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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Big Brother Season 16, Episode 28 Recap

This will probably be a shorter than usual recap, as there are some things going to be shown tonight that I have zero interest in sitting through. I’m not going to be negative about them...oh wait, yes I will. I’ll rant a bit, but I just don’t see the point in screeching about these segments at length.

So let’s get going with the reactions to Cody’s (predictable) nominations of Donny and Nicole. Cody starts by talking how Donny is his number one target this week. “This guy has been slipping off the block a lot, so we need to make sure that he won’t slip off the block yet again.” We see Donny shaking Cody’s hand and telling him, “I would never target you. I’m by myself.”

Cody goes on to say that he had to put up Nicole “to appease my entire alliance”. No, you didn’t. Donny adds that he would have “been more surprised” if he wasn’t on the block. Frankie hugs him, and reminds him he’s the “veto king”. “It’s extremely important”, Donny adds, “to win veto this week. If I don’t, I’m probably going home.”

We must now endure Nicole’s voice, as she talks about feeling “deja vu all over again” by being on the block after we see footage of Cody hugging her. She heads into the bathroom and hugs Donny.

In the living room, Caleb complains that Donny is now going to “get Nicole to get us all to turn on each other”. Caleb is still not convinced Donny is just a groundskeeper. “He’s a genius.” Oh Caleb, you’ve been living with him for two months now. Stop it. Caleb goes on to tell Cody and Derrick how his eyes are constantly moving around the house. “Why?”, asks Cody. It’s because he’s a genius. “He’s so smart he’s thinking when he’s not thinking.” Um, ok. Caleb is a dummy, and is now convinced Donny worked with intelligence in the Army. “I just read people very well.”

Derrick now heads into the HOH, and Cody asks him about putting up Frankie if Donny comes down. “You’re talking big boy moves”, replies Derrick. Yeah, this idea is immediately flushed, despite how long they broadcast the ensuing conversation...and Cody’s scripted diary room.

The surf guitar comes on, and this means the latest Team America (Fuck No!) segment. Donny reads the card that says that Team America must create their own mission, and America will vote on its success. What a terrible idea.

Donny thinks the mission should be something to keep all of Team America together. He takes Derrick into the storage room and explains this week’s scenario. He adds his great idea, and Derrick replies that they have to get Frankie on board. In the diary room, Donny says that he believes America would want the three to stay together.

Moving on to Frankie, Donny again explains how they could make this work to save Donny. They could throw the veto comp to Donny, or win it and now use it but agree to vote out Nicole. “That’s so interesting”, replies Frankie.  

Oh wait, there’s Veronica. Or Velouria. or whatever her name is. She’s wearing sunglasses to cover up the fact that her face is swollen. She’s having “horrible pain” from her wisdom teeth, and opens her mouth to show Cody. There’s more footage of her whining in pain, and she believes she’s “gained 50 pounds in my cheek”.She’s called to the diary room, and Caleb yells at her that she looks great. As soon as she’s in, though, he starts making fun of her. Classy, Beastmode!

Christine and Derrick are now talking about how she may not be able to compete in the veto, and Victoria waddles past the two. “Hello, beautiful”, says Christine. Nicole asks how she’s doing as she heads into the toilet, and then you hear a crash. Nicole goes to see what’s going on, and finds her laying on the floor. She yells for Derrick, and they pull her out of the toilet. Production tells them that help is on the way, and you see medical staff coming in as we head to commercials.

Medics are dealing with her when the show comes back, and Nicole says she’s not used to dealing with people she knows as a nurse. Veronica is given oxygen, and carried into the diary room as the sad piano music comes on. Donny says he was very scared for her. “I said a little prayer for her.”

As the acoustic guitar music is introduced, Veronica walks back into the house. She says that she’s feeling a little better, and Donny says he was worried about her. “I am thankful for everybody who came and helped, and was concerned. It really showed how much my Big Brother family do care, and how much they do love me.”

Frankie and Derrick now talk about Donny’s idea. They’re not crazy about it, obviously. “I’m not doing that”, says Frankie. In the diary room, as he’s putting on makeup he claims that “America” would never want them to save Donny. You really are clueless, brother of famous pop star.

Derrick wants to do something funny instead, and says that since Frankie is the creative one that he should come up with something. No!!!!! “I’ll figure out something fun.”

Before we get to that idiocy, it’s time to pick veto players. Cody picks Christine, Nicole gets Derrick, and Donny gets Frankie (the one he didn’t want). Of course, Frankie overreacts as he knows this is a segment that will make TV.

Donny then heads into the fire room to talk to Derrick, who pretends to be torn about Donny’s future in the house. Donny talks about how alone he is in the house, and how everybody is so paranoid about him. “I’ve done nothing to none of them.” Derrick pulls out all the stops, and tells him how he’s such a special person that would get all of the money if he’s final two.

Frankie then walks in, and his idea for Team America is a Big Brother play. Ugh. This is awful. He explains why saving Donny wouldn’t work, but Donny counters how their two votes are almost enough alone to save them. “You sent Nicole before me the first time. You can just send Nicole home again, and send me home next and we’ll all get $5,000.” Frankie’s response is that they could just put on a play and make that money. Ugh. In the diary room, Donny talks about how Frankie has “never been on the Donny level in his life. Here’s an opportunity to work for America, and he wants to put on a play. I guess Operation Save Donny is just something they’re not interested in.” Preach on, Donny.

Derrick attempts to save face, and tells Donny that it’s not a done deal that Donny is going home. Donny asks what kind of play they could put on, and Frankie says to just leave it to him. Frankie leaves, and Donny thanks him for their chat. Derrick, always looking for a jury vote, lies to Donny and says that clearly Frankie isn’t as on board as he is. “I’m not sold on sending you home.” Yeah, right. I don’t buy the tears either.

More commercials before it’s veto comp time. Before it begins, Christine and Frankie talk about the annual “Stay and Fold”. She wants to throw it to somebody that is “good with numbers”, which, of course, means Frankie. Christine then tells Cody and Derrick the plan.

It is indeed that competition, tied to an awful new CBS show called Scorpion. Caleb reads the show’s promo text, and then the competitors get to look at the various things they’re going to be guessing.

They all read their diary room scripts about the importance of this comp, and then the game starts. The first question regards the number of pinwheels. Frankie reminds us how amazing he is at numbers for the fourth or fifth time, and I’m already bored as we go down the line with their answers. Everybody folds except for Donny and Frankie. The great news is that Frankie is the furthest from the correct answer, and the math wizard is out! (Have I said that I hate Frankie?)

The second question regards espresso cups, and everybody but Cody folds. Next up is the number of pieces of fruit, and everybody but Cody folds  again. He now has two of the needed three “passes”. The fourth question is about donuts, and this time they all again fold!!!! Cody is the winner of the veto! What the hell??? Oh yeah, and they also get to watch this awful TV show. Cody picks Nicole and Donny since he nominated them and made them have-nots.

Time for me to take a bathroom break, and maybe have a smoke as it’s time for the extended CBS promo for that awful show. Be back in a few minutes!

Oops, time to go take a dump as it’s followed by Frankie’s play. Nope, I have no interest. Please go to and vote no for this week’s Team America!

It’s finally over, and Derrick is upset that he hasn’t been able to tell Cody what to do for two days. He gets him alone, and says that they need to separate Christine, Frankie, and Caleb. Cody again claims that he wants to use the veto to put up Frankie, and doesn’t trust Christine at all. Cody, as usual, talks tough in the diary room, saying that he doesn’t want to look weak by not taking a shot when he can. What a loser. You don’t even have to see the last few minutes to know what he ultimately did.

The answer to that last sentence happens after the final commercials of the evening. Cody stares at the wall and again talks about big decisions...and then ultimately does nothing. It’s the story of his season. There’s some more blah blah blah, and that’s it.

So you’re all going to head to and vote no on Frankie’s terrible play? And send some condolences to Veronica’s wisdom teeth. Otherwise, what did you think of tonight’s episode? Tell us your thoughts!



  1. I gleefully voted NO 20 times! Sorry Donny, you got screwed. Sorry Tenley for taking food out of your mouth. Sorrynotsorry Frankie!

  2. Everything was so darn predictable tonight. I never thought for a sec that Cody thought about using that veto. Not sure what Donny or Nicole were doing in the last question of the veto comp. They had to answer. Nicole folded every time. And those two should have figured out what was going on, but they didn't. I gather that Donny will be going tomorrow. I do wonder if Nicole will go next week. They may wait on her and get someone bigger out next week.

    I did vote no 20 times to spite Frankie. I must admit that I did enjoy Victoria's act though. I am curious. Have you seen Scorpion? I have noticed several critics have given it a favorable review. I gather you are saying it is horrible because of the blatant commercial that went on in the show. We will see. I actually will watch the show.

  3. yeah, to be fair Eric I did state that just because of the blatant product placement. It could be ok. I was just annoyed. We all know I can be an ass. :)

  4. Christine needs backdoored out of there - no morals & her giggling like a teeny bopper is rediculous! Keep Donny & Nicole in the house. Cody needs to grow up/wake up. I am voting for TA to be given a thumbs up. The play was entertaining....used to love Frankie but since Zach got evicted Frankie's not the same. Hope Derrick wins this whole game - he sure deserves it! Those tears were real!!

  5. Another 20 no votes filed. Wonder if there is time to get #FailBBTA trending?

    I do hope on Finale Donny gets a standing O far louder than Frankie gets (but CBS will probably pack the audience with Ariana fans to get a "Rachel Effect" for production's pet of the season).

  6. Voted no just so that Frankie gets the point. His 15 mins expired during his Jeff interview.

  7. Last night during the episode my 8 yr. old son said "That's Ariana Grande's brother? I should go to her website and tell her her brother is stupid"

  8. Voted NO 20 times yesterday and 20 times today!

  9. 40 No votes between yesterday and today. Soooooo tired of the Frankie J Grande show. I haven't watched the feeds for 2 weeks now and can't bring myself to turn on BBAD while falling asleep. I don't know who is more boring - this group or the Nerd Herd. Yeast-mode Cowboy could very well be the stupidest player......wait, I forgot Veronica was still there. Strike that last comment. I would say it would be interesting to see a season of all stupid players but I think CBS beat me to the punch with this group of "scholars". I will continue to beg for a "Survivor" age mix of players. I am tired of seeing a bunch of 20-somethings with no game play in this house. I would rather watch paint dry....wait, I forgot I already get that with Vivian.

    CBS does own the challenges that they use on Survivor, right?. Why not recycle some of those into BB? Especially the challenge at shows the pecking order. Nothing like flipping a house then knowing you are #5 and #6 in a 6 person alliance. No outside influence. No Team America (Fuck NO!). No Pandora's Box. No returning houseguest. Just internal observation (that means finding out on your own Veruca). They used the multi-food shake challenge a few years ago and that was a Survivor staple. So it can be done.

    I may start watching again when it gets to 6. Hope Cody goes first since he had the chance to "make a huge move" and "hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the butt".

  10. CBS does not own the show or challenges. Those belong to deMol or whoever and they would have final say on challenges crossing over.

    What I find most pathetic about Frankie, besides being totally clueless about Donny's popularity, that he thinks he is popular even though it is fans of his sister who blindly vote for him because sis asks them too (and if she is such a "super-star", why did I hit a 30 second commercial on cable of kids shrieking in multiple short clips "OMG it's ARIANA!! shriek" followed by ten seconds on her telling fans to go to her website to buy her album. Not iTunes. Not Amazon. Her site. Yup, super star. /snark). A real "Rachel Effect" (and yes, I'm hoping the term catches on, like "pulling a Marcellus").