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Monday, July 24, 2017

At the end of the day...

Hey hey everyone! It feels like forever since the last time I wrote one of these! Life has been keeping me rather busy lately doing my duties as a PANK. :) But I did finally have time to catch up on all things BB19 related yesterday afternoon. I managed to finally watch the Battle Back episode (Oh Cameron, we still hardly know ye!), listen to the Big Brother Gossip Show podcast (have you done so yet? Check it out if you haven't, it's always an informative good time!) and thoroughly enjoy the new opening. Great job on that, as always Scott! :) I also managed to catch the Sunday night episode on Sunday night! haha

I didn't think there would be much to recap for tonight, and there isn't really. Just a few little tidbits here and there...

POV ceremony was held today, and despite Jessica voicing some misgivings about the vote last night on the feeds and running scenarios of using the veto (of which Cody and Elena both talked her out of), at the end of the day Jessica chose NOT to use the veto and so nominations remain the same. Josh and Ramses are nominated, with Jessica, Cody, Mark and Elena believing it will be a unanimous vote to evict Josh. However, the rest of the house (Xmas, that vet, Kevin, Alex, Jason, Matt and Raven) actually intends on voting out Ramses. If house dynamics stay as is, there will be someone at the end of a super fun blindside! ;)  I personally don't really care who goes. There is some all around terrible game play happening from so many of these house guests that it's very disappointing whilst at the same time fun watching these guys fumble about.

There was a loooooong hot tub conversation tonight in which Raven regaled the house guests with her woeful medical tales. Regaled, retold, rehashed, whatever. It was a long story time in which one by one the house guests exited stage left, including boyfriend Matt, until only Cody was left listening. I listened for a while, but just couldn't take anymore and finally switched feeds, only to notice that I actually lasted longer than Matt did, which made me giggle. Internally. ;)

Afterwards, Kevin and Jason played a game of pool in which Kevin subtly questioned Raven's medical condition. He noted that she is in great shape, works out better than anyone there...but "he's not sayin' nuthin'. He just hopes she's ok, she's a good girl." Personally I think this is what Kevin does best...he sneaks in his real thoughts or information he wants to pass along, but in throwaway comments so that they don't really fully register with the other HG's. I think he hopes to plant seeds that he can later harvest to his advantage. Problem is, some of these house guests are so thick headed, subtlety is completely lost on them.

The only other really interesting thing that occurred tonight is that apparently Jessica told Kevin about her power. I didn't actually watch this portion, as I had stepped away from the feeds for a bit, but when I returned twitter was buzzing. She slightly mislead/misinformed him regarding the full extent/details of the power, but she did talk about it. Kevin told her she shouldn't have said anything, lol. This was shortly before the hot tub group conversation in terms of time line for the evening. A better updater would have time stamps for you, but I'm not a better updater and so you're stuck with what you've got. ;)

Shortly after the hot tub conversation though, Kevin and Jason were in the lounge room and Kevin totally hinted to Jason about Jessica's conversation with him. He didn't come right out and say she told him, but passed it off as him being concerned because they (Jessica/Cody) were playing it 'too cool' and what if they have some kind of crazy power. But, "that's just his opinion. He doesn't know nuthin." Jason essentially said he didn't really care at this point about any power, he is just sticking to the plan at this point.

So I think that's that for tonight. What do you think? Should Jessica have used her POV to try and ensure Josh goes home? Do you think telling Kevin about her power will impact Thursday's vote? Are you tired of Raven's stories? Do you think we'll get a true blindside, or will someone give it away? Who are you hoping gets evicted this week?  Let me know in the comments, or find me on twitter @Shienara33 and tweet at me! :)


  1. Why can't anyone ever keep a secret?

    1. Right?? Drives me CRAZY! I have secrets from various times in my life, including high school, that I *still* haven't told anyone about! lol

  2. When Raven was talking about her various "terminal" diseases, she said something to the effect that her disease is fake and for the show. I am going to assume she was joking, but it made Twitter go crazy. If anyone cares, time stamp is 7/24 9:06pm ish.

    1. Interesting. I missed that part...but in all honesty, I did tune her out quite a bit. I can only handle so much, lol.

    2. I tune her out as well. I saw this on Twitter, so I paid extra attention.

  3. My wife says that Jessica is a slut for giving it up so quick and easy. Unprotected too. Today she begged for after screwing protection pills.