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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday - catching you up.

Very briefly - here is what has happened since the last update...

Zach is still out of the house.

The POV was NOT used on Monday so Donny or Nicole is leaving Thursday.

Monday night Frankie and Derrick started putting out feelers about possibly keeping Donny (he's been the target to go home).

Frankie implied at 9:06pm last night to Derrick that the DR was interested in them trying to save Donny.

By the end of the night it appeared they were giving up on the idea, that some HGs (like Cody) were too gung-ho to get Donny out.

Other than that? Not much has been going on.  It is still possible that they change things up and keep Donny, its also possible that production hinted at the thought of keeping Donny as a way to get the HGs to discuss it so they had some video to show on Thursday's show before the vote.

I expect the next two days to be very very quiet - then again I was surprised last night when I saw that there was work afoot to save Donny so you never know.


  1. cody is a fool he will get snake bite from this numbers game

  2. It was just production's way of ginning up some commentary they can play to try to trick the audience into believing Donny has a chance to stay before they show him the door. I hate the way they do that! It is completely transparent and a waste of good air time.

  3. Um, most of the filler is a complete waste of good air time. And that will include Frankie's "off Broadway" knifing, uh, "show" about the evicted houseguests (is that TA epic fail still green-lighted?).

    And I am torn between voting FAIL so Frankie and Derrick don't get the 5K and voting yes so Donny gets 5K.

  4. Thank goodness for your site. It's the only thing keeping me going this season. It is nice to see I'm not the only one fed up with an entire house of floaters and followers.

    I had been reading all week about the "Play" the house guests were going to put on. As much as I detest him, I was interested in what Frankie would come up with given his extensive showbiz background and his self-described "mogul" status. It was without a doubt, one of the lowest moments of the season. Thankfully, this Frankie-directed debacle will ensure that the Team America task will fail, and maybe, just maybe, Frankie and Derrick will begin to get a clue that they are universally despised outside of the Big Brother house. Please, please , please, vote early and often.

    The only joy going forward this season will be watching this final group begin to implode and turn on one another.

    Finally, I miss Zach.......

  5. Everyone go vote "No" for Team America right now before it closes. Frankie's fans are all in school right now (I know, I dropped my 14 year old daughter off at 7:30 today), so we grown-up people who actually are fans of the show can take over! And laugh at our children tonight when Chenbot says they didn't win.