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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Big Brother Season 19, Episode 13 Recap

Tonight marks a rare event during the Big Brother season - an episode that will consist entirely of footage that feed watchers have yet to see. The feeds went down Thursday afternoon until late Friday night. During that time not only were the Battle Back competitions held that we saw on Friday’s episode, but a new HOH was crowned and their nominations were announced sometime on Friday night.

Not only did we not see those actual events, we didn’t get to see the fallout. We were unable to see the reaction of the house to the return of Cody. We didn’t get to view the scrambling that always occurs right after a HOH competition, or how the said HOH decided on their nominees.

It’s not that we’re completely clueless as to what happened, though. The conversations that occurred among various house guests after the feeds were turned back on Friday night have given us a pretty good picture. We do know who won HOH, and that Josh may have made a scene during that competition. What exactly he did we will now find out!

The show begins with Cody’s reentry into the house. Jess is a happy girl, obviously, but Paul isn’t. He babbles in his idiotic way how after getting him out once he now needs to do it again. Cody, though, says he’s going to have to play a different way this time around, and he’s going to listen to Jessica.

As people are in the kitchen, Jessica says she’s sorry “but I’ve got some kissing to do”. They make out in the apple room, complete with added CBS sound effects. They sit down, and she says he needs to win this HOH. She says that nobody is happy that he’s back. She reports that Kevin has had her back but that Josh promised to evict her if he wins HOH. There’s even a clip right before the eviction happened where he promised to do such a thing. “Josh, why do you always do this every time”, she replies. “It’s exciting to me” is his excuse.

She also tells Cody that Jason has been good to her. She also lets him know that America gave her the third temptation, and how she can halt the eviction to keep them in the game. He’s pumped at this news as it benefits both of them. “It’s a pleasant surprise that for at least one week in this house I have safety.” She asks him to promise to work together this time around, and he says he’s now going to play her game. She also lets him know how she’s become friendly with various people. She wants Alex, Josh, Christmas,  and Paul to go.

Meanwhile, Paul is being consoled by the rest of his minions. Christmas says it’s scary to have Cody back in the house, and they’re a super threat. Alex warns that they’re going to be more social this time. Paul gets on his high horse about how the social levels in the house were so much better after he left. They want Josh to buddy up to Cody, but he says there’s no way he can do that. “Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Meatball have been through enough already.” Paul reminds him that if Cody gets HOH it’s him and Josh that will be put up. He pretty much tells them to not even talk to the pair. (This is so pathetic to watch everybody taking their marching orders from him.)

It’s HOH time, and it’s a landscape of a city street. It’s called “What’s the Holdup”, and they have to keep traffic stopped. This is done by holding up the red light with a flimsy stick. Each person who is eliminated then gets to pick a remaining person to be punished. Christmas gets to play in this comp, although she does get to rest her injured foot on her scooter, a fact that’s pretty hidden from the cameras most of the time.

Kevin is out after only 17 seconds. Mark starts to make fun of him in the diary room, as does Paul, but they’re both out within one minute. Kevin decides to punish Cody, and that allows trash to be dumped over him. Yeah, this is actually sort of funny. Mark then also chooses Cody. Of course he does. This time it’s a fat guy with road rage yelling at him. Yeah, that won’t affect Cody at all. Guess what? Paul does the same, and it’s now concrete poured on his back. (BTW, the diary room stuff during this is unbearable, especially from Josh and Elena.)

Jason then drops at the two minute mark, and he decides to punish Jessica since the earlier punishments had no effect on him. This time it’s a graffiti guy with spray paint, and she doesn’t flinch. Elena is now finished, and this time Cody gets mustard and ketchup poured on him by a hot dog vendor. Matt is next, and Cody gets more garbage poured on him. Jess says this is “fueling my fire”.

Raven’s out next, and the stupid raging fat dude is out again. Right after bragging how he’s going to beat Cody and Jess, he’s out. “How about that, Josh”, says Cody to him. “How about that?” Obviously, he picks Jessica to get the punishment, but he promises that he’s going to turn it into a punishment for two. The concret guy comes out again as Josh starts calling them meatballs again. Yeah, what a zinger. Cody just rolls his eyes at the moron.

He continues to yell at Cody as the game continues on. Too bad he’s not very original, as it’s just meatball this and meatball that. Everybody else just laughs at him, as Jessica whispers “just focus”.

Jessica tells Christmas that she wants to squash everything, and if she drops she’s not their target. Christmas says thank you, but even after Cody says he agrees she won’t make a deal. Meanwhile, Paul is whispering instructions for Elena to tell Josh. He yells that he’ll give Christmas a foot massage, pizza, whatever if she doesn’t make a deal.

All of sudden, at the 1 hour 24 mark Cody drops. It’s between Christmas, Ramses, and Jessica. Cody picks the torture to go to Ramses, and it’s again the graffiti artist. Ramses then drops, and it’s between the scooter-addled Christmas and Jessica. Elena screams at the TV before we head to another commercial break.

When we return, Ramses gives Jessica the hot dog punishment. She’s so focused, though, that she says nothing will cause her to drop the disc. Kevin notices how Jessica “has never changed the look on her face”, and as the sun begins to come up Christmas finally drops her stick. Jessica is the new HOH! That comp took 2 hours, 52 minutes!

Everybody heads into the house, and an exhausted Jessica asks if “all of my dreams came true this week?” Paul congratulates her, and again he’s getting the her edit as he has to mastermind everything. In the bedroom, Kevin says that Josh is making a fool of himself. He says that Josh will probably go up twice for his actions. Jessica tells Christmas good job, and says that she will live up to her promise she made during the comp. Cody, meanwhile, promises to “just shut up and listen to Jess”.

Later, Christmas reminds Josh in the bathroom about POV. “One step at a time.” He claims that he still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Really? Have you had one yet?

For some reason, Josh now thinks he can convince Jessica to put up a bigger target. Really? He heads up to the HOH, but she’s not ready for him. He says he’s going to sit outside and wait, and she whispers “please don’t” as the door shuts. Cody then enters the room, and they want to know why he even wants to talk. Cody says he’s going to send him away, and tells him “she doesn’t have time for you”. Good for them. He does know this means he’s going on the block. You think?

Matt and Raven now visit. Raven doesn’t trust them, but is going to say whatever they want to hear. Jessica says she’s done everything she can to repair relationships since Cody left, and she wants to use these nominations to prove that fact. Jess explains in the diary room that she’s going to do some buttkissing this week, and weak Matt and Raven claim they support her. Mark also grovels to them, along with Elena, and Cody claims he has no grudges for him. Cody tells us, though, that he will never trust him again. Jess also knows that everybody is their friend only because she’s HOH and everybody’s eyes roll when Mark says ‘it’s just like week one”.

After they leave, Cody asks about the two. She says that Mark is acting “bizarre”, and she doesn’t trust anything he says. Cody agrees, saying that Mark will ALWAYS just pick the safest route. That’s exactly what I said on last night’s Big Brother Gossip Show.

Paul then talks to Cody, and claims he only went after Cody because he went after him the first week. Cody says he has nothing to gain by going after Paul this time around. “You keep your word”, Cody lies to Paul. He even claims that they could cause a lot of damage by working together, but Cody says it’s “all show”. Paul also yells in the diary room how he’d never work with Cody.

Before nominations, we have some old footage of Kevin’s weird seran wrap gimmick. Every night before bed, he wraps it around his belly. “A clean wrap at night will keep you tight.” It’s strange. It also doesn’t work.

Ok, let’s get to the nominations. Jess says she doesn’t know what to do, so her and Cody talk about it while she puts on makeup. Cody suggests Josh and Ramses, who is no threat to anybody’s game. She would love to “cut off the head but the safe move it to cut off the ass”. Ha, that’s a good line. She knows they don’t have the numbers to take out somebody like Paul, even though Cody says he didn’t believe a word he told him. He does say he likes to see her make badass moves, and jokes that if it blows up in her face he can say “see how it is?”

No surprise, but the nominees are indeed Josh and Ramses. She tells Ramses to “please don’t take it personal. You’re not my target this week. You’re just a pawn.” She tells Josh she thinks he’s “played a very dirty and disgusting game in this house. In my opinion, you don’t even deserve to be here, and I can’t imagine anyone better to take you out than me.”

And that’s it. There’s a bunch more screaming in the diary room by Josh, and others do some babbling. Nothing is really revealed here. So what do you guys think of tonight’s episode?

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  1. I wonder how Renny Martin is doing? She was a character!