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Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Night Owl - Friday Night

Alliances make plans. Big Brother laughs. 

So as predicted, Derrick nominated Christine and Donny.  Frankie nominated Cody and Caleb.  When the feeds came back from the BOB competition we learned instantly that Christine had failed to throw the competition well enough and Donny won it by himself.  This is awesome news for Donny, but pretty bad news for Zach if Derrick gets his way.

After the BOB comp showering and general talk was over, Donny went to his room alone and shed some tears.  He knew that Christine tried to throw it. It was apparently very obvious. She was trying to give pieces of the puzzle (which was some kind of skeleton) to the other team. 

Derrick immediately went to work planting seeds with people saying that Zach was going to talk to Donny and rat out their whole big plan to throw it.  He tried to plant a few seeds with Frankie, but Frankie wasn't having it just yet.  Frankie said that he was putting up Victoria if the Veto was used.

Names were drawn early in the evening for the veto comp happening today.  It will be the Zingbot veto which is normally a puzzle.  Zach unfortunately is not playing, and the only other person not playing is Derrick who is hosting.  So of all the people playing (Cody, Caleb, Donny, Victoria, Frankie) the only person who MIGHT not use the veto would be Donny.

At midnight Donny and Zach were allowed to eat again making both of them extremely happy.  Donny pulled Zach aside and hinted to him about the things going on in the house.  He told Zach he wanted him to get to playin the veto comp because he feels like Zach will be the one going on the blog and being targeted if the veto gets used.  Donny promised Zach that even if it goes against all the others he will vote for him if he gets put on the block.  He asked him not to say anything to the others and to continue to pretend that both of them think that Victoria is the target.  Zach promised him he had his back and wouldn't say anything and they ended it there.

After Frankie went to bed in the HOH room, Derrick pulled Caleb into the Hive Room to talk.  His mission was pretty clear.  He knows that Caleb has sway with Frankie, and he wants Zach to be the one put on the block so that he can save Victoria.  He talked to Caleb and told him that Zach would take them out and Victoria won't.  He said that Zach was a vote when they needed him and now they don't need him anymore since they have Victoria.  Caleb was more than willing to jump in on the bashing and make up a few stories of his own.  He told Derrick that Zach was in an alliance with Hayden and Nicole and that Frankie had refused to join it, but that Zach was a part of it.  They both agreed that no matter who won veto, even if it was Victoria or Donny, they would make them use it and convince Frankie to put up Zach.

Zach meanwhile has continued to play dumb and act like Victoria is the target.  Derrick asked him if Donny had mentioned anything about the BOB comp to him and Zach lied and said no.  And that is pretty much where things stand right now.

This is the boring/annoying part of each week for me when they all decide to make Zach a target.  This time I think he truly will evicted if Donny doesn't win the veto and keep nominations the same.  His only chance if that doesn't happen will be against Hayden, Nicole, and Jocasta in the returning jury member competition. I'm hoping Donny pulls off a double win and is able to snag the veto as well.  I would love to see Caleb and Cody have to rid out the block and then have one of them evicted.  It would at LEAST be something different this week. We just have to wait and see who wins veto and what Frankie decides to do. As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates.  Until tomorrow night...


  1. I think Zach see the light and realize they don't have his back like that that's why im hoping Donny pulls of the win don't use it and him and Zach, and hopefully Hayden team up get rid of the others and make a run for the end together.

    IM a Zach & Donny fan everybody else can kick rocks

  2. I know it's not fun/interesting to watch, especially for a Zach fan, but the fact is evicting Zach IS best for Cody/Derrick/Frankie/Caleb's games with Donny being safe. Someone is coming back into the house, and leaving Zach there will give them an automatic ally. Which is not something any of that side would want.

    I am sick of seeing all over Twitter/blogs that Derrick shouldn't be targeting Zach. I like Zach, he's funny and very interesting to watch. Great TV. But Derrick is trying to win a game-- why would he want to get rid of Victoria- a VERY loyal ally to him, over someone who has already blown up his game, and will continue to do it? This is why I had wanted Donny to stay on the block. (He is also a great guy... but I really don't think he's cut out for this game).. There are only 3 possible replacement nominations- Derrick, Zach, or Victoria... OF COURSE Derrick wants it to be Zach instead of himself/Vic.

  3. I'm with you Josh. Keeping my fingers crossed for a Donnie win of the Veto and not using it and Cody gets the boot. Another scenerio would be a Frankie win, he smartens up to how Derrick keeps pushing for Victoria to be safe, and being a fan of the show, figures out she is Derrick's goat, remembers that he himself almost got the boot last week with the BS,teams up with Zack and Donnie and puts Derrick on the block , Derrick goes out and then Hayden comes back in the game to help take out the other side. Karma can be a bitch. Sorry Renee, Derrick is playing a good game, but he is BORING!

  4. Really glad that Donnie won BOTB and not surprised that Christen failed at throwing at the comp. Best part would be Donnie to win pov, save zack and throw Vic or Christen out the door. Or Cody