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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday - Catching up.

Here I sit on a Saturday morning wondering what to write about.  As you most likely know by now since the last post on the site Zach was evicted in what I would say was the best exit in a long long time by a house guest.  The in a complete crap shoot of a competition, Nicole won her way back into the house.  Here is what's gone on since...

Donny and Nicole are the odd folks out and know it.  So when Cody won the HoH competition later Thursday night the fate of one of their games was mostly sealed and they knew it.

On Friday the new Have Nots were assigned by Cody and shockingly it was Nicole and Donny that will be eating fish bits and tofu for the next week and sleeping uncomfortably. Cody - the guy that always says he is going to 'call people out' can't even assign people as have notes - as you can see Christine helped him to put up Donny by pointing to him behind his back (Nicole had already volunteered).

A few hours later in the first (technically second after double eviction night) nomination ceremony, Cody got to say Nicole and Donny's names yet again when he put them up for eviction.

Its very simple now, if either of them wins the POV they will save themselves and the other will be evicted on Thursday, if neither win it then odds are Nicole will go right back out the door.  Cody seemed to prefer Donny go but Derrick wants Nicole to go and this season Derrick seems to make things work they way he wants them to the majority of the time.

So the POV will be later today, the ceremony on Monday. 

We have a live podcast tonight - please join us at 10pm EST on Mixlr for the live show and chat.

With this week pretty much already determined there is very little game talk going on so don't be shocked if you see a lack of updates here over the next few days.  You can however follow us on twitter where we all post our (mostly) Big Brother related thoughts.  Click on each name to see our twitter feeds: @BBGossip (me) @ashes2ashes13 (ash) @bigbrothrgossip (Scott) and @uselesstraffic (John).


  1. Now is the part of the season that is most unwatchable. You have a clear alliance in charge and 2 odd people out. And then there's Victoria, who thinks she is part of the group but far from it. I hate the way everyone is gloating. Especially Caleb, Christine, and most notably Frankie. Funny thing is none of them will be sitting next to Derrick in the finals. I still wonder how this season would have turned out if Production did not butt in on the NFL BOB challenge. I still firmly believe the reason for the delay was to have the crew move the chains closer together to allow one person to work both chains. That was the turning point of the game. And to still reward Caleb for not playing still bugs me. You sit out of a challenge, you stay on the block and do not get to reap the rewards. Oh well, there is always hope for next year.

  2. Why didn't they make the returning houseguest automatic HOH? Without that there is no point, the game is done?

  3. Nicole is just filler to stretch the show another week. Only a complete and clueless idiot (Hello production! ) would not realize that without protection a reentering player gets voted right out. Donny might go this week, but that would take out the only person who seems to be nice.

    Hope Christine enjoys her last two weeks there, as she will be tossed once Nicole and Donny are gone. But will enjoy the moment she realizes her services are no longer needed.