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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Big Brother Season 16, Episode 23 Recap

The boycott is over, and I’m back!

Tonight should be a pretty predictable episode, as there has been no doubt who is going home since the veto ceremony on Monday. Everything else will be the standard eviction night fare, with the only unusual item to be shown tonight should be the Dallas Cowboys practice session that was attended by Frankie, Caleb, and Christine.

So let’s get this over with, picking up with Christine replacing Zach with Nicole as a nominee. We start off with Cody and Christine heading up to the HOH, and he picks her up in a giant hug. Christine says that with this nomination she has “clearly chosen sides, and at this point I just have to keep my fingers crosses that The Detonators keep me safe and they’re still working with me.” Frankie and Caleb join them in the HOH, and Frankie also hugs her. The boys then wrestle in a frankly homoerotic fashion.

Christine is now outside, and Nicole asks if they can talk. “I’m not pissed. I’m hurt”, says Nicole. She adds that she is upset that Christine didn’t bother to come to her so she could defend herself against what the boys told her. “I deserve to know why I was sitting there.” Christine responds that a “lot of people” told her that the same thing would have happened to her if Caleb and Frankie had not lost BOB. Nicole says that she would have never backdoored her, and that she just agreed to anything the boys said. Nicole doesn’t believe her. “It was her own decision.” Nicole then breaks down in tears, saying she has “literally done nothing” to deserve this.

We move on to some footage that’s a bit out of place. Zach and Donny are in the Have-Not room, and Donny talks about how he’s been alone throughout the entire game. He tears up a bit, and Zach says in the diary room that he feels that Donny’s a great person. “I honestly kind of feel bad for the guy.” Donny says he’s still going to fight, but wonders what it is about him that scares people. “I have no idea”, replies Zach. “I think it’s the beard. Fear the beard.” It’s actually a touching scene, but came from last Saturday when Zach was still a nominee.

Victoria (who?) and Nicole are now laying in bed, and Nicole is blowing her nose in between tears. “I don’t even know why I’m crying. I just feel so terrible.” The two talk about how Christine and Nicole act like they’re married, and Victoria adds that the boys are just picking them off one by one. Nicole desides she needs to try to get the votes to stay.

Ok, a funny bit of footage here. Derrick and Cody are sleeping, and all of a sudden Cody punches himself in the face. He needs to do that more often. He wakes up, looks around, and rolls over.

Nicole has now grabbed Christine once again, and says that she has to make an attempt to stay. They gossip about Donny a bit, and Nicole adds that if she stays she will still be their biggest target. “Honestly, it’s getting through”, says Christine. “Donny, I don’t trust a bone in his body.” She really makes no sense these days. Finally, she says “I wouldn’t be upset if you stayed.”

Now Nicole moves on to Cody with her sob story. She says that she would never go after him or Derrick, but Donny would. Somehow, Cody believes that Donny is “scheming behind the scenes, plus there are rumors that I’m one of his targets.” Seriously, Cody is stupid.

Christine now reports to Derrick and Cody what Nicole said. “We’re (Donny’s) number one targets.” Derrick replies that Nicole is one of the smartest people in the house, but Cody wants to go after Donny. Derrick claims that he has to hear him out. “At this point, I don’t know what I’m going to do.” Yeah, right. That’s a nice reading of the script, copper!

After the first ad break, we get the promo for the upcoming Thursday Night Football. Yep, it’s time for the unlikely trio to visit the Cowboys training camp. It’s a waste of time. They all act hoot and holler like it’s exciting, and Caleb can’t wait to meet Jerry Jones. They get a tour of the facility, and there’s a bit of Frankie showing off. They then meet Mr. Jones, who provides them with some gear. Caleb is excited because Jones told him he looks like a player.

Various Cowboys then meet them and sign autographs, including Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, and Jason Whitten. The players all put on their game face and act like they know who these loons are, but obviously they don’t. They then view a bit of practice before heading back home. Well, home as in the Big Brother house, and they all read a promo for the upcoming season. A waste of time.

Julie then goes to the living room, and asks Caleb about the trip. He says his favorite person to meet was Jerry Jones. She moves on to ask about the drama in the house, and asks Victoria what was the most exciting part of the drama. Victoria doesn’t get the Ariana bait, though. Instead, she talks about how she cries. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Zach is then asked where things stand between him and Frankie, and he responds that he still hates everybody in the house. “But I hate Frankie the least! We made up, everything’s great, and he’s still my best friend.” Frankie is asked about playing solo in the BOB, and we move on without any mention of Ariana!

More commercials before final plea time. Nicole goes first, and flashes the audience with her short skirt. She thanks all of her friends and family, and then talks about how the game is her dream. Donny then thanks God, and also gives shout outs to his family. He says they’ve all been like little brothers and sisters to him.

Voting then starts with Caleb, who votes to evict Nicole, as does Zach, Cody, Victoria, Frankie, and Derrick. Yes, Nicole is out with a unanimous expected.

Ms. Chen announces the news...oh wait, there’s commercials first. After we return, she finally tells the house, and Nicole again flashes America. Blue panties? It’s a peaceful exit, as she smiles and hugs everybody.

The interview begins with the obvious question about being the first person to go from HOH to eviction. Nicole says “they gave me a lot more credit than what I really did in there...they maybe saw me as a huge threat”. She is then asked if she likes anybody in the house, and she says she loves Donny. The Christine friendship is then brought up, and Nicole says it was probably a smart move to put her up. “I’m  frustrated with her right now. I thought she was my friend. I don’t think very highly of her as a person, but as a game player (it was) a smart move”

Then we get the Ariana question. Ugh. Nicole apologizes to all of Ariana’s fans for trying to get him out. She then says she is looking forward to seeing Hayden, but doesn’t know if they have a future. Asked if it was everything she hoped it would be, Nicole says it was “awesome”.

Time for the goodbye messages. Christine says she was “one of the coolest girls I ever met”, and apologizes for what happened. Frankie says that he “admires your passion and knowledge of the game”, and going against her was “one of the most difficult things about being in this house”. Derrick gives her similar accolades, and Donny says she was the “last, closest friend in the house”, and hopes to remain friends with her. Julie then asks if she would do anything different if she could come back, and Nicole says that she wouldn’t trust so many people. Nicole then gets the news that she may get to go back in.

Now it’s the real moment of truth; the segment of the show that will determine just how interested I will be for the next seven days. Tonight’s HOH comp involves some “scary” images from last night, so we get some footage that begins with Zach teasing Nicole. A zombie then appears in the mirror, and Nicole screams. The rest of the house wanders downstairs to see what happened, and then Frankie and Victoria are scared in the bathroom. “Beastmode was even a little scared”, says Caleb. They all head into the Fire Room, and the lights go of for more “zombies”

A bunch are now in the living room, and the TV suddenly comes on from the “Big Brother System”. It’s a Zombie Apocalypse at the Big Brother house! A bunch of clues are then read off for them to remember for tonight’s comp. “Stay inside and start showmances immediately”, it says at one point.

Obviously, it’s a question comp, and it’s an “A/B” type called “Dead of Household”. Caleb is out on the first question, but they all get the second question correct. Donny and Victoria are then eliminated, which takes my hopes out of this week. Even worse, Zach is the next out! The three remaining players are again correct on the next three questions, but Cody then gets the following one wrong. Derrick and Frankie are the new HOH’s. Ugh, this suck donkey dick.

I’m skipping the final segment, as that godawful redheaded Reilly monster is given some airtime for reasons I’ll never understand. I’d rather even see Jeff again instead of her.

So that’s it! What did you think of tonight’s broadcast? Are you happy that Nicole’s whiny voice is gone? Are you happy that Frankie and Derrick are HOH? Tell us what you think!



  1. Rachel being on there is going to bring back the nightmares. Her voice is so fucking horrible.

  2. Well can we guess who is going to be put up again....Donny, Zach, hopefully Christine and Caleb...I so wanted that pink haired bouncing ball out...he is so annoying....if I was in the house I would have been kicked out because I would have decked him by now. Derrick is running the show and the boys are so full of themselves they don't even recognize that they are being played...Derrick at one time was a undercover cop...his life depended on role playing and watching the enemy so to speak

  3. "Eating another house guest's brain grounds for expulsion". Well, no danger there. They'll starve first.

  4. Want Frankie's nominees to lose so he can be put up in the event the veto is used to take a nominee off the block. 'nuff said.

  5. I wanted Donny to win HOH. He lost on a question that I guessed right. But it was easy for us because we just heard the answered a few minutes ago. Surprised you didn't say how annoying Frankie was during the HOH comp. He was putting up his fingers showing that he knew a couple of the answers. I wanted to punch him then. He was playing to the camera.

    Julie really teed up the question for Victoria to say something about the pop singer. That was so obvious. Glad Victoria didn't take the bait. No doubt Victoria will be put up this week. I gather that Team America is out the door with the noms. Donny will go up. But who else will go up? Christine? I really don't like Christine. I think putting Nicole up was a stupid move for her. Nicole would have worked with her. Well she's not going to win anyway.

    Caleb was probably the only one truly excited with the reward. I will disagree with you Scott on one thing. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Tony Romo watched BB. The other 2 no, but Tony yes.

    I wonder if any of the HGs remember last yr and when they brought back the evicted HGs with the opportunity to come back. If they do remember, they may go in another direction this week in who they evict. Maybe evict Victoria instead of Donny. They don't want Donny to come back. That could go in their thinking. This might be a strategic week. Derrick is in such great position right now. He may coast to this victory if the other HGs aren't careful. It seems no one is even thinking about nominating him ever. Very odd.

    My answer to your question Scott would be black. But I could be wrong.

  6. Eric -

    Victoria will not go on the block this week. Derrick knows it, Frankie knows it, and Victoria knows it. She thinks the rest of the house is mad at her because of it.

    Victoria is Derrick's back up plan for final two. She is his final four with Caleb and Cody.

    Frankie won't put her on the block. She's the only one who showed him her tonsils when he delivered news of his sibling relation. She certainly does not feel swayed by his celebrity behind his back, but he's not aware of that yet. To Frankie, she is his #1 fan. Well, other than Christine who will be off camera this week as she inserts herself up his anal passage. Really hope Frankie's nominees win BOB. But Frankie also realizes it's gonna be a hard sell in final two to convince everyone to give him money his sister could toss in his direction. Victoria is about the only one in the house who might give the other houseguests pause. She's golden this week.

    Victoria won't go on block at all - not even as a pawn because Derrick and Frankie both know she'll lose BOB and there might be a chance she'll go to jury.

    IN terms of strategy to evict in lieu of the come-back, the HGs are lightweight, this season, except for Derrick. Derrick already smoothed things with all the evicted HGs so when they return, he may be the only person the returnee DOES trust (but shouldn't). So the houseguests haven't strategized about it yet, and I don't expect they will. BUT - since Veronica will NOT be going home, Donny will unless he wins the Veto.

    What WOULD be a good strategy would be to convince Caleb to get evicted this week, so he can compete against Nicole, Hayden and Jocasta and easily win and return, thus ensuring the other three won't win and getting the admiration of all the remaining HGs for his sacrifice and heroism. And Derrick could likely even get Caleb to think it was his idea. In Survivor, they evicted a stronger player, instead of a weaker one, to help manipulate the outcome from Exile island.

    Question for the statistician: Has anyone ever won without ever being nominated for eviction? Given that there was twice the number of evictees on the block each week, it is quite a feat that Derrick has never been one of them. That's because of his gamesmanship. Dr. Will - who I view as Derrick's equal in manipulation - never won HOH and was always on the block. But the other HGs are just clueless little pawns who see Derrick as essential to their strategy and not a threat. He has developed and courted an individual relationship with each one. Even Donny trusts him implicitly. And shouldn't. He is playing an incredible social game and strategic game. He deserves the prize money. And Zach should get America's favorite.

    I don't think America's Team will be over should Donny leave. I think it'll continue with Derrick and Frankie. Without Donny on the team, more of the challenges might get accepted.

  7. I think that Dan was never on the block, but he's the only one I can recall.

  8. I was wrong. Dan was nominated lots, but he played twice and never had a vote cast against him! He was also the first player to win by unanimous jury vote. Thanks, Wikipedia. Love the strategy of sending Caleb to battle and win the BoB like the did on Survivor.