling once again about the upcoming blindside. Gross. Jessica, though, says she’s just trying to piss off the house, while Paul calls it the “worst move least make a solid move”.

Well, that’s it. I must say it was the first boring episode of the week. What sayeth you fine folks?


  1. Josh is nuts but he might not be as crazy as that professional hit man, Jody. Those taped up dog tags hanging from his neck is mighty strange. I'm a vet and just about every vet I hang with lets that shit go once you're discharged. Something weird going on with that guy.

  2. Josh.. There's so much I want to say... But while u call people childish u need to take a look in the mirror.. Its OK for u all to gang up on two people an harassed them. But they can't call u fat?!! Doesn't make since!?? U r a jerk! And, a bully! Smh