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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Big Brother Gossip #409: Conspiracy Corner

Last week, the three of us talked about the Big Brother conspiracies we beleived happened surrounding Frankie's BOB win, and his big reveal. This week, we concentrated on the varous conspiracies some of the house guests now believe surrounding this week's BOB.

Besides that, we also talked about Frankie's new diva status, his dramatic bath on Thursday night, his HOH win on Thursday, and his POV win that occurred during tonight's live broadcast. Ooof, sounds like tonight is a show all about Frankie. (It's really not.)

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Thanks to everybody who listened live on Mixlr, and also thanks to Ash for not only her help with the audio clips but for providing some of the "zings" from the Zingbot. Of course, great thanks also go to Mike and Colette for a great show!


  1. Loved the podcast, as usual. I just wanted to comment on the Cowboys Training Camp bit. The training camp is held in Oxnard, CA which is where I live. In fact, I actually live walking distance from the camp. It is incredibly stupid, and I can't believe football fans actually come from around the area to pay for overpriced merchandise, and to watch pro football players practice. I was incredibly surprised when I learned that Frankie, Christine, and Caleb won a "luxury" competition at Cowboy Camp. I'm not sure which was more fun to watch, Flamboyant Frankie prance around with his ice cream colored hair in a football jersey, or Caleb drooling over the Cowboys, probably wondering if he can become an honorary Beast Mode Dallas Cowboy.

  2. OMG Are you ever right on about Frankie's bath time. He takes one every night when he can get hold of the HOH br, no soap, no shampoo, flashing his tiny butt and his other tinies cupped in his hand, well, part of his hand? I did not know whose photo he was looking at--his sister is totally perverse! A little like John Lithgow's bath scene in Dexter?

    So obvious he was trying to cry--but finally he rubbed the bath water on his face, to cover for the lack of tears. He is crazy in love with his little sister! Whatever Happened To Brother Frankie (Big Brother's remake of Whatever Happened To Baby Jane)? He'll be living in this big old Hollywood Mansion, all by himself, Ariana off on another marriage, no time for her perverted Big Brother....who spends all his time locked in the bathroom with photos of his sister...

    Separate subject: Option A for T.A. was the one chatters on the feeds chose because it did not hurt anyone. It was silly and we are sick of staged comps that don't hurt Frankie's game but would tank Donnie's or worse, someone like Zach, who does not get to share in the cash prizes. So, since this could not hurt any innocent party, we chose it. I have not been voting, but then they say an awful option was chosen, so this time I voted, as did others on the chats. Lesser of 2 evils.

    Thanks for a great show! Love you all!

  3. Your podcast last night was one of your better ones. I have been listening to this show for some time. I wish I could figure out how long it has been. I have also followed LALA before she was a contributor to BBGossip. Your podcast was excellent because it moved right along, good points were made, unique informative clips were used. The commentary, including "Conspiracy Corner" were well thought out and very well discussed. I learn so much about Big Brother from listening to BBGossip. I enjoy it because it remains the only BB podcast to actually CRITICALLY discuss the show. The only thing that may improve it is if you occasionally brought in other people to discuss, even if they are only on for one show. That would be welcome. Let me be clear: The current crew is EXCELLENT. Scott and Mike do professional work and what can I say about LALA? She is a very creative, imaginative writer. I think a lot of LALA fans are like me and would like to know if we will be able to enjoy her talents in various other media. In any event, love the work......Dave