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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Big Brother Season 19, Episode 5 Recap

Thanks to BBNutters and BigBrotherNetwork for pics!
While it already seems like this season has been going on for weeks, tonight marks the first regular eviction of the season. Who will be departing? Christmas the author/speaker/gymrat, or Jillian, the...whatever she is?
Shockingly, as of the start of the show it’s still not completely set in stone. Cody and Jessica, of course, want Christmas to be evicted, but this didn’t look like a real possibility for most of this week. Within the last 24 hours or so, the opinion of the “outsiders” seemed to be shifting away from saving her. Today, however, both Kevin and Josh flipped back from keeping Jillian.

Either way, the reaction in the house should be quite fun. Jessica and Cody will be freaked if Christmas survives, as will their former allies if she goes. This will set the stage for a promised endurance competition that has much higher stakes than most HOH competitions at this stage of the game.

Before we get to that, though, we must take a look at the fun that occurred after Cody’s attempt to nominate Paul failed due to his “Den of Temptation” safety. Christmas was subsequently nominated, and she was obviously not happy with this circumstance. Her and Paul storm off while the rest of house simmers. Elena, who has done nothing so far, bitches in the diary room how Cody’s actions can also ruin her game. “It’s so selfish.”

Christmas is obviously pissed, and she storms off from the group. She confronts Cody in the kitchen, and he says he wanted to get Paul out. “You say you’re a straight shooter and you’re not”, she replies.

In the bedroom, Jessica is confronting Paul saying he lied. He denies it, and tries to say that he did nothing but try to help them. “I tried to give you guys all my loyalty and all my trust, and this has made it very clear to me who I can and who I can’t trust in this house.” Jessica, though, was also blindsided by Cody’s decision, but she won’t jeopardize her relationship with Cody.

Paul tells us that he’s going to use this to stir the pot and play victim, and he starts with Josh. He has nobody, so he’s definitely going to support Paul and Christmas.

Meanwhile, Cody and Christmas have taken their argument upstairs. Cody complains how he’s now had to make five nominations, so he’s “run out of options”. Christmas isn’t buying that explanation, and they flashback to Cody telling her about his 9-person dream team. They both pretty much just start babbling “give me a break” back and forth, but she points out how Ramses and Jason were two other potential nominations. She finally storms off, complaining how he’s not a man of his word. “Whatever”, Cody says. “So says you.”

Back downstairs, Paul and Jessica are still at it. Yeah, this gets tiring, too. It’s been a four day circular conversation about this same topic. “Loyalty.” “Trust.” Wake me up. Christmas storms in and yells “is anybody going to tell me something?” She recounts her chat with Cody, and Jessica says she had no idea this was going to happen. Paul is still babbling about how he gave them nothing but his insight as a vet. Oh please.

Paul leaves, and Christmas carries on with her bitching about Cody to Jessica. She says “this is not a dictatorship”, which is technically incorrect as HOH is literally a dictatorship. But oh well.

Others are having similar conversations, including Matt, Elena, and Raven. Paul joins them, and he doesn’t believe that none of them knew this was going to happen. Raven says that she “wanted to cry” when this went down, and that Cody has screwed “every single one of us”. Matt tells us in the diary room that they’re now done, even though they had made a deal to go to the end together.

Jessica joins Cody in the HOH, and she says she had a clue he was going to do this but not so soon. “Had to”, Cody replies, as “I watched the way he played last year. There’s a reason why he made it to the final two.” Jessica isn’t sure how she feels, as she’s mad at both Paul and Cody. He’s not pleased by her claiming he ruined the peace, and he walks away from her. “Cody, can we talk?”

Cody storms into the background, and Mark tells him that he “shocked the hell out of me”. In the diary room, Mark says what’s done is done and now they need to reset the group. (Note, his opinion changes over the course of the week.) Jason joins them, and he’s happy to not be on the block. That means that Cody held up to his end of the bargain.

Jessica also comes outside to bitch at Cody, and he explains that he HAD to take the first shot at Paul. “Now I have to figure out how to clean up your mess”, she replies. He tells her to just “stay quiet, chill, lay low”. She says that’s the last thing she needs to do, and he denies that he’s stirring the pot. She kisses him, and asks him not to do anything stupid as she heads back inside.

Back inside, Mark tells Raven, Elena and Matt that he had no idea this was going to happen. Jessica joins them, and says she knows she’s now going to be a target because she’s associated with Cody. Elena says they all are, and they then begin to talk about votes. Elena does not want to evict Christmas. “I do not have a reason to.” Raven agrees. Jessica can’t vote for her to stay as “it’s putting a nail into my coffin”. Mark says in the diary room that he can’t believe they’re all jumping ship, and Matt then adds that he can’t vote against Christmas.

After commercials, we get to see what happened to Christmas. Due to the tension of the previous day, she decides to have some fun with Jason. Every morning they get up and dance around the backyard. Unfortunately, on this day he slipped on the grass and she crashed to the ground. She knew right away that something is wrong. He heads to the diary room to tell them she thinks she broke her foot, and Jessica comes out to check on her. “I broke my fucking foot.” She begins to cry, and claims that it’s because she may have to leave this game…”and I’m not ready for that”. Ugh, please.

Paul uses this as an opportunity to work on votes for Christmas, so he talks to Mark, Raven, Elena, Dominique, and Matt. Mark’s not buying it, as he claims he’s not voting to keep her. (Well, that changes.) Paul needs one more solid vote, so he begins to work on the others, although none of them seem too interested (and that changes).

Later in the day, the CBS sound effects kick in, which means that Christmas is back. “I’m the gift that keeps on giving.” She says she tore some ligaments. “I’m not going yet.” Jessica is happy that she’s ok, but she knows if she stays in the game it won’t be good for her or Cody. The rest of the house gather around Christmas as Cody, Mark, and Jessica watch from upstairs.

That night, Mark joins Christmas outside. Yep, here’s where the change in Mark’s opinion occurs. The sappy music kicks in as he apologizes to her for not being there for her, and for being standoffish. She begins to fake cry the he hurt her feelings, and they hug. And then he cries, and I want to vomit.

Shockingly, that was actually a full half hour of house activity. That’s a rarity on the Thursday night show. I hope they keep that up instead of the usual family/friends segments. But it’s now time for the eviction. Christmas gets the first plea, and she babbles about perserering, and being there to play. She bitches about Cody and Jessica, saying they’ve been playing “each and every one of you”. There’s a lot more cliches. Lots of cliches. Jillian babbles nonsense and it’s now time for the vote.

Jessica predictably votes to evict Christmas, as does Jason. Kevin votes against Jillian, as does Matt, Raven, and Paul. (BTW, Raven’s screech hurt my ears.) After commercials, Ramses votes to evict Christmas, but Dominique votes to evict Jillian. Alex, meanwhile, votes to evict Christmas. Elena seals the deal by voting against Jillian. Mark also votes against Jillian, as does a somber Josh.

That’s it. Jillian is out by a vote of 8-4. She seems shocked, and Cody is pissed. He’s steaming, and quietly confronts Mark. Jessica and Christmas start bitching at each other. (Funny thing is that Paul of all people bitches at their live TV F-bomb.) Can we please skip the Jillian interview? This is better. In fact, nobody cares about Julie’s interview with Jillian. She was a nonentity from the beginning.

With that fun over, it’s time to start the HOH competition for this week. And, of course, it’s a Candy Crush theme so that they can show it on Sunday night before that show’s premiere. Ugh, that’s awful. They have to roll balls down the Candy Crush ramp. To get the shot to do that, they have to grab falling candy with tickets. Each ticket can be redeemed for a ball. The first person to get a ball into the “heart” wins HOH.

So that’s it. Turn on your live feeds to see who wins this comp!!!
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  1. The casts these last few years have become so predictable and stereotypical. This is a particularly obnoxious bunch. Cody is an automaton. I can clearly see that he is a sniper. That backwards fatigue cap and dog tags and his menacing attitude spook me out. I wouldn't want to ever hang out around that creep.

    Grodner and CBS have turned BB into Survivor, Indoors. This BB is opposite of the show's original premise. I liked it much better in it's early iterations.

  2. Is this the first time that the evicted HG has not seen their goodbye montage (excluding Double Evictions/the finale)?

    1. Nah, it happens from time to time. Not often, but not unpreceented.

  3. Raven and Ramses seriously need to cut out that stupid crap in the DR while voting.

    Cody's face during the entire HOH comp was awesome

  4. Where is Josh Martinez? I am watching Wed episode 7/19 and josh he is nowhere to be found.