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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Night Owl - Tuesday Night

Not a whole lot happened in the house tonight, but as Zach did do a little campaigning (and I haven't written in a few days), I thought I would at least update.

Early this morning Zach and Donny had a conversation where Donny conveyed an idea to Zach.  He told him that it might help him to just bring to Frankie the idea that Frankie is a huge target and that keeping Zach in the house could potentially help protect Frankie where as Derrick and Cody are paired together and less likely to protect him.

Zach waited until late night to bring it up to Frankie when he got him alone at the pool table, and he put his own pitch into it as well.  Zach told Frankie that Cody has no enemies in the house and that is dangerous for Frankie where as if Zach is in the house he will be nominated every week until they get him out, and that is better for Frankie's game.

It was actually a great pitch with some good points, but Frankie has never been able to see anything as being about anybody but himself and so dramatics ensued. I've never been more sure that Frankie is a sociopath than I am now. I was convinced of it after his fight with Zach the other day, but I'm even more convinced now.

Frankie kept telling Zach how HURTFUL he is to him in the house and how he has thrown him under the bus over and over from the beginning of the game (which is actually what Frankie has done to HIM the whole game). He told him how he is a prolific liar and no one will trust him ever again and that by campaigning all he is doing is hurting people.  THEN he told Zach that by doing what he has been doing in the game he is...wait for it...TAKING FOOD OUT OF STARVING AFRICAN CHILDREN'S MOUTHS!"  I can't make this up..  I thought it was schools that Frankie was going to build in Africa?  He also told Zach that his leaving would be "the death to the last traitor." Anyway, this conversation turned into another shaming much like the one the other day that made me want to not watch the feeds again until Frankie is evicted, and then when it was over, Frankie dramatized it to Caleb, Derrick, and Cody.

Frankie told Caleb, Derrick, and Cody that he had basically told Zach to "go fuck himself" and that by campaigning all Zach is doing is hurting them all and himself.  Did I mention that when he was talking to Zach he compared his campaigning to "warmongering"?

So anyway, that's what happened.  Zach is still going home. It's still hopeless for him unless he wins the returning juror comp (whatever that may be). I'll probably write my "extremely sad to see Zach go, but happy for him to be away from people like Frankie" blog tomorrow night (kidding kind of).  Until then..


  1. Don't for get that Frankie likened Zach to a cancer, and later said to the others that Zach has been lying, cheating, and stealing (3 things Frankie has done, Zach has only lied, unless you count the cue ball).

  2. Didn't Frankie tell Derrick before one of the earlier TA (FY) missions that he needed money? I think the only charity he's playing for is himself. I agree with your assessment that he is a sociopath. Great job, CBS, you always manage to find the most horrible people for this show- Frankie's no better than the guy who won season 9, said he was giving money to charity, and ended up getting arrested. He spent the money on drugs to sell.

  3. Maybe Frankie means he will be building culinary schools in Africa to feed the kids. He really is delusional. He is the dirtiest player in the house and thinks he is the most noble. I still think he is a the male version of Rachel.

  4. Frankie is vile. He's BB's own Gollum. Everytime I turn on BBAD he is eating and/or talking about sex. He's gross and once Zach goes I won't watch AD, at least until Frankie is gone. Last night he said he wanted to be on Rich Kids of B.H. but that he couldn't get on because he wasn't a teenager. Normally that kind of talk would make him a target, but not this year.

  5. What a dumb thing for him to say (as usual), because the entire cast of Rich Kids are in their mid-20's. I bet a couple of the boyfriends are even in their 30's.

  6. I hope Frankie becomes as disliked as Johnny Fairplay for using his dead grandfather and starving/illiterate African children to influence the game.

  7. frannie is despicable... dissspicable. I hope no one believes that he is representative of the gay community. I hope CBS stops using his stereotypical version of gayness in their programming. We are not evil people. That having been said, I may need to reevaluate my addiction to BB and join BB Anonymous. 12 steps might be an option. I was watching the feeds the other night, when Zach was searching for his hat in the HN room and Victoria walked in. And he stopped looking and sat on top of one of iceboxes and just sat there alone for about 10 minutes. During that time I could see the pain that he was going through. It brought a tear to my eye. I realized what a truly caring person he is. He wouldn't hurt a fly (or a spider). If, he is in the process of "coming out" and is passed the denial and anger stage, I see him as really vulnerable, and frannie is the worst influence that he could be exposed to. I hate to play the nazi card, but these people are really good at dehumanization.

    I hope that he will be strong enough to win the buy-back and rejoin with Donny. But, maybe he'll be better off "wasting his time" in the jury house.

  8. sigh..... I will be sorry to see Zach leave the house.

    as for Frankie, I am over him too. does he believe he is a fan favorite? rude awaking I hope.

    thanks for the updates Ash.. real life got in my way too but as always I am a faithful reader.