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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Big Brother Season 19, Episode 15 Recap

Photos courtesy of @BBNutters
Is a blindside really a blindside if the opposition knows it’s coming? If so, is it truly a devastating blindside if the evicted person is not in any sort of alliance with said nominating power?

I guess we’ll find out tonight. All week long, people have been salivating at the reaction from Cody and Jessica to the eviction of Ramses over their desired target, Josh. I have my doubts this will happen. First off, Jessica has had a feeling this could happen all week, and it was confirmed by Kevin last night.

Then there’s also the fact that Ramses has no real relationship with the pair. Yes, they’ll feel bad that their pawn ended up leaving the house, along with some anger that the house didn’t do as promised. But it’s just a minor setback, and they’ve never really done anything but roll their eyes to silly Josh’s “meatball” antics. If anything, it could fuel Cody’s fire. It’s definitely not going to throw him off his game.

That’s not to say that I predict he’ll win tonight’s HOH competition, which all indications seem to indicate will actually be shown on tonight’s show for the first time all season. He probably won’t. I just refuse to give Josh any credit for anything other than being a jackass whom everybody laughs behind his back.

Enough about the predictions, let’s get to tonight’s show. Oh wait, there will also be some weirdness involving the curse associated with Jessica’s acceptance of last week’s temptation. What will that be? I have no clue, so that’s the only real question up in the air tonight.

Ok, let’s jump in the time machine and head back to last Monday afternoon after Jessica (stupidly) announced she wouldn’t be using the veto. She says (again) that she isn’t using it so she doesn’t ruffle any feathers, and she hope it “doesn’t come around to bite me in the butt”. She’s happy as she (thinks) she’s sending him packing.

Paul again tells us that he is so brilliant to ensure that Josh doesn’t go home. He’s also worried that Mark and Elena are back with Cody and Jessica. Meanwhile, Josh is insane as always saying it was a “rookie mistake” to not use the veto. Shut up with your “meatball blindside” idiocy.

In the bedroom, Paul tells Josh he gave a brilliant speech, and reminds him that he can’t act happy. He puts on his mopey glasses and blanket and pretends to be sad in front of Elena. She hugs him, and he says in the diary room he deserves an Emmy.

Kevin then asks Jason if saving Josh is still the plan. He says he really doesn’t give a shit if it riles up Cody and Jessica. “Ramses, I like you. See you for Thanksgiving.”

Ugh, now we get a Josh goes nuts in the apple room scene. Feed watchers have had to endure this insanity all weekend long. It’s even worse with sound effects.

Outside, Jessica asks Mark if he’s still on board with their plans. He says he is, and Paul wanders outside as they talk. “It’s nice to see you boys reunited.” Paul then goes on to bitch about how much time Mark and Elena spend with them. He’s not going to let them know about the Josh plan.

Later that night, Mark and Cody talk in the kitchen. They believe that this eviction will allow them to regroup with some people, but Mark also notes how he hasn’t talked to almost anybody else in the house since Cody returned. Cody, though, reminds us that he doesn’t trust Mark at all since he blindsided him two weeks before.

Now Paul is playing pool with Mark, who say she wishes they could fast forward to Thursday. Paul then questions his friendships with everybody since Cody returned, and adds that he was given a clean slate since he returned. Stupidly, he adds how people have been pissing him off in the past few days, and that he also says that he doesn’t like a certain pair that have been playing neutrally. Oh wait, a “certain pair”, says Paul? Who could that be? Yeah, Raven and Matt will hear about this shortly .

That’s exactly what we see next as that waste of a pair come into the bedroom as Paul is folding laundry. Paul pretty much has to spell it out as those two don’t quite seem to have the brains to figure it out. “That just sealed the deal for me”, says a pissed off Raven. She promises to put them up if her or Matt win HOH. Oh yeah, you’re so tough.

Cody is now shown asking Ramses if he’s been talking to people about the votes. Ramses claims that he feels pretty good about things, and Cody says he’ll never be able to trust anybody if Josh somehow survives. He has a dream that Josh will leave to a “flurry of boos” and his body “will be filled with joy”. He also believes it will be a unanimous vote. Oh boy.

After commercials, we see Kevin asking Jessica how things are going, and she says it’s the “best week”. He then asks her if she also won the temptation, and she claims it’s “better than Paul’s”. She claims that her and Cody “can’t go anywhere”. “Damn, America loves you”, says Kevin. He does promise to not tell anybody else, and Jessica says she trusts him.

Kevin is then shown in the bathroom, and he’s been wondering if he should alert Jessica to the votes. When she comes into the bathroom, he tells her (multiple times) to go into the toilet. He then spills the beans about the vote flip. “Be cool. Don’t freak. Don’t say I said anything.” She’s pissed and wishes she had trusted her gut to use the POV.

Jessica heads upstairs to tell Cody, and she’s pissed. She also has figured out that it’s probably Paul behind this idea, and the only votes she trusts are his and Elena’s. Her plan is now bother everybody all night. “I’m going to interrupt every conversation that goes on downstairs.” (That doesn’t happen, though, although we see snippets of conversations of the rest of the house lying to both of them.)

It’s eviction time, and Julie pretends that it’s “up in the air” who is going home. It’s not. Ramses gets the first final statement, and he talks about how he’s had so much fun and he doesn’t want it to end. He reminds them of the upcoming jury and how he an help some people. Josh then stands and thanks God and his family. Yeah, he babbles about how he loves everybody “but two meatballs” and how he has people’s backs. “Julie, it’s been real.”

Voting begins with Cody, who votes to evict Josh. Jason then votes to evict Ramses, as does Alex. Mark votes to evict Josh, as does Elena. Kevin then votes against Ramses, as does Matt, Raven, Christmas, and Paul.

After commercials, Julie announces that the vote is 7-3, and “’re safe”. Ramses is indeed evicted, and Cody shakes his head in disgust. As we wait for the interview, Josh thanks everybody but there’s not the big explosion everybody predicted. Just like I told you!!!!

Julie’s interview is inept as always, but it doesn’t help that the person she’s interviewing has no real answers. She chides him for not working for votes, and for not really having a strategy. See ya later, Ramses. You’re a good kid, but you really didn’t do anything this season. (He also gets goodbye messages from Jess, Josh, Paul, and a sweet one from Kevin.)

For the first time this year, the HOH is actually played during the CBS broadcast, and it’s also the first question-oriented “booth” competition. Julie informs us that the memory wall was full of tattoo-covered drawings of the previously-evicted houseguests that they got to study. We’re then shown what they got to look at, and again we have to hear Raven’s voice.
The competition is called “Inked and Evicted”, and Julie is going to ask true/false questions based on those photos. The first question is about Myrtle Beach being on Jilian’s arm, and Elena is the only one that gets it wrong. Next is a question about the battle back on Cameron’s arm, and this time Mark, Alex, Cody, Kevin, and Josh are now out. Ugh. This week already sucks. The third question is about whether Dom and Jilian have the word money tattooed on them, and they all get this one correct. The fourth question is about flowers and flower prints on Jilian, and they are all again correct. Question five is about the woman on Cameron’s back and whether she has a purple headband. This time Christmas and Jason are out.

We’re left with Matt, Raven, and Paul. Gross. Gross. Gross. Question six is whether Battle Back is on Jilian’s cover. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Paul gets it right, and is the new HOH.

The show’s not over, though, as Julie has to reveal the final curse of the season. You know, the one that came about due to Jessica accepting last week’s Hex. Doesn’t that seem like months ago? Julie gathers them all into the living room, and congratulates Paul. Josh is asked how he feels about remaining in the game, and he babbles about loyalty. Jessica is asked the same question, and she says that she’s happy to have the final temptation that will keep her and Cody safe for a few weeks. “I’m not the only liar in the house.” Julie has no response, and says goodbye to the house.

She then informs us that the consequence is called the “temptation competition”. For the next three weeks, the house guests will be tempted to participate in this challenge. They’ll get to choose if they’ll compete, and if they win they are safe from nomination. The houseguest who comes in last automatically becomes the third nominee. Interesting.

So what did you think about this episode? Or the latest attempt to include yet another competition in the game? Chat, you meatballs!


  1. I don't think I'm understanding Jessica's hex power. If neither she or the psycho sniper can be evicted for several weeks what's the point of the show?

    1. Well, the house may figure out she can only use it/save them once. Or maybe not, these HGs aren't too bright.

  2. Jessica announcing that she has the temptation was dumb. Although the other houseguests do not know how long the Hex is in effect, they could easily work together to flush out the temptation before the three weeks runs out if Jessica or Cody are not the HoH and one or both remain on the block after the PoV ceremony.

    The temptation comp, for me, is a modified version of the Battle of the Block and to have something to fill the Sunday episode. I have never been a fan of twists. I understand having a twist at the beginning of the game to get viewer interest but continuing them ruins the social experiment that is the whole premise of the game. Just let them play.

  3. I disagree with Mister. I think Jessica's announcement was brilliant! It will make the house think twice about putting them up for the next week at least and focus on someone else.

  4. I wouldn't want to be Mark or Elena this week. Even if the house figures out Jessica's power (or more likely Production tells Paul), if the HOH doesn't want to flush out the power (similiar to a Survivor immunity idol), guess who's likely to go up? They were the only other 2 to vote with Jess/Cody. And I don't she'd waste the power stopping an eviction without her or Cody on the block.

  5. for the first time since it came on,i am done with big brother. it is set up for paul to win it all. it is as bad as survivor. the producers set up who wins.

  6. Seems like Jessica 'sort of' announced her power. Didn't she say she had the power to keep she & Cody safe for the next few weeks? That's not really true. Once she uses it, it's done. I thought the producers told them they couldn't lie about the power.

  7. Sorry "Unknown".....I disagree. Paul could have easily gone home this week, but just when I thought Jessica actually had some game...she blew the obvious move. Take Ramses down and replace him with Paul. If she had done that RESPECTFULLY and without spite by simply pointing out that with Paul in the house everyone else is just playing for 2nd place, the rest of the house might have seen the light and pulled the plug on Paul.