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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

At the end of the day...

Oh. My. Gosh. Well, I had a lovely little update for you all tonight since I've missed the last few nights due to a wedding on the weekend and some research into an all-inclusive resort for my birthday later this year. However, because I have fat fingers (even thought I fixed my damn laptop and am now typing on it instead of my iPhone) I accidentally hit a random key instead of shift and everything went POOF! It was like some kind of dark magic and it made me both screech a little bit as well as possibly curse out loud.

As a result, I will now always periodically select all/copy my work until I'm ready to publish. But also as a consequence, tonight's update will be quite a bit shorter, nowhere near as witty and not as detailed. Yes, when I get frustrated I get slightly petulant. ;)

In case you haven't had a chance to glance over at John's Ticker update, a quick recap of house standings after Scott's recap of Sunday's episode:

Paul won the POV, in some kind of timed competition. Apparently Ramses came close (to within 4min I believe I heard on twitter) and that caused some strife with the other house guests because him winning it was the only thing that could've really messed up Paul's plan to back door Cody.

As a result, the POV ceremony resulted in Paul removing Josh from the block and putting Cody up in his stead. The house is pretty much united in their agreement to vote out Cody. He saw it coming, he knows it's happening and he's not doing anything to change it. I don't think it's within his personality type to be honest; this is more of a deliberate and conscious choice on his part as opposed to Jillian, who I don't think even realized she was nominated. I also think he's pretty convinced there will be a Battle Back type of deal and of course, he'll totally dominate that. ;)

Jessica of course hates this, hates everyone, hates Big Brother. Watching them when they're in their costumes is slightly humorous; Cody's deadpan, expressionless face in that frog head is quite the juxtaposition.

Yesterday Jessica and Christmas had a conversation to clear the air between them. It involved a lot of Jessica claiming she 'misinterpreted' some things Christmas said as well as Christmas doing a lot of pseudo-lecturing. Christmas loves the sound of her own voice; I swear that's the real reason she and Paul get along so well.

Paul. Oh Paul. I can't wait until both his HOH *and* his ridiculous 3 weeks of safety are over with. Underdog Paul from BB18 was infinitely more rootable and easier on the palate than experienced, all knowing, entitled BB19 Paul.

Ramses is in a tough position right now, and even though I do feel just a tiny bit sorry for him (I do enjoy rooting for an underdog) I also think it's quite funny how Kevin's ridiculous plan of taking off his clothes during that first Temptation actually worked! Alex and Jason both are convinced that Ramses won that $25K as well as voted against Jillian despite his protestations otherwise...Because Kevin was 'too busy taking off his clothes to press the button' and because 'Cody saw Kevin's face, there's no way he changed his vote.' If Kevin can pull off some actual underhanded manipulation and/or a couple comp wins, I think he could be one to watch. I'm not fully convinced he has the makings of a player, but if he's not legitimately playing the fool, the possibility is there. He's kind of floating right in the middle, has both sides convinced he's with them, (though Alex did verbalize some level of mistrust) and does say the darndest things.

For those of you who watched BBCAN5, Kevin reminds me a lot of Karen in that way...random but interesting conversations and the oddest but unique/funny expressions to say. He's definitely encouraging Alex and Jason to put up members of the majority alliance. He suggested that if they win HOH to throw up Elena and Raven, and if one wins POV to then toss up Matt. He sagely reminded them that 'they' will be going after them (Alex/Jason) eventually anyways. I would like it noted, here and now, that if this were to happen...I WOULD BE SO HAPPY!!

But, back to Ramses. Yeah, kid isn't in a good place. No one trusts him (not even Paul, who knows that Kevin won the $25K and voted to evict Jillian). His own previous allies don't trust him, and he's moved up on the target list of the majority alliance to be right up there with Jessica.

There was a lockdown tonight, so the house was honestly a bit boring. A bit of game talk, some working out with the guys, but not much else. A few people mentioned again wanting to help Raven get to the end so she could win. *Insert eye roll* Christmas leaves for her surgery tomorrow, but will be back for the eviction episode apparently. Alex tried to coach Jason so that he wouldn't be as big a target for the other side; it essentially involved not talking to Cody, being seen with Cody and certainly not voting to keep Cody!

I think that's it for tonight. I predict tomorrow night will be fairly boring as well, so you probably won't hear from me. Depending on what kind of HOH competition it is, I might wait until Friday after noms to do another evening update. Oh wait...I'm going camping right after work for the bestie's 40th birthday. Maybe you will hear from me Thursday night after all. I guess we'll see! ;)

If you're so inclined, you can follow me on Twitter @Shienara33 where I tweet my mundane BB19 thoughts and opinions as well as other random topics at my own leisure. Let me know if you've ever been to Cuba or Mexico! lol If you haven't already, make sure to listen to the Big Brother Gossip Show podcast-Mike, Scott and Colette are a ton of fun! See you all Thursday! (Maybe) ;)

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