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Friday, July 21, 2017

Big Brother Season 19, Episode 12 Recap

Tonight we finally get to see who exactly is returning to the Big Brother house. Or are they returning? Last night’s episode failed to answer many of the questions that have arisen this week. We do know that Jessica won the “temptation”, but we don’t know about the corresponding “curse”. We also know that tonight’s show is going to feature three competitions that will involve Cameron, Jilian, Cody, and Dominique.

Due to my Friday night music show on realpunkradio, I was not able to watch this live. In fact, I’m actually viewing this at the exact same time as the west coast viewers. I’ve stayed off twitter, though, so I was not spoiled while viewing this. Since it’s also a comp-oriented show, my recap will be shorter than usual.

After the unnecessarily long intro of the entire season, the show begins with Julie by saying returning to the house will be “even more challenging” as there is no guarantee they will be returning. The four competitors are then introduced, and Julie explains that they are now sitting in “Evictionville”. They must win three competitions to escape. All four will be in the first challenge, with the top two advancing to the next challenge. The winner is then the final evictee still standing, but they’re not guaranteed re-entry. In a Big Brother first, they will then have a showdown with a challenger from the house, who will be selected by those in the Big Brother house. If that person wins, there will not be a returning player.

Cody says he wants to wreck a bunch of player’s games, while Dom says she deserves a second shot since she was “wrongfully” evicted. She promises to go after Paul.

The first competition is called “Maize Race”. They must maneuver a ball through a maze through ropes and pullys. If a ball falls, they have to grab it and start over.

Before it begins, Cameron says he needs to get back as he only spent a few hours in the house. Jilian doesn’t have anything to say, as always. She just needs to get back in the game.

Cody actually isn’t confident of his abilities as he says he lacks finesse. Yet he and Cameron jump ahead of the two girls. Jilian’s ball drops, and a few minutes later so does Cameron’s ball. Cody says he just has to be patient after hearing the other’s failure. Cody eventually maneuvers his between the final holes to be the first to qualify. “I’m one step closer to seeing Jess.”

Dom starts talking to Jesus, but she’s still behind Cameron. Jilian is still praying that others fail as badly as her so she can pull out a surprise win. At this point, Cameron is at the other end of the platform, and sure enough he becomes the second qualifier. Dom and Jilian’s seasons are officially over.

For the second competition, Cody and Cameron are playing “Billboard Bashers”. They are to catapult balls at their billboard’s ten panels. The first to knock out all ten advance. If they run otu of balls, they have to retrieve the ones they already shot.

This game isn’t as easy as it sounded, as most of the early shots just bounce off the billboard, which leads Cameron to think he has it in the bag. He does, in fact, get the first panel but Cody is right behind him. Cody is already out of balls, so he races to grab those he already shot. He’s also surprised that Cameron is so good at this competition. In fact, at one point Cody is up 6 - 2.

Cody decides to soften up his launch technique, and begins to catch up. It’s quickly 7 - 6, Cameron. Cody finally jumps ahead with his eighth ball, and then hits the final two to advance to the final battle. Well, at least Cameron doubled his Big Brother screen time.

Before we see who the house picks, Cody gets to pick which of the original two comps for that final shot at returning. However, there will be a new maze, and the billboards would be spinning in this new version. Cody picks the maze race.

It’s time for the house to be involved. They don’t know that this has been happening until Julie calls everybody to gather in the living room. She tells them of the Battle Back Showdown, and that the first four evictees did not go home. She doesn’t say who has won, and then leaves them hanging.

Mark is pissed. In fact, he’s almost crying again. Jessica tries to console him, as he’s convinced that Cody will go after him. “You’ve been good to me.” Paul is saying any returnee is “not chill”. Um, your pal Victor returned twice last year! He whines that he’ll have “to do all this work over again”. Cry me a river.

After commercials, we see Julie again calling for everybody to return to the living room. She announces the twist about stopping the returnee from coming back. They are to each go to the diary room to pick who they want as the house challenger. They won’t know who they will competing against until after the vote, though.

Alex votes for Paul, who in turn votes for Alex. Christmas votes for Paul, as does Elena, Jason, Jessica, Kevin, Joshua, Mark, Matt, Ramses, and Raven. WTF??? Julie sends them all into the backyard to makes the announcement, and out comes Cody. Jessica is ecstatic. “This is like a fairy tale to me.” Others aren’t so thrilled. Julie then says he will be going against Paul, and they shake hands.

Cody immediately jumps ahead, as Paul is having trouble getting the hang of the pulleys. The lead increases a bit, so Cody knows he just needs to maintain a slow, steady pace. Cody gets to the far end of the maze, and makes the whole thing look easy. Sure enough, Cody wins and he’s back in the house. Jessica jumps in his arms in excitement. He says that “once I get the chance, I’m taking out” Paul.

Mark is still whining about Cody, as he has during every single interview segment he’s been featured in. But, to be fair, the others aren’t so happy either. In fact, Paul says he’s “not afraid to do it again”.

Julie tells them all not to get too comfortable, as the HOH competition is about to start. We're finished as viewers, though, as that competition will be shown on Sunday night. Who do you want to see win?


  1. If production thought that Cody was going to team up with Paul based on his exit interviews, I am laughing my ass off!

  2. Evictions have been cheapened. I hated seeing that psycho walk back in there. My cat has ten times the personality that whack job has. My wife hates him because he calls women chicks. Lol!

  3. Should have been a new game. Using the same game Cody just won and expecting Paul to get the hang of it quickly just wasn't fair.

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