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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Night Owl - Saturday Night

Well, these guys are still not giving me a lot to write about, but I thought I would give you all a short update on what is going on for those without the feeds.

On Thursday night Caleb won the endurance HOH by a hair. He barely beat Christine to being able to pull his ball out of his snowman first.

On Friday Caleb nominated Nicole and Christine.  He told Christine with the other members of their alliance in the room that one of them would have to go up to try and ensure that Victoria did not get to play in the POV.  To the other members of the alliance when Christine was not in the room he said it was because he was afraid Christine would win the veto and take Nicole off the block and join up with Victoria.  All agreed that Nicole is the target this week, but that if she came off the block they would take a shot at Christine.

Veto was played this evening, and Frankie was the only person who didn't play/hosted.  Christine won the veto and plans to take herself off the block of course.  Everyone at this point is expecting Victoria to be put up in her place and Nicole to be voted out.  Nicole has accepted that she is being voted out and has told everyone it's kind of a relief to not be so stressed about having to try to win anything anymore. She is also on her second week in a row as a Have Not since Caleb named she and Derrick this week rather than put Frankie on it (who has only done it once this season) since he claims his hand circulation problems prevent him from doing it.

Cody got a Dinosaur suit punishment for being the first one out of the veto and also got pretty drunk tonight after the competition. There was not one but two booze deliveries for the 3 people drinking.  Kind of puzzling since they have only had alcohol (and very very small amounts of it) about 3 other times this season.

I think most everyone watching the live feeds is hoping for a small glimmer of hope that maybe Derrick wants Frankie backdoored this week, but honestly I don't see it happening.  Derrick wants Nicole out pretty bad, and for whatever reason he doesn't feel as threatened by Frankie yet..although he really should imo.

That's about it.  There has been no real talk of putting up anyone but Victoria on Monday, and I'm doubting that will change.  Until next time...


  1. The last 2 weeks have been so boring. That should all change next week. Only Christine and Vic are left as obvious targets. Derrick will protect Vic so that means they actually have to start playing the game against each other. I can't wait for Frankie to get voted out. He is really annoying at EVERYTHING he does.

  2. Learned about shout-gate II on podcast last night. I'm not surprised Caleb didn't get it, but when he relayed "Frankie is the saboteur" message to Derrick, surely he didn't just disregard that. What do you all think? Maybe you've seen more on feeds. I hope this planted tha seed for Derrick to work towards a campaign to backdoor F. So excited about DE, an extra opportunity to make this happen soon!

  3. So obvious Victoria has fallen for Derrick hard...she's no worse then Christine going after Cody. Time for both to go DE.. and if not then Frankie who is getting to me. Love BB.

  4. Wondering if Derrick doesn't want to get rid of Frankie too soon. After all, if Frankie were allowed to beat on the jury house for weeks, he might bludgeon some to vote against Derrick. The risk is that Derrick won't be able to pretend he fought for Frankie rather than against him. Then again, if Derrick has figured out there has to be another DE, he might be waiting to try to slam Frankie out so fast Frankie doesn't know what hit him.

  5. Frankie,
    Is a pig!!!!
    I am surprised the guys in the house
    allow Frankie to lay all over them
    Among other things he does.
    If a girls was acting that way towards
    the guys in the house their would be
    All kinds of things said about her not
    Nice things.
    What Frankie said about Victoria.
    What he thought should be done to
    her by guys in the house is absolutely
    Terrible!!!! He is one perverted sicko..

    What amazes me is that just because
    Frankie is gay he feels whatever he
    Says or does is expected to be
    overlooked. I have known other gay
    Men and they are not trying to bring
    Attention to their selfs 24/7
    Frankie is on overdrive none stop.
    I would think that Frankie is
    an embarrassment to many people
    that care about him even if they
    never said so. That may be part of Frankie's
    problem. If people were honest with
    him about his actions then maybe
    Frankie would stop striving for attention
    good or bad.