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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Night Owl - Weds Night

 So there isn't a whole lot new and hasn't been a whole lot new to report this week, but since it's the night/morning before eviction, I thought I would least bring you all up to speed in case you've been hiding under a rock from the live feeds and shows and don't have any idea what is going on.

Tonight after the CBS broadcast of the POV show, there was an almost vote flip on the feeds.  All week long the HGs have mostly been ok with Cody's wishes to vote Donny out and keep Nicole.  Tonight Caleb, in his typical 18th hour wisdom kind of way, went to Derrick and talked to him about how he thought Nicole might be the bigger threat since she is both physical AND mental and he feels like Donny is just mental.

Derrick and Frankie had previously tried to sway the votes a little to possibly keep Donny, and so they were on board for what Caleb was saying.  Caleb and Frankie talked alone in the storage room for a bit about how it's better for Cody's game to keep Nicole because Cody is in god with Nicole and Christine, but for their games it would be better to keep Donny.

Caleb and Frankie took the idea to Cody and he would hear none of it.  Derrick later entered the conversation and dropped small hints that he might like for Nicole to be evicted over Donny.  Cody was still hearing none of it. 

After the conversations with Cody, Derrick explained to Frankie and to Caleb that if they go against Cody's wishes and vote out Nicole, it will cause a house split and Cody/Christine/Victoria.  Frankie was reluctant to change back to voting out Donny because he feels Nicole is after him, but he eventually conceded and agreed to vote out Donny with the rest of them.

The rest of the night was pretty bland just like the first part of the week, but we did have an almost flip there for a little while.  I expect tonight for Donny to be evicted in another unanimous vote.  Team America will also learn from Julie if they passed of failed their task by putting on the Big Brother Broadway play (instead of saving Donny).  Per Frankie's instructions from the DR, Julie will ask one of them if they could have any have not food what would it be.  They have to answer "Apple Pie".  If they passed Julie will say "wish granted."  If they fail she will say "Sorry can't do that" or something to that effect.  I personally voted no and I am hoping for a fail. I've felt like the Team America twist has ruined SO much of the game this year, and on top of that, it's insulting that Frankie would think that we would pass them on putting on a "Broadway Play" instead of making an attempt to save Donny.  I feel like Donny pretty much said he as much when in his DR he said "I think my idea would have been better.. what do you think, America?"

The upcoming week after Donny's eviction will depend on who gets HOH tonight, but unless Nicole wins, it's not likely anything unusual will happen and we will likely have another really boring week.  If Nicole wins I feel like she will put up Frankie and probably Christine.  Otherwise, if anyone else wins they are planning to put up Nicole and Victoria and if either come down, they will put up Christine in her place (unless Christine is the HOH).  Yawn..  Until next time...


  1. So here's a thought, and I would love to know what others think. Is Caleb being coached by the producers to try and keep players in the house that viewers like? He did it a few weeks ago out of nowhere (like last night) and was successful with Zach.
    Caleb seems very impressionable. I could see production planting a seed here and there to see if he would play along so that viewer favorites stay in the game longer.

  2. I agree with Jenny. He seems to be going along with everyone else. But then out of no where he wants to save the person everyone wants out, which makes me think production might be coaching him.

  3. I think production coaches 'em all, but they may have more of an influence on the weaker minds such as Caleb and not so much of an influence on Derrick who is solid on strategy.

  4. I hate to see Donny go, but I would rather see a real game than one that is being manipulated ala the Hunger Games.

  5. They are all definitely being coached. BB Production has a long history of doing this. This year we have a lot of people who are not familiar with the game. They are definitely being coached. Right now I think all the fans are waiting for the point where the guys have to turn on each other. Until then, there seems to be no exciting game play going on. I hope the final weeks prove to be eventful because this season has turned into a big snooze fest.

  6. It would be awesome if Donny blew open the Team America thing in his speech tonight. That is about the only thing that could make the next week interesting. Something along the lines of "At least Dierrek, Frankie, and I got some money from the game through Team America." That would make for some good tv.

  7. Once again, this is a horrible cast. I blame Allison Grodner. Since she took over the show, the casts have gotten worse each year. Can't we have players with some life experience and some brains? Also, why have so much fan interference? The game should be played by the people in the house and we should just be the audience. And please....BAN THE WHISPERING! How can you have a show when the audience can't hear the actors?

  8. What if Donny blows up TA in his speech and he isn't voted out? Now that would be exciting.

  9. So sorry to see Donny go but real happy he's going to the jury house now. Also great to hear CBS is having him on the Bold & Beautiful Show which I definitely will watch. Love Big Brother. HOH competition is hilarious. Derrick must win this whole thing, good luck Derrick. Tenley and your wife are so pretty, lucky you!! Christine - time for you to go home! Love you Nichole, good luck - hope you get second...& $50,000.

  10. I had the same thought! I have been imagining it all day. And the funny thing is, Donny could pull it off without being mean-spirited. Just in the spirit of gameplay.

  11. Please send Christine home with Frankie this week. Tim you deserve better.

    Yes Frankie America hates you.

    Question if anyone know. How much is their weekly stipend? Is it more if they make it to jury?