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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Big Brother Season 19, Episode 4 Recap

Let’s be honest. There’s only one reason to watch tonight’s show, and it’s going to be how the last few minutes play out. Sure, seeing our first POV of the season will be fun, and the resulting scrambling afterwards, but those played out on the feeds.

No, what will be fun (and/or infuriating) is how the veto ceremony goes down. This is where somebody’s built-in advantage comes into play, and most feedwatcher were questioning all weekend how this person’s use of this advantage would work.

There’s a long way to get to that point, though so let’s start with the reaction to replacing Megan as Cody’s second nominee. Cody respects her but he had to put her up because that’s what the team wants. Mark agrees, saying it “should be smooth sailing over the next few weeks”. Jillian tells Alex that openly going after showmances is probably why she’s nominated, but Alex says she can’t lie. They have to win POV, and Alex says Cody lit a “fire under my butt”.

Upstairs, Jessica is all over Cody. Well, that’s how they always are. In fact, a glimpse of the live feeds sees them wrapped around each other. She jokes that he was emotional during his nomination speech, and he says it was just a “brief clearing of the throat”. Yeah, Jessica is a bit jealous of Alex. Her plan is to break his connection to Alex.

Paul enters the HOH to talk to Cody to tell him “good work”. Shut up, Paul. He doesn’t need credit from you. Paul babbles that he’s going to (predictably) mainly hang with the crew that has the numbers. Of course you are! “You made two strong moves in the first week of the game”, he says to Cody, who isn’t buying any of Paul’s bullshit. “I just don’t like him.”

Alex is bitching about showmances to Jason, who says she’s making good points. He believes keeping her is in his interest. Alex says that if she survives the week and wins HOH she’s going to put up Cody and Jessica. Jason says it’s smart to get rid of Cody, because he’s a beast. She’s hoping that Jason wins POV, so that both of them can be safe.

In the bathroom, Cody embraces Alex and calls her Wonder Woman. He says that he wants her to survive the week. He carries on, asking why she didn’t want to join his gang. Her response is that the other girls don’t like her, and are treating the game like they’re on The Bachelor. Hmmm, I think I like this Alex. Cody says he can emotionally separate himself from the showmance stuff, and in the diary room says he regrets putting her up.

Various people are now shown talking, and the TV screen pipes up with the fact that it’s now time to suffer the consequences of the Den of Temptation. They’re all to put a hand in the serpent’s mouth, and one of them will be cursed. Let’s skip all of the diary room chatter and wishes and cut to the chase. Ramses gets the curse, and he must put himself on the block as a special third nominee within the next three nomination ceremonies. (This segment took way too long, btw.)

The POV music comes on, so it’s time to pick the players. Joining Cody, Jillian, and Alex are Matt, Raven, and Jason. The host is Kevin. Everybody in the HOH room is happy with how this worked out, but Cody isn’t letting them know he hopes Alex wins.

In fact, it’s already time for the POV competition. It’s a beach setup, which means we have to hear “your boy” Paul over-dramatise how great it is. Kevin is dressed as a mermaid, which is hilarious, though. To play, they have to start the water flowing in their “aquaclock” and then head into the “lake” to grab starfish. The goal is to stack as many starfish as they can, and they can only do it as long as there is water in their “aquaclock”. If it runs out, they have to refill it. There’s also a large, golden starfish in the water, and finding it makes them safe from being a have-not for the rest of the season.

The competition begins, and Raven finds the golden starfish pretty quickly. Let’s now jump to the end, as it’s pretty tedious to listen to their scripted diary room babbling. Matt seems to be doing the best for a while, especially since the others have trouble stacking their starfish. He decides to just stop with ten starfish stacked, but the rest carry on. Jason lets his “clock” run out with 14 starfish. Alex is way ahead of the other two at this point, but Jillian believes she can catch up. No, she can’t, as her water runs out. Cody’s stack falls apart, and he sees that his water is about out, so he decides to just let Alex win. Oh, this doesn’t go over well with Jessica. Alex has an impressive stack of 16, but now she has to wait for her water to empty. It finally does, and she wins once Jillian is out with 10. Cody is happy, but he knows he can’t show it. Now he can go after somebody he truly doesn’t trust.

Afterwards, Alex is celebrating but is concerned that Cody threw it to him. “I don’t need no man to take care of me”, she says in the diary room...go take care of your showmance, Cody, because it looks like it needs some help”. Cody comes into the room to congratulate her, and she asks if he let her win. He admits he exposed himself, but “I have a plan”. He wants to make a big game move that nobody will see coming. Oh, this is going to be good.

Upstairs, the girls are complaining that Cody let her win. Neither Dom or Jessica understand why he did that, especially as it puts their game into jeopardy. At the same time, Alex admits to Jason and Jillian that she thinks Cody let him win. Jason is nervous because he is now a “sitting duck” for nomination.

In fact, that’s exactly what the others want, which they get to after bitching to Cody about how Alex was the one who needed to go this week. In fact, it’s Paul who first brings up Jason, but Cody isn’t really paying attention. That doesn’t stop Paul from patting himself on the bat for being such a puppetmaster. Actually, it’s just making Cody dislike Paul that much more. “If this group is going to last, I need to get rid of Paul.”

Jessica is now once again straddling Cody as she wants to have a “heart to heart”. She doesn’t want to argue or “be in a weird place”. Cody says he’s made his position on Alex clear, and Jessica bitches about how he could have won that comp. Cody says he did want to sweep the week’s competition, and “5,000% wanted to win that”. He does admit in the diary room he tried to win for the first 28 minutes, and then didn’t try as hard when he saw Alex could win. Jessica goes on about how everybody looks at him as a leader but having Alex around jeopardizes them all. (We played this clip on last week’s Big Brother Gossip Show.)

Paul is then shown going into the HOH, and he again tries to give Cody advice. As before, Cody is brushing his teeth, and doesn’t really respond when Paul asks about his replacement plans. Ha, this is funny. Paul keeps trying, and Cody keeps quiet. Paul says that he now “knows something is up”. Cody tells us that nobody is going to know Paul is his target until the POV meeting. Uh oh.

Back downstairs, Paul asks Christmas what’s going to happen. She says she thinks it’s Jason, and anything else would be a “left field twist”. Paul’s not convinced, and Christmas admits she’s not sure. She then talks about how he’s so stone cold that nobody knows what he’s up to, but she does think that Cody considers him part of the team.

Jason is now upstairs with Cody to see if he’s going up, and Cody admits that if he goes up he’s going home because nobody feels that Jillian is a threat. Cody says that he needs Jason to not put up Dominique or the couples if he wins HOH next week. When Jason hesitates, Cody reminds him that he will be going home if he doesn’t. Cody also reminds him that he didn’t bring up Christmas or Paul, so his move will help Jason’s numbers but hurt his. “It sounds so counterintuitive, but it will be cool.” He adds in the diary room that both of them are impossible to control.

Back in the bedroom, Jessica asks Cody if they’re ok. She straddles him as she again babbles how he’s risking their safety. Ooops, Cody then calls her Alex. (We played this clip on the show, too.) She doesn’t seem to care, probably because his penis is pushing into her belly.

So here we go with the fun moment of truth. Oh, this could have been so good if Paul hadn’t been given that stupid safety. Get rid of the returnee right away. Oh well, this will still be fun to watch. Alex, obviously, takes herself off the block. Cody gets up and talks about how he’s pieced together who he can trust and not trust. “And there’s one common thread in each of these conversations. There’s somebody who is trying to sew disloyalty and distrust towards my game and myself, and I take that as a personal attack. So my replacement Paul.”

Here we go. The house is shocked, and then the TV erupts with a picture of the glowing pendant. Cody turns around and looks confused. Paul finally stands up and over-dramatically looks at Cody before pulling out the necklace. He announces that America voted him this pendant, and he’s safe for three eviction. Cody has to pick again.

A pissed Cody looks around, and finally says, “Christmas, you got screwed. Take a seat.” The dramatic music ramps up as Alex announces that the meeting is adjourned. “Appreciate the you’re a straight shooter”, Christmas remarks sarcastically as she walks away. “Now I know who I can trust”, adds a cocky Paul.

There’s some more diary room babbling from various people before the show finally ends. So that was sort of fun, but why couldn’t we get rid of Paul this week? Why? Are you guys pissed? Who do you want to see go home tomorrow? Let the comments fly!!!


  1. I would like Jillian to go and then have Alex, Paul or Christmas be HOH. And put Cody on the block

  2. I loved this episode. Cody is a dbag. Team PAUL!!!!!!!!

  3. Cody was pissed that was hilarious!! Even though I'm usually not a fan of having returners come back, Paul is pretty entertaining so i hope he stays for a while. If she were healthy I would want Christmas to stay but since she's injured she doesn't have a real shot anymore so I'm cool with her going. I would be interested to see if someone like Matt or Mark won HOH because I know they like Cody but it doesn't really seem like they trust him enough to keep playing with him so I would like to see what they would do with some power!

  4. I'm not sure what my favorite scene was: when Paul revealed he was safe for 3 weeks or when Cody called Jessica "Alex" when they were cuddling in bed