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Thursday, July 6, 2017

At The End Of The Day...

Well hello there BB19 folks! I hope this finds you all well, happy and enthralled with the feeds! Some of you may remember me from the periodic blogs I did for this site back during BB17. (Ahhh, fond memories of Audrey and how blanketing became a verb.) Those of you who don't know or might not remember, my name is Tara, also known as @Shienara33 on Twitter.

I have decided to return to the BB blogging world for this season, after being hooked back into the feeds despite my best intentions. Things you should know: I'm Canadian, so sometimes I'm nice. I am also a BB fan, so sometimes I'm snarky. I usually have people I like and of course, people I don't. Sometimes you'll agree, sometimes you won't and that is ok! Other things: I'm on MST so most of my blogs will be posted when the house is still awake and going strong. Sometimes my info will be out of date by the morning! I will also likely not blog every day. I have a full time job that requires sleep, as well as a fairly active social life. I will aim for 2-3 blogs per week, but remember, I'm also a bit lazy! haha I'm thinking I'll try for Sun or Mon evening catch ups, and then possibly Wed night pre-eviction scrambling and possibly a Thurs or Friday post-evic/HOH update. But, aiming is not promises, so don't hate me if I don't always follow through on that plan. 

Thursday update: 

*Paul won HOH. Many HG's gave their tickets to him so he could repeatedly roll the ball. So he won. He yelled out 'FRIENDSHIP!' of course, and Cody said to Jessica 'Fuck off Paul.' Which I found funny. 

*Josh cried. Alex, Cody and Jessica all reamed on him pretty hardcore about his vote/lying to them about his vote. Dominique consoled him with some pretty straightforward advice. I like her. 

*Jessica continued to meltdown a bit. She had a moment in the HN room where she took off her mic, whined to Cody that she 'was done' and that she 'didn't sign up for this.' and refused to put her mic back on even after production requested. Cody talked her off the ledge a bit and got her to put her mic back on. 

*Just as that was happening Paul got his HOH room and Cody went up but Jessica ran away to the DR until they let her in. She did eventually go up to the HOH though. 

Which is where I'll leave off since I need sleep. Plus, my laptop was being a bitch so I am legitmately writing this from my iPhone, where my big fat thumbs can't keep up with my brain, so forgive any typos, as well as lack of screen caps; I've no idea how to do that from my phone. I did want to get a quick post up before the night was over. Hopefully my laptop will behave better tomorrow. Have a great Friday everyone!