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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Big Brother Season 19, Episode 7 Recap

It’s a pretty straightforward episode tonight. Nothing shocking. Paul has his plan, and it plays out perfectly for him. There’s a POV comp and the corresponding meeting. And some sad “toads”.

Toads? Yes, it’s costume time in the Big Brother house. It’s silly as always, and will give the editing team plenty of opportunity to insert some of less-than-subtle sound effects.

We’ll get to that in a few minutes, but let’s begin with the aftermath of Paul’s nominations of Josh and Alex, along with Ramses using his curse to be the third nominee. Paul once again explains the concept of the backdoor, and then hugs Josh. Ramses says while there’s no good time to be on the block, the anger towards Cody makes this a great chance. Alex is not real thrilled to be a pawn, so she wants to win the POV.

Paul brags about how “the look of defeat is so sweet”, and the cameras move to the dejected faces of Cody and Jessica. Cody says the nominations are all “theatrics”, as he knows that he’s the target. “Cowards!”. “Want to make out”, asks Jessica, and they indeed kiss. She also mentions that Josh “got a little taste of his own medicine”, but Cody corrects her by saying he’s in on the plot.

In the lounge, Paul reminds Ramses that his role this week is to throw the POV to ensure that Cody goes up, as Ramses winning the POV is the only real wench in their plan. Remember, if he wins there is no replacement nominee. “Remember, you’re not going home as long as Cody is up there.” Ramses, however, tells us in the diary room that he is indeed going to try to win.

In the HOH, Paul continues to gloat about his victory. He also says that Ramses is a backup plan if all fails. At that point, the “Den of Temptation” light comes on, so we get to see what this week’s punishment is for Jason, Jessica, and Cody. For some reason, Josh is “panicking”. They have to go up to the den...and they return as “Ve-Toads”. Yes, they’re in toad costumes, and Jessica knows that Christmas definitely won the Temptation. “She’s nothing more than a bully.”

As expected, the sound effects are turned on blast, and everybody laughs as the three hop their way back downstairs. Cody is not amused, although he says “it doesn’t bother me that much”.

Back to the game. Ramses visits the HOH room as Paul is babbling about magic. Oh god, I forgot about his daylong rambling on Saturday. Ramses sits for a minute or so of it, and then gets up to leave saying, “magic is crazy shit. I don’t understand it.” Paul asks him if he’s good for the veto, and he says everything is fine. Paul calls him an idiot for just walking in and out of the room. Wait, what? He sends Kevin down to find out what’s up with him. Kevin agrees, although he makes a joke about having more rings than 2 Chainz.

He finds Ramses in the bathroom. “Listen, man, the powers-that-be want to make sure everything’s gonna be alright.” Ramses says it will be. He attempts to carry on, but Kevin is distracted by his own face in the mirror. Finally, he gets to say he trusts the house. But honestly, he’s freaked out.

After the commercials, the sad piano music come on as we see Jessica and Cody talking about their relationship while eating slop. She’s not ready to see him leave. Yeah, who cares?

The bouncy music comes on, which means it’s time to pick players for the POV. Only two will be picked by random draw, as there are already four people playing. Paul first pulls Elena, and then Matt. Yep, Cody is fucked, and this POV has absolutely no drama. Cody says this “breaks his heart”. Wow, a comment that isn’t just a typical “don’t give a fuck” attitude.

As they prepare for the POV, Paul is still on Ramses’ ass. “You can trust me to not fuck this up”, he says. Paul continues to talk and talk, and Ramses finally tells him to “just give it up”. As Paul carries on, Josh is also brought into the room. Ramses does make the mistake of saying he told his mom he’d never throw a comp, and Paul gets even more animated. “Please, let this happen, and then I owe you”.

This week’s POV is a “trip around the world”. In each “terminal”, they’re asked a question. If they get it right, they’re “on time” and can go through the passage to the next destination. If incorrect, the flight is “delayed” and they have to go through another door to complete a challenge. The fastest overall time through five destinations wins.

Paul goes first, and we get endless retells of the rules and way too many scripted comments. This would actually be fun to watch if it wasn’t for the endless commentary. At least the other competitors are quickly merged together. Elena is terrible, Matt isn’t even trying, Alex is frustrated, and Josh is easily confused.

The only contestant besides Paul that matters is Ramses, and we see him compete last. At this point, however, I’m bored, especially as the editing seems to be designed to entertain pre-teens. Ramses makes pretty good time, though, but is it good enough?

Time for the results - Josh’s time was 7:48. He’s happy with himself. Ramses was 7:44. He does now tell us that his goal was indeed to throw the competition, but he apparently didn’t do that as well as he wanted. Now Jessica and Cody have some hope, and Paul is pissed. “What did you not understand, Ramses?” Elena’s time was 22:35. What a dope. Matt’s time turned out to be 11:32. Alex finished at 16:38.

That leaves us with Paul. Was his time better than Ramses? Jessica says she’s “literally holding my breath”, but Paul’s time....ooops, commercial time!!!

Oh, we’re back. Where were we? Oh yeah, did Paul beat Ramses? Paul’s still screaming in the diary room as we wait to find out. Here we go. Paul’s time was 4:37! He has won the POV!!! Ramses knows he’s in trouble though as he almost won a POV he was supposed to throw.

The lovebirds hop into the bedroom so they can whine and console each other. They know it’s over. In fact, we can hear Paul screaming from the other bedroom. They again kiss, and he says her lips taste good Oh god, I can’t with them.

Upstairs, everybody else is bitching that Ramses is a “little snake”. He attempts to join the chat, but nobody wants to talk to him. He tells them he knows it looks sketchy, but says he wasn’t trying to win it. Paul paces around the room, and claims he doesn’t care. He adds in the diary room that Cody is easy to read, while Ramses is sneaky-sneak. Of course, this is supposed to make us think that Ramses is quite possibly now in trouble. (He’s not.)

We end it all with the POV meeting, and the promise that it got heated. Everybody is called in, and Paul gives everybody a chance to say why they should be saved. Alex says she wants to be saved because she wants to be in the house and she wants to compete against Paul. “If you don’t use it on me, you can bite me.” Ramses tells him to use the POV the best way he sees fit. Josh says he loves everybody, but turns to Cody and starts bitching about how he has “blown up this house and lied on everybody. You turned on Christmas and tried to get her out the door, and rallied against her”. He was terrified of his own squad, and is still lying about him. Honestly, I couldn’t keep up with most of what he said, but it ended with “I hope you hop your ass on out of here”.

Josh sits down, and Cody responds with “you need to change your diaper first”. Oh boy. “Victim.” Josh responds that he’s a “meatball” and a “loser”, and starts in again about the lies and hopping out of the house. “And you have this girl doing your dirty work.” As he continues on, she tells him not to “give me life advice, please”. Mark and Christmas tell Josh to stop, and Paul finally takes Josh down. Cody is the new nominee.

As the music kick in, Josh asks “who wants meatballs for lunch? I bet you want them, huh?” Ha! There’s a few more little comments, but basically Cody knows that Paul’s little minions are going to ensure he’s gone. So that’s it! Did you enjoy tonight’s show? I’d say these last few minutes made up for the previous 45!

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