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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Night Owl - Saturday Night

Well, these people are not exactly giving me a lot to work with, so I'll just give you guys a basic rundown of where things stand in the house right now as feeds are PAINFULLY slow at the moment.

Nicole and Donny were nominated on Friday morning with Cody, the HOH, wanting Donny to be the target.  Veto was played earlier today and Cody won veto.  The veto comp was the stay or fold estimation comp that the HGs had been expecting earlier in the season.  Cody does not intend to use the veto and still wants Donny to go home.  As of now the rest of the house is also in agreement that Donny should go home. I have no idea if Derrick will try to pull a fast one and get Nicole out mid-week or not.  It's possible, but doesn't look good right now.

Team America received their new task earlier today.  The task is to come up with their own task and we have to vote on whether or not they pass of fail.  Donny wanted the task to be for Derrick and Frankie to try to flip the vote to save him, but Frankie wants....wait for it... a Big Brother Broadway play.  Frankie decided all the HGs should play the other evicted HGs for a play during TVGN/BBAD time.  Caleb will be Brittany, Cody will be Zach, Victoria will be Jocasta, Christine will be Joey, Nicole will be Hayden, Derrick will be Devin and so on and so forth..  Did I mention that Frankie of course won the argument for his task to be the one they do? Ughhhhh!!!!!!

After the talk about the Team America task, Donny pleaded with Derrick about the vote this week and practically begged him to try to flip it so that they could get Nicole out. Donny shed tears and then Derrick started crying too.  When Caleb and Victoria walked in on Derrick crying after the conversation, he told them both that he had told Donny he couldn't vote for him to stay (not what he really said) and that he felt bad because Donny is a good guy outside of the house, but that everyone is there for the same reason.. to win the money.

That's pretty much it. That was about all I could force myself to watch tonight.  As of now Donny is going home unless Nicole does something or Derrick decides to flip the votes against her.  Everything else is just the same old same old Frankie being the center of attention and talking shit.  I don't know if I will post again tomorrow night. I don't have much material from these guys right now. So..until next time...


  1. Haven't voted for a team america thing but I will now. Frankie might as well get a producer credit at this point. He does whatever he wants and bullies if he doesn't get his way.

  2. I intend to vote fail. I hope others do as well and send a message to Frankie and Derrick. They both know what the task should be, SAVE DONNY. I'm hoping the TV Viewers vote fail too.

  3. I also have never voted before. I will vote fail as well. We want to see major moves not Frankie's directorial debut cutting on others he has stabbed in the back.

  4. I wish that frankie would be voted out of the house!!!! I really want Nichol to win but that looks hopeless. All the others need a life and stop following Frankie.